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Oaks Organizer Skills

Oaks organizers enjoy rare access to some of the most experienced professional public interest organizers and advocates in the country. Leaders -- like Ralph Nader and Harvey Rosenfield -- with decades of experience share their knowledge and skills while working side by side with Oaks from all walks of life and levels of experience.

While members of some civic and political organizations never even meet the leadership, the Oaks Project's members are always invited to call the project organizers directly.

Oaks organizers also gain the benefits of working on skills and tools of democracy with a diverse -- yet unified -- team of fellow citizens. Oaks organizers come to realize that they do not have to work alone in their pursuit of democracy, justice and citizen power.

Among the skills citizens will develop with the Oaks Project are:

  • The Art of Petitioning
  • Legislative Letter Writing Floods
  • Election Season
  • Writing for the Op-Ed Page
  • Letters to the Editor Drives
  • Radio and Television Appearances
  • The Perfect Press Conference
  • The Editorial Board Meeting
  • Lobbying from a Position of Strength
  • The Legislative Process
  • The Opposition
  • What Wins: Ideas and the numbers
  • Developing Strategies
  • Campaign Presentations
  • Moving Others to Organize
  • Organizational Endorsements
  • Support for the Oaks Project

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