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Current Campaigns

The Oaks' Campaign to Stop the Energy Rip-Off

The Oaks Project's volunteers have joined the battle to protect California against the deregulation disaster. We're fighting the rate increases and utility bailouts that will cost every Californian thousands of dollars each year. And to Stop the Blackouts, we're promoting legislation to restore a reliable, affordable electricity system. If the politicians cave in to the special interests - and that's how we got into this mess in the first place - we'll take power into our own hands at the ballot box.

Join The Blackout Brigade
California Blackout Brigade
Blackouts are going to leave a lot of people in the dark -- and very angry. We'll help you turn that anger into action, turning up the heat on politicians and demonstrating that public power can solve the energy crisis.

We're forming "Blackout Brigades" in neighborhoods throughout California. Modeled on the "Committees of Correspondence" formed during the American Revolution, the Blackout Brigades will work on citizen solutions to the energy crisis.

Instead of just sitting there waiting for the lights to come on, you can get involved in the campaign to lower energy rates and stop the blackouts.

To read more about the Blackout Brigades, or to join, click here.

Return the Initiative Process to the People

Where the initiative once provided an opportunity for citizens to battle the power of deep pocket special interests, it now defers to those interests. Any powerful interest group with $2-3 million can buy its way onto the California ballot. As an editorial in the Sacramento Bee noted late last year, the initiative process has become "big money's playground." But voters deserve to know who is really funding the initiative campaigns that impact all of our lives.

We've been through this before.
In 1998, Oaks volunteers gathered over 100,000 signatures to help qualify Prop 9 for the ballot and stop the first billion-dollar bailout of the utility industry. We ran a campaign in true grassroots style, talking to voters and ratepayers across the state. And we were trounced 3-to-1 at the polls. How? Voters were swayed by a last-minute $40 million ad campaign against us. Edison, PG&E, and SDG&E paid for the ads, and hid behind a phony front group - "Californians Against Higher Taxes and Higher Electric Rates" - to misinform and confuse voters.

That's politics, right? Wrong. Oaks volunteers are sponsoring AB 1236 (Jackson) to make sure that next time around, voters get more information about what they're voting on - from the point of petition circulation to the moment of choice in the voting booth.


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