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Letter To Governor Davis

Financial Privacy Legislation Vote Is Referendum On Your Leadership
June 16, 2003

Governor Gray Davis
State Capital
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: Financial Privacy Legislation Vote Tomorrow Is Referendum On Your Leadership

Dear Governor,

The recall effort against you has shaken the foundations of this state. A critical test of your leadership will be whether financial privacy protection legislation that you have pledged your support for will succeed in the Assembly Banking Committee tomorrow.

Recent amendments have strengthened SB 1, so that it now requires written consent before private information is shared and a forty five day window allow banks to share information even after consent is denied has been closed.

The success or failure of SB 1 will be a referendum on your leadership on. Your resistance to the bill for three years and sudden change of mind two weeks ago has put you at the epicenter of the debate. There may be no more critical barometer of your success in effectively communicating the reasons you should not be recalled than whether or not you are able to muster the will in the state house for helping to fulfil the California constitution's promise of an inalienable right to privacy.

No sitting Governor would be unable to win the support of key members of his own party for as popular a proposition as requiring written consent before private financial information is shared. If you make it known that this legislation is one of your top priorities, and a key to the future of the Democratic party, you are unlikely to be rebuffed by your fellow Democrats who now stand in the way of SB 1.

Even if you are unable to persuade Assembly Banking Committee Members -- which is unlikely given a governor's significant influence over each and every one of their other bills --you should call on the Assembly Speaker Herb Wesson to replace those members of the committee who are obstacles for the day.

This is a wake up call, Governor. This key Assembly vote on financial privacy legislation tomorrow is a key test of whether you will be back.


Jamie Court
Executive Director

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