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Corporate Accountability

FTCR has launched an exciting new campaign to expose the crisis of inappropriate corporate power in America today. Click here to read more about FTCR's new book Corporateering: How Corporate Power Steals Your Freedom - And What You Can Do About It. (Tarcher/Penguin-Putnam 2003)

Beginning with the collapse of the infamous energy giant Enron in December 2001, a wave of corporate fraud upended the U.S. Economy and the public's faith in the financial markets. But the seeds of this disaster were sown long before corporations like WorldCom, Adelphia, Xerox and others "re-stated" earnings. The corporate crisis in America is built on a quarter-century old push by the nation's largest businesses to deregulate everything. And with that anti-regulation thrust has come a failure to prosecute corporate crime or generally hold corporations accountable to basic ethical standards and the rule of law.

The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights is fighting to protect the public from the next Enron. The organization works to increase corporate accountability for financial fraud, price gouging, and other deceptive and abusive practices by corporations. In addition to industry-specific consumer protection and corporate reform efforts, FTCR is developing a corporate accountability agenda to protect consumers, taxpayers, pensioners and investors from white collar crime. This section of provides information about these efforts.

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