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In The Media

The Los Angeles Times - Dec 29, 2003   
INSIDE POLITICS; New Cards Are Dealt on the Political Table
San Francisco fared better than Los Angeles in the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights' rating of the arm wrestling between corporate and consumer interests in the nation's major cities.... more

The Boston Herald - Dec 24, 2003   
Boston ranked fourth of seven cities in its ability to force corporations to respect community and individual rights, a survey by the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights said. San Francisco ranked first.... more

Los Angeles Daily News - Dec 24, 2003   
City Gets C Grade In Curbing Power Of Big Corporations
Corporations in Los Angeles have too much power to promote their brands on public facilities, pollute the environment and control what people see and hear in the media, according to a report card released Tuesday by a group critical of corporate excesses.... more

Orange County Register (California) - Dec 24, 2003   
Schwarzenegger outpacing Davis in fund raising
"You can't ride a wave of populist anger into the governor's office and then ignore the source of that anger," said Doug Heller of the watchdog group Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights. "You can't ignore that with flip comments...... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Dec 21, 2003   
Be careful where you click! Too-good-to-be-true loan offers on the Web can lead to a barage of phone calls.
"This is a deceptive practice, and it may be a violation of state unfair business practice laws" because these e-mailers are competing in the marketplace essentially by lying, said Jamie Court, president of the Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights... more

The Los Angeles Times - Dec 19, 2003   
A Skybox Reality -- No Cash, No Arnold
With a dozen or so people in each box representing various interests, Schwarzenegger -- isn't he the guy who said he didn't need anybody's money? -- stood to clear as much as $1 million.... more

The Sacramento Bee - Dec 18, 2003   
Governor finally holds capital fund-raiser
600 contributors pay at least $500 to attend twice-canceled event.
"He hasn't met with a single consumer group since taking office," protester Jerry Flanagan said. "And the policies he's been rolling out reflect the interests of the insurance industry executives he's in there wining and dining with."... more

The Los Angeles Times - Dec 18, 2003   
Schwarzenegger Taps Insiders at Fundraiser
Money from Wednesday's event will add to the $2.24 million Schwarzenegger has raised since ousting Gov. Gray Davis in the Oct. 7 recall election. More than half of that sum came from Davis' traditional donors -- oil companies, developers, a major lender... more

The Los Angeles Times - Dec 15, 2003   
Gov. Cancels Events Before Activists Can Crash Them
There is no question that Arnold has broken his promise when he says he's not going to fundraise during the budget talks and will not take money from special interests, and then he goes about retiring his $4-million campaign debt with fundraising... more

The Chicago Tribune - Dec 12, 2003   
Some Numbers
5/17/01 Date on which Arnold Schwarzenegger met with Enron CEO Kenneth Lay to discuss California's energy policy.... more

Sacramento Bee - Dec 11, 2003   
Governor names Aquiar to head consumer services
Jamie Court, president of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, said the former Republican assemblyman "always talked a good game but was missing when it came time to deliver."... more

Associated Press - Dec 11, 2003   
Consumer group urges governor to return computer firm's $50,000
FTCR said Thursday the $50,000 donation from Affiliated Computer Services Inc., violated Schwarzenegger's own pledge. "It's a company that can do business with the state, so he has to give the money back if he doesn't want to look like a hypocrite,"... more

The Sacramento Bee - Dec 09, 2003   
Governor again cancels fund-raiser
Schwarzenegger's fund raising -- after he campaigned against special-interest influence and said his personal wealth would negate his need to collect contributions for his own campaign -- is prompting critics to compare him to the recalled Democratic gov... more

The Sacramento Bee - Dec 08, 2003   
The first 100 days: Government openness? Not just yet
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will unveil his reform plan in January, but an aide said his open-government provisions aren't likely to become law before 2005.
Jerry Flanagan, a spokesman for FTCR, called on the governor to lead by example on this issue. Schwarzenegger should stop raising money now while he is putting together next year's budget and considering midyear budget cuts, Flanagan said.... more

The Orange County Register - Dec 04, 2003   
Fund-raising during budgeting at issue
Arnold Schwarzenegger called for a ban on fund-raising while the budget was being written in Sacramento. Now, as the governor tries to get lawmakers to approve his budget plan, he is holding a series of fund-raisers, including one next week in Irvine.... more

Sacramento Bee - Nov 24, 2003   
Major business group refusing to testify under oath to panel
Consumer activist Doug Heller of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights called the CMTA's position "incredible" and said it raised questions about claims by business groups that lawmakers need to find more ways to cut workers' comp costs.... more

