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Bills Project If you have a hard time figuring out your bills, or happen to find an occasional error on one, you're not alone. Indecipherable or erroneous computerized bills are becoming commonplace. And they're costing American consumers billions of dollars in needless and unjust charges.

Billing errors can be big, stealing thousands of dollars from their victims, or small, amounting to just a few cents. Some bills are so confusing or indecipherable that it's impossible to determine whether the bill is accurate at all.

FTCR is preparing an extensive report on billing fraud ­ and new, "Truth in Billing" legislation that will give consumers new protections against billing abuses. You can help us by sending us examples of bad bills. We are also taking legal action against companies that engage in billing abuses.

Read Our Consumer Guide to Protecting Against Billing Abuse

Send Us Your Bad Bills

If youšve got an example of a billing abuse, wešd like to see it for possible inclusion in our report or for investigation and possible legal action.

Send a legible copy (do not send the original) to:
The Bills Project
1750 Ocean Park Bl., Suite 200
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Fax: 310-392-8874
Please include your phone number or other contact information.

Or contact us via the internet at our Complaints page

Important Information About Submissions to FTCR:
These pages should not be construed to contain legal advice. Because of our extremely limited resources, we are unable to respond to most requests for advice or help with billing problems. While we will treat any information provided as privileged and confidential if you ask us to do so, you should understand that when you provide information to FTCR, we do not become your attorneys. With your permission, we may use your information to investigate the matter you bring to our attention. However, our litigation department brings a very limited number of legal actions each year and thus if you believe you require legal assistance you should contact a lawyer immediately. If we are interested in representing you, we will contact you at the address and telephone you provide.

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