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Citizen Organizing & Training

The Oaks Project The Oaks Project is an organization of Californians actively working to make our state a better place to live.

The Oaks Project is composed of volunteers who are trained to become leaders and advocates within their communities. They're known as "Oaks" because, like the venerable Oak Tree, these individuals are strong and sturdy, and firmly rooted in communities across California. They've come together to renew our democracy in the face of big money politics.

If you are frustrated and fed up with special interest control of government, of corrupt politics and politicians, and if you're willing to work to change things, the Oaks Project is a great opportunity for you. We involve ordinary people from all walks of life, and levels of experience, and train them in the strategies, tactics, arts, and means of building citizen power. Click here to learn more.

Citizen v. Corporate Power: The Enron fiasco has revealed not just the rot at the heart of a company, but the crisis of corporate accountability that has led to this disaster. The reach of corporate power extends to our pockets, to our government, to our culture. Through legislation and the courts, corporations have steadily acquired rights and, at the same time, have shed social responsibility and public accountability. They now dominate political and economic life to the detriment of all but those at the corporate helm.

Enron is neither the beginning nor the end. However, it does present an unprecedented opportunity. The Oaks are mobilizing the groundswell of protest which has arisen from Enron's airing of widespread corporate abuse to create a new standard of corporate accountability. Click here to read the Oaks Project Agenda to reclaim citizen power in the wake of Enron.

Stop the energy rip-off: Four years ago - before anyone had ever heard of "deregulation" or "rolling blackouts" - the Oaks volunteers sponsored and helped put an initiative on the ballot to stop the first billion-dollar utility bailout.

At the end of last year Oaks volunteers did it again, scoring a decisive victory for ratepayers & consumers when they helped stop a down-to-the-wire effort to ramrod utility bailout legislation through the California state legislature.

Learn more about the Oaks' energy campaign and our other recent victories.

Clean up dirty politics: Oaks volunteers have pioneered major changes at the state and local level. Recently, Oaks volunteers passed the strongest campaign reform in the nation simultaneously in five California cities, ending political kickbacks. Read all about how volunteers put the measures on the ballot with no paid signature-gatherers, campaigned for their passage, and won - and how the politicians are fighting to escape the law.

If you're sick of being a bystander in democracy, you can join the Oaks Project volunteers and learn how to take control of democracy in your community.


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