The Boston Globe - Nov 24, 2003   
Consumer advocates put the blame on corporations for failing to respect consumer privacy rights and argue that Massachusetts hasn't done enough to prevent such fraud, mostly because the state doesn't require corporations to obtain consumers' permission... more

The Daily News of Los Angeles - Nov 24, 2003   
FTCR, a consumer-advocate group that has taken on both parties, has a web page that includes a blog, a list of major Schwarzenegger contributors and those whom the new governor appoints to various jobs and a list of issues on which it disagrees.... more

MARKETPLACE (6:30 PM ET)- Minnesota Public Radio - Nov 24, 2003   
France should save American states' privacy
So France, here is your chance. Challenge the coming US law that says American states can't set their own levels of privacy protection. It would be ironic if only the French could save Americans' privacy.... more

Los Angeles Times - Nov 23, 2003   
Commentary: The Governor's Wayward Broom;
'Housecleaning' puts special interests first.
In his first week, the governor who was going to oust special interests has managed not only to give them the keys to government, he's created a potential separation-of-powers crisis. At the very least, his Executive Order 2 is going to force government... more

Orange County Register (California) - Nov 23, 2003   
Governor taking case to public
Schwarzenegger plans constant campaign mode to win support for huge bond issue.
Critics say the fund raising makes it hard for Schwarzenegger to uphold his promises not to take money from special interests. The Thursday rally was at Galpin Ford, owned by Bert Boeckmann, whose family gave more than $52,000 to Schwarzenegger... more

The Los Angeles Times - Nov 21, 2003   
A Car Dealer's Kind of Governor
I thought the whole idea of the recall was to get the stink out of politics. Jamie Court, a consumer watchdog, saw the Boeckmanns' $50,000 investment in Arnold as a bargain to get an international celebrity to come and hawk your product.... more

Orange County Register (California) - Nov 20, 2003   
That warm glow you feel is from former donors to Democrats making nice with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Nov 20, 2003   
Sacramento's same old songs
Arnold's actions will determine whether the recall election really produced a "new day" and genuine change -- or just a Gray Davis with charm.... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Nov 20, 2003   
Governor makes pro-business pick;
Chamber of Commerce executive named Schwarzenegger's deputy chief of staff.
Costigan's appointment Nov. 7 brought a rebuke from the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, a consumer group, which warned that "big corporations shouldn't be the gatekeepers of society's policy matters."... more - Nov 19, 2003   
Arnold straddles California
On inauguration day the new governor made nice with Democrats, but feminists still want a sexual-assault investigation and the right remains suspicious.
The non-partisan Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, a consistent critic of Gray Davis when he was in office, hired a truck to circle the inauguration Monday with a 20-foot sign bearing the Webster's dictionary definition of "special interest."... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Nov 19, 2003   
Governor puts rules on hold, raises fears
"This is the wish-list for every special interest that lost in the Legislature," said Jamie Court, president of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

The Orange County Register - Nov 19, 2003   
Schwarzenegger names interim DMV director
Chon Gutierrez, a career government administrator, replaces the fired Gourley.
"This very unceremonious firing is another sign Schwarzenegger is looking at his donors' interests and not the public's interests," said Doug Heller, a spokesman for the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights in Santa Monica.... more

Associated Press - Nov 19, 2003   
Officials can't pinpoint amount of savings in governor's bill
"Schwarzenegger's bill gives a pass to insurance companies that are currently raking in enormous profits and forces injured workers and overcharged businesses to pay the price," said Carmen Balber of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

Ventura County Star (California) - Nov 19, 2003   
Look! It's a special interest...
Governor pretends his contributors have no agenda
Moments after taking office, Schwarzenegger signed an executive order to freeze all pending state regulations and to review all regulations developed over the last five years. Jamie Court, president of FTCR, called it "a special interest coup d'etat".... more

The San Diego Union-Tribune - Nov 18, 2003   
First action is to repeal tripling of vehicle fee
The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights called the freeze on new regulations "a special-interest coup d 'etat" that halts controls on pesticides, drinking water standards, privacy protection and electronic waste.... more

Riverside Press-Enterprise - Nov 18, 2003   
'Now we must... do the extraordinary'
UNITY: The state's new governor urges a nonpartisan approach to solving problems.
"Arnold has to realize that big business is also a special interest," said Jerry Flanagan of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

