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Individual Actions You Can Take to Limit Corporate Control Over Your Life
Individuals' rights should be honored by businesses and corporations. Citizens can take action to ensure that corporations do not take advantage of them in their personal life. The following are some simple ways you can protect yourself with the substa... more

Oaks Project Highlights
Read on to learn more about Oaks Projects initiatives and victories over the past five years.... more

Taxpayer Protection Amendments of 2000
Learn more about the anti-kickback initiatives that Oaks Project volunteers put on the ballot, campaigned for, and passed in five cities across California.... more

AB 1236 (Truth in the initiative process) will:
Read the main points of our initiative reform legislation, which will provide voters with more information in the initiative process - from the point of petition circulation to the moment of choice in the voting booth.... more

Sample Letter - AB 1236
Write a letter today to make sure your Assemblymember supports our legislation to ensure TRUTH IN THE INITIATIVE PROCESS... more

Taxpayer Protection Amendment - Sample Text
Propose the TPA for adoption in your town - and ensure your tax dollars are spent in the public's interest and not to line a politician's pocketbook.... more

Why You Need the Oaks Project
Learn more about our work and how you can be a part of California\'s only permanent citizen lobby.... more

The Oaks Project "Tools of Democracy" - The Issues We Work On
The Oaks Project trains citizens to build a powerful democracy that works for everybody. These are the tools of a powerful democracy.... more

Oaks Organizer Skills
Oaks Project volunteer organizers are trained in these political and civic skills, which are essential to effective grassroots organizing.... more

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