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Pasadena Star-News (Pasadena, CA)
Jan 29, 2005

by Staff & Wire Services

Court rules city (Pasadena) must pay activist's attorney fees

A California Appeals Court ruled Friday that the city of Pasadena had no right to challenge the constitutionality of a voter-approved anti-corruption measure when it was defending a lawsuit brought to certify the vote.

As a result, the city must pay attorneys fees to local activist Rene Amy and the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, the initiative's sponsor.

Measure B, as it is known, was passed in 2001 and prohibits city elected officials and administrators from taking jobs or campaign cash from entities that benefit from a city decision. Identical measures were passed in San Francisco, Claremont and Santa Monica.

In the 55-page ruling, the court upheld an earlier decision that found Santa Monica had no standing to challenge measure's constitutionality.

"In both cases, they have protected the interest of voters and taxpayers against the allegations and statements of self-serving bureaucrats and politicians," Amy said. "That is really heartening."

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