Chicago Tribune - Nov 18, 2003   
A new role: Governor of California;
Schwarzenegger sworn in, calls for rivals to unite
Even as Arnold reiterated his disdain for special interests running government, FTCR, a watchdog non-profit group, drove a billboard truck around the Capitol grounds that listed a dictionary's definition of the phrase and questioned his interpretation.... more

Contra Costa Times (California) - Nov 18, 2003   
New boss wastes no time, calls three special sessions
Arnold's freeze on new regulations drew quick fire from a consumer advocacy group, FTCR, who labeled it "a special-interest coup d'etat" that threatens regulations on pesticides, drinking water standards and other environmental protections.... more

The Guardian UK - Nov 18, 2003   
The wurst of times
Arnold Schwarzenegger came to power in California promising to exclude special interests, but his definition of them is rather special.
Arnold ended up accepting special interest donations for a war chest that eventually reached $18 million. His biggest donors were financial companies, real estate businesses & developers, agricultural interests, the car industry and construction companies... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Nov 17, 2003   
Schwarzenegger halts pending regulations, orders review
"The effect of this is to basically undo legislation from the last two years that protects the environment, consumers and public safety," said Jamie Court, executive director of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

Sacramento Bee - Nov 17, 2003   
Schwarzenegger ready for challenges
Already, The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, a group that nipped at Davis' heels throughout his tenure, has formed a Web site aimed at holding Schwarzenegger accountable for his pledge not to become beholden to special interests.... more

City News Service, Inc. - Nov 17, 2003   
Regulatory Freeze
Schwarzenegger's executive order "forces governmental agencies to do their job twice," and "gives big business a reprieve on consumer and environmental protection laws passed during the last two years," said Jamie Court, president of FTCR.... more

The Orange County Register (California) - Nov 16, 2003   
Pulling the plug
Starting Nov. 24, you can take your phone number with you when changing provider. Millions more may then go all-wireless.
"This is a milestone in the evolution of technologies to make communications easier," said Harvey Rosenfield, founder of FTCR. "People can carry their information and accessibility with them wherever they go -- for better or worse."... more

CBS-TV Evening News (6:30 PM ET) - Nov 14, 2003   
Cell phone customers being billed for still non-existent service
Mr. HARVEY ROSENFIELD (Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights): As of October 1, it (Nextel) unilaterally announced that it would no longer provide itemized cell phone charges on the monthly bills.... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Nov 11, 2003   
Schwarzenegger recruits press aide from CNN;
3rd Wilson staffer joins eclectic mix from left, right
Jamie Court, president of FTCR, said he was "appalled" by the appointments of Costigan and Patricia Clarey, an HMO executive who will be chief of staff. "This is far worse than big business influencing the governor's office. This is big business merging... more

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri) - Nov 09, 2003   
A skywriter wrote the first five digits of Mr. Prince's social security number in the clouds above New York. A consumer group Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, was making a point about financial privacy: We have precious little left.... more

Associated Press - Nov 08, 2003   
Schwarzenegger names chamber lobbyist Legislative Secretary
Friday's appointment quickly drew criticism from consumer activists worried that business would have too much influence over the new governor.... more

San Jose Mercury News (California) - Nov 08, 2003   
Business lobbyist tapped as aide;
"It's an absolute contradiction to Schwarzenegger's promise during the campaign to govern for the people, not special interests in Sacramento," said Carmen Balber of the non-profit Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

The San Diego Union-Tribune - Nov 08, 2003   
Governor-elect picks chamber man for job
"This appointment turns over the keys to the governor's office to every special interest group in the state," said Jamie Court, executive director of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

Orange County Register (California) - Nov 06, 2003   
Consumer-credit bill passes Senate
Legislation that may override California's tougher privacy law heads to conference committee, then Bush.
"Consumers know what's best, and if a consumer says they don't want their information traded like a stock or a bond, it shouldn't be," said Jamie Court, president of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

Mobile Register (Alabama) - Nov 05, 2003   
Senate denies privacy motion
Shelby leads bipartisan opposition to amendment, despite revelation that his Social Security number had been purchased over Internet
"What this shows is that the Senate's leading privacy advocate has been influenced by bank contributions," Jerry Flanagan of FTCR said.... more

The Nation - Nov 03, 2003   
Identity Thieves
George W. Bush will have to choose between the commercial freedoms of corporations and the privacy rights of Americans. There is no way to spin the identity theft crisis so that corporate America has no responsibility.... more

The News & Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina) - Nov 02, 2003   
Bills bring pain
Aiming to make companies of all kinds more accountable for the bills they send, the Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights is drafting a "Bill-payers Bill of Rights" that would require companies to itemize all bills.... more

Providence Journal-Bulletin (Rhode Island) - Nov 02, 2003   
SSN's for sale
Jamie Court, a spokesman for the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, says that the average American can safely assume that tens of thousands of companies now hold copies of his or her personal data.... more

Austin American-Statesman (Texas) - Oct 28, 2003   
U.S. shouldn't restrict states' stricter rules on consumer protection
States should be allowed to enact tougher laws than the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or the federal law itself should be considerably strengthened to protect consumers.... more

The Sydney Morning Herald - Oct 27, 2003   
Privacy group gets a point across in the sky
A privacy group in California has protested against Citigroup-backed legislation in the US Senate, which would gut state privacy laws, by hiring a professional skywriter to release the first five digits of the Citigroup CEO\'s Social Security number.... more

RCR Wireless News - Oct 27, 2003   
Consumer group says $629M paid for WLNP, mandates
"Thanks to deregulation, the only way cell-phone abuses can be rectified is through lawsuits on behalf of the public," said Harvey Rosenfield, a lawyer representing FTCR.... more

MSNBC-TV - Countdown - Oct 27, 2003   
Identity Theft
The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) says Citigroup's policies on privacy and opposition to strict deregulation makes it the poster child for bad policies.... more

The New York Times - Oct 27, 2003   
Buyer Beware
State-rooted consumer movements are often closer to the people and have better ideas about how to protect them. Their ideas should be incorporated — not permanently barred — in federal law.... more

The New York Times - Oct 25, 2003   
Congress Is Close to Eliminating a Privacy Law
Jamie Court, president of FTCR, said that without the California law, "the door will be open to a lot of abuses when banks can share their information with thousands of corporate affiliates, even after consumers say no."... more

The New York Post - Oct 25, 2003   
FTCR says it's outraged that Citigroup is backing new federal legislation that will override state privacy laws that prevent banks from using consumers' personal information without their consent.... more

The American Banker - Oct 24, 2003   
Number in the Sky
FTCR says it bought Mr. Prince's entire number on the Web for $30. And it paid a skywriter to underscore the availability of consumer financial data and the need for laws restricting information-sharing by financial services companies.... more

Orange County Register (California) - Oct 24, 2003   
Unions and stores disown spam attack;
Thousands of Nextel customers get text messages urging support of grocery pickets.
A consumer group, FTCR, sued the company Tuesday, claiming that a recent decision to stop mailing out itemized bills made it difficult for customers to distinguish charges for spam messages from legitimate text messages.... more

CNNFN-TV LOU DOBBS TONIGHT (6:00 PM EST) - Oct 24, 2003   
Citigroup CEO's SSN Written in Sky Over Manhattan
FTCR was able, however, to buy Charles Prince's Social Security number on the Internet. They paid $30 we're told. They also the numbers of the Attorney General John Ashcroft and CIA Director George Tenet.... more

Copley News Service - Oct 24, 2003   
Landmark California privacy law on chopping block
Two months after Gov. Gray Davis signed the nation\'s toughest financial privacy law, Congress is poised to gut a key part of the California rules and substitute less sweeping consumer safeguards.... more

WALL STREET JOURNAL - Oct 24, 2003   
Privacy Group Plans to Skywrite Citigroup CEO's SSN
The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, which favors tighter controls on the sharing by banks of private customer financial information, plans to hire a skywriter to print the first five digits of Citigroup CEO Charles Prince's social security nu... more

Wired Magazine ( - Oct 24, 2003   
Yo, Mr. CEO, Get Our Point Now?
A privacy group hired a skywriter to write part of the Social Security number of Citigroup's chief executive above New York City on Friday, protesting the bank's lobbying efforts to keep lawmakers from tightening privacy regulations... more

Richmond Times Dispatch (Virginia) - Oct 23, 2003   
FTCR filed a lawsuit Tuesday in California Superior Court against Nextel Communications Inc., saying the company stopped issuing itemized bills Oct. 1, making it difficult for consumers to challenge charges.... more

The Los Angeles Times - Oct 22, 2003   
Consumer Group Sues Nextel
Consumer group FTCR sued Nextel Communications Inc. on Tuesday, alleging that the mobile phone company's new statements hide details on calls to avoid billing disputes and boost revenue.... more

San Francisco Chronicle - Oct 22, 2003   
Feinstein criticizes financial industry
Firms acting in bad faith on privacy law by trying to undo it in Congress, she says
To show how easy it is to get people's financial information under current law, Flanagan's group FTCR, spent $700 to hire a skywriter over Manhattan, to spell out five of the nine digits in the Social Security number of Charles Prince, CEO of Citigroup... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Oct 22, 2003   
Privacy fight -- Where's Arnold?
Why isn't Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger, who campaigned as a champion of the people's interest over special interests, going to bat to preserve Californians' individual privacy rights?... more

Associated Press - Oct 21, 2003   
Calif. consumer group sues two cell phone carriers
The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights filed a lawsuit in Superior Court against Nextel Communications Inc., saying the company stopped issuing itemized bills on Oct. 1, making it difficult for consumers to challenge charges.... more

The New York Times - Oct 20, 2003   
Democrats May Block Class Action Bill
The federal courts already are overwhelmed with cases, which means that class action lawsuits would receive the lowest priority, said Jamie Court, executive director of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

The Boston Globe - Oct 19, 2003   
"It's basically a black market in information that leads back to one place, the credit bureaus," said Jamie Court, the executive director of FTCR. "This information isn't falling off a truck. It's being delivered."... more

The Oregonian - Oct 16, 2003   
Portland praised for curbing business clout
A consumer foundation gives the city good marks for limiting the intrusion of corporations in public life
Foundation Executive Director Jamie Court said the report grew out of the foundation\'s work, which has included lobbying for the regulation of insurance rates and health maintenance organizations and against electricity deregulation.... more

The Washington Times - Oct 14, 2003   
Patriot power; New law gives financial firms right to know more about customers
"Financial institutions have been deputized to investigate consumers," said Douglas Heller, senior consumer advocate for FTCR, a group that pushes for reforms in the banking, insurance and utility industries.... more

Communications Daily - Oct 07, 2003   
Cingular Wireless in Cal. faces a class action consumer lawsuit
Cingular Wireless in Cal. faces a class action consumer lawsuit alleging unlawful business tactics even as it said it would appeal a Cal. PUC decision to fine it for the same alleged practices.... more

The San Diego Union-Tribune - Oct 03, 2003   
Rescind corporations' constitutional rights
The impact of the legal redefinition of the corporate form made it a sovereign entity with the power to dominate people and, increasingly, the public institutions that collectively represent individuals. The time has come for Congress to say enough... more - Sep 29, 2003   
Do-Not-Call Supporters Say Corporations Have No First Amendment Rights
"The framers of our constitution never conceived that commercial speech would have First Amendment protection. In fact, until 1976, it did not," said Jamie Court, executive director with FTCR.... more

The Boston Globe - Sep 26, 2003   
"Almost anything is for sale at the right price," said Jamie Court with FTCR, who also purchased Boston Mayor Thomas Menino's Social Security number from an Internet company.... more

The Boston Herald - Sep 26, 2003   
Activists spur action against ID theft: Social Security numbers were for sale online
Several consumer groups yesterday released a scorecard rating how major cities fare on privacy protections and other controls against corporate intrusions into residents' lives. Boston rated a C, ahead of Los Angeles and Philadelphia but behind Seattle,... more

The Boston Herald - Sep 25, 2003   
Ruling unravels U.S. do-not-call list
"The question will finally either be settled by Congress or the Supreme Court," said Jamie Court, executive director of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

The Boston Herald - Sep 25, 2003   
PRIVACY FOR SALE; Consumer groups urge more 'Net protection
Advocacy groups calling for stronger state laws to protect consumer privacy said they purchased the Social Security numbers of Gov. Mitt Romney and Mayor Thomas M. Menino off the Internet for $30.... more

Minnesota Public Radio - Marketplace (6:30PM ET) - Sep 25, 2003   
Fighting corporate branding by counterbranding
Remember when HMOs threw moms out of hospitals eight hours after giving birth? We counterbranded that practice of premature patient discharges and named them drive-thru deliveries.... more

Orange County Register (California) - Sep 25, 2003   
Are all calls off on Do Not Call list?
Jamie Court, executive director of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights: "Corporations don't have free speech in the Constitution because corporations are not mentioned in the Constitution."... more

CNN - Lou Dobbs Moneyline (6:00pm EST) - Sep 24, 2003   
Court ruling on "Do Not Call" list registry stirs ire of Congress
JAMIE COURT, FTCR: I was able to go on the Internet and buy for $26 the social security numbers of John Ashcroft, CIA Director George Tenet and just about every other cabinet member, that's how available the information is.... more

The Sacramento Bee - Sep 24, 2003   
Commentary - Who elected shirkers?
The voting hoi polloi rule the hoity-toidy politicians. Here are some rules to put the Legislature on alert.
The true meaning of the recall will depend not on who wins or whether Gov. Gray Davis prevails, but rather on whether new rules will govern the political class starting the day after the election.... more

The Sacramento Bee - Sep 23, 2003   
Davis signs reform package
Bills target corporate fraud, with hot line for whistle-blowers.
"This is the answer to the best line of defense to the next Enron and other state scandals," said Jamie Court, executive director of the Santa Monica-based FTCR, sponsor of two of the bills carried by Sen. Martha Escutia D-Whittier.... more

Agence France Presse - Sep 21, 2003   
Epidemic of identity theft takes heavy toll
To illustrate the availability of sensitive data, the California-based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights said it obtained on the Internet the Social Security numbers of CIA chief George Tenet and other top US officials for 26 dollars.... more

The Los Angeles Times - Sep 20, 2003   
A Lingering Recall Could Cloud Capitol With Unstable Climate;
A lack of resolution to the campaign could distract lawmakers and influence policy.
"We'll see Davis supporters use the extra time to squeeze Davis to publicly support their causes, or privately agree to protect their interests," said Doug Heller, spokesman for the Santa Monica-based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

San Mateo County Times - Sep 18, 2003   
Congress could gut finacial privacy law;
California's strong regulations in danger of being pre-empted
"What the banks and the GOP really want is the ability to commit uniform privacy violations, not state's rights to protect consumers," said Jerry Flanagan, a spokesman for the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

Consumer Financial Services Law Report - Sep 11, 2003   
Advocates say administration fighting California Privacy Act
What's more, Jamie Court of FTCR claims the Bush Administration has been backing out of campaign pledges to protect American's privacy in favor of federal legislation that would override California's stronger privacy measure.... more

The Los Angeles Times - Sep 11, 2003   
House OKs Bill to Help Protect Identity
In the end, said Jamie Court, executive director of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights in Santa Monica, "this fight will be decided in the Senate and by whether President Bush is forced to live up to his campaign promises on privacy rights."... more

USA Today - Sep 08, 2003   
Fighting Corporate America;
Jamie Court's Corporateering: How Corporate Power Steals Your Personal Freedom... And What You Can Do About It is full of fighting words.
One poll conducted in 2000 showed that while Americans credited corporations with being the basis of their economic prosperity, almost 75% of this same group said they felt corporations had too much power over other parts of their lives.... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Sep 07, 2003   
Bustamante's many friendships are a blessing and a curse
"Cruz is a player," said activist Jaime Court, executive director of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights. "There are lawmakers who can take special interest money and then tell them to go to hell. Cruz didn't do that."... more

The Baltimore Sun (Maryland) - Sep 06, 2003   
Anti-Terrorist Rules Make It Harder to Open New Bank, Brokerage Account
"The concern is that we have so little control over our private information that every time we open the door a little, so much more information escapes.", said Doug Heller, a senior consumer advocate for FTCR.... more

The Los Angeles Times - Sep 05, 2003   
Bickering Lawmakers Pass Bills;
GOP, Democrats both have complaints to make as legislation advances on corporate fraud, handgun safety and garbage collection fees.
Doug Heller, a lobbyist for FTCR, said if it became law, the legislation would be the toughest of its kind in the nation. A major feature of the program would be a proposed whistelblower 800 hotline to the attorney general's office.... more

Tampa Tribune (Florida) - Sep 04, 2003   
Maintaining Uniform Standards In Credit Reporting System
FTCR revealed it had purchased the Social Security numbers of CIA Director George Tenet and Attorney General John Ashcroft over the Internet for as little as $26. The point, of course, is that it is all too easy to receive what should be private informati... more

Associated Press - Sep 04, 2003   
Senate sends corporate crime bills to governor
"Punishing corporations after the fact doesn't help pensioners who have lost their savings," he said. "With this package of bills, we create the nation's best defense against future fraud.", said Doug Heller, consumer advocate with FTCR.... more

The Washington Post - Sep 04, 2003   
Schwarzenegger Goes for Outsider Role, Insider Help
"It's really a shame. He's squandered an opportunity. He pledged to be the people's governor, and at the end of the day, he's taking everybody's money," said Douglas Heller of FTCR.... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Sep 04, 2003   
Identity theft widespread, study shows;
State law could hinder efforts to fight it
Advocates of the state's new financial privacy law, which was enacted last month after a four-year battle, said the FTC and the Bush admin. were ignoring an obvious solution to the problem of identity theft because of the powerful banking lobby... more

PRI - Marketplace (6:30 pm EST) - Sep 03, 2003   
Energy companies hold consumers hostage
Jamie Court (FTCR): Californians paid tens of billions of dollars in overcharges as blackout blackmail because producers could demand any price to keep the lights on.... more

The Detroit Free Press - Sep 03, 2003   
To root out identity theft, set restrictions in workplace
The California-based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights said it paid an online site $26 to get the Social Security numbers and home addresses of several top Bush administration officials. The group\'s stunt showed the need for stronger protection... more

CNN-TV - AMERICAN MORNING (7:00 AM EST) - Sep 02, 2003   
Group Found Social Security Numbers of Attorney General, CIA Director for $26
Mr. Court discusses how people intent on identity theft obtain Social Security numbers. He says for $26 his group found the Social Security numbers of Attorney General John Ashcroft and CIA Director George Tenet.... more

The Press Democrat - Aug 31, 2003   
"Banks and insurers should not be able to go to Washington as an end-run around the most protective state privacy laws," said Jamie Court, executive director of the California-based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

The Los Angeles Times - Aug 28, 2003   
Financial Privacy Bill Signed;
Consumer groups hail the new law as a landmark victory in protecting Californians. Gov. Davis calls it a model for the nation.
California's new law "is on a collision course with the Republican Congress and the Bush White House," said Jamie Court with FTCR, who was in Washington on Wednesday to campaign against congressional attempts to override state and local privacy measure... more

Associated Press - Aug 28, 2003   
Gov. Davis signs sweeping financial privacy bill into law
"Now the fight is in Washington, D.C. because if (President) Bush has his way, Californians' privacy will not be protected and banks will be allowed to override the California law," said Jerry Flanagan, consumer advocate with FTCR.... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Aug 28, 2003   
New state privacy law threatened;
Federal law could block bills protecting financial information
"Ideally, there should be a strong national law. Consumers should have the right to say no to affiliate sharing." said Jamie Court of Santa Monica's Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumers Rights, while in Washington.... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Aug 28, 2003   
Would-be investor runs afoul of Patriot Act
Consumer advocates also fear the Patriot Act will give companies another reason to invade privacy and prevent some people without criminal intent from opening accounts. "This ranges between stupid, insidious and dangerous," says Doug Heller with FTCR.... more

The Sacramento Bee - Aug 28, 2003   
Governor signs privacy measure
Tough financial-data law faces threat in Congress, Davis says.
"Banks and insurers should not be able to go to Washington as an end-run around the most protective state privacy laws," said FTCR's executive director, Jamie Court.... more - Aug 28, 2003   
Group: Washington to Limit Financial Privacy Rights
Jamie Court complained that President Bush has failed to fulfill campaign promises to protect consumers' privacy. Before the 2000 election, Bush called privacy a "fundamental right" and said Americans should have "absolute control" over personal info... more

Wired Magazine - Aug 28, 2003   
Calif. Privacy Battle Not Over
The California-based Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights today accused President Bush of backtracking on campaign promises to expand financial privacy.... more

Agence France Presse - Aug 28, 2003   
Privacy group gets CIA chief's personal data for 26 dollars
"While Bush has the Secret Service to protect him, the 750,000 American victims of identity theft each year are counting on the president to identify more with their needs than the corporations'.", said Jamie Court, executive director with FTCR.... more

The Daily News of Los Angeles - Aug 28, 2003   
"It's good news that California now has the strongest privacy laws in the nation," said Jerry Flanagan, spokesman for the Santa Monica-based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

The Chicago Tribune - Aug 27, 2003   
Group gets private data on Tenet, Ashcroft to underscore need for tougher laws
"Banks and insurers should not be able to go to Washington as an end-run around the most protective state privacy laws," said FTCR's executive director, Jamie Court, who objected to the proposed federal pre-emption of tougher state privacy laws.... more

Reuters - Aug 27, 2003   
Don't Override State Privacy Laws, Activist Says
"How safe is America's privacy when you can buy the Social Security number of the director of the CIA for $26 on the Internet?" said Court, who heads the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights in Santa Monica, CA.... more

NBC-TV Nightly News (6:30 PM ET) - Aug 27, 2003   
Consumer advocacy group discovers Social Security numbers and home addresses for senior government officials for sale on Internet
The California-based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights said that for $26 each it was able to buy the Social Security numbers and home addresses of Attorney General John Ashcroft, CIA director George Tenet and Karl Rove.... more

The New York Times - Aug 26, 2003   
An Outsider Candidate Who Favors Insider Advice
"The election is shaping up as a runoff between the same political establishment that got us into this mess over the last 10 years," Mr. Rosenfield of FTCR said. "The Wilson Republicans and the Davis Democrats."... more

Los Angeles Times - Aug 26, 2003   
Former Davis Donors Give to Rivals; Schwarzenegger Breaks Money Vow;
The governor is the top fund-raiser. The actor takes donations after pledging
"To say a huge developer and other special interests won't come knocking at your door is stupid," said Jamie Court, executive director of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights in Santa Monica. "He has to give this money back or else he will... more

Orange County Register (California) - Aug 23, 2003   
Candidate made call in fraud probe of kin
Bustamante's aunt was imprisoned in meals-program fraud case.
"He's not calling up State Farm, he is calling a state government agency over which he has some influence," said Doug Heller, with the FTCR, "The danger is the recipient of the call might interpret that they are trying to exert influence, even if that isn... more

ASSOCIATED PRESS - Aug 22, 2003   
Assembly OKs whistle-blower bill
A bill broadening whistle-blower protections for employees who report, or refuse to participate in, illegal employer activities was approved Thursday by the state Assembly.... more

Tri-Valley Herald (Pleasanton, CA) - Aug 19, 2003   
Assembly passes privacy bill
"If this proposal was not half a loaf, the industry wouldn't swallow it," said Jerry Flanagan of FTCR. "We believe people deserve the full loaf they thought they were getting with their signature for a ballot initiative."... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Aug 18, 2003   
Privacy measure faces beat the clock;
Wednesday deadline for passage of bill
"The only reason SB1 was brought back, obviously, is because the governor needed some popular issues to show the state of California that he deserves to keep his job.", said Jerry Flanagan of FTCR.... more

The Los Angeles Times - Aug 15, 2003   
Consumer Privacy Bill Is Urged;
Businessman says that if the Legislature doesn't OK measure protecting financial information by next week, he will put a similar initiative on the ballot.
The compromise did not satisfy the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, whose officials charged it was a weak substitute for the ballot measure. "We think the ballot initiative should go forward," said spokesman Jamie Court.... more

Copley News Service - Aug 15, 2003   
Deal reached on financial privacy measure
But not all privacy advocates are happy. Jerry Flanagan of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights said the governor and supporters "took a watered down version" of the initiative and "watered it down even more."... more

Sacramento Bee - Aug 15, 2003   
Groups, lawmakers cut financial privacy deal
Jamie Court of FTCR said supporters of Davis worked out the compromise in an effort to help him survive the recall. "If you have a watered-down version of a bill that is already watered down, you have more water than substance.", said Court.... more

Ventura County Star (California) - Aug 15, 2003   
Banks, insurance companies reluctantly OK privacy bill
The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, complained that the compromise gives too much ground and accused Davis of accepting a watered-down measure just to boost his image in the midst of a recall campaign.... more

Wired Magazine - Aug 15, 2003   
Calif. Eyes Strong Privacy Policy
Faced with the possibility of an expensive campaign to defeat a threatened ballot initiative, California\'s financial industry set aside its opposition to a comprehensive information privacy law Thursday and announced a last-minute compromise with privacy... more

Associated Press - Aug 14, 2003   
Business, consumer groups cut deal over financial privacy bill
"Californians deserve the right to vote to protect their privacy if the Legislature cannot deliver a comparable safeguard," Jerry Flanagan, the N. California director for the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, wrote in a letter to Gov. Davis... more

The Los Angeles Times - Aug 14, 2003   
THE RECALL CAMPAIGN; Poll Results, Bustamante Hinder Davis' Ability to Raise Money;
The governor may not reach the $15-million goal he believes is needed to defeat recall.
"He is going to be getting a flood of money from every special interest that has a bill on his desk," said Jamie Court, executive director of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights in Santa Monica. "This is going to be prime time fund-raising... more

The Los Angeles Times - Aug 14, 2003   
Privacy Bill Deal Reportedly Reached;
Measure would bar firms from selling consumers' financial data without consent.
"Any new law should be at least as protective as the ballot initiative" by requiring a clearly written and easily understood consumer consent form for the consumer to sign when he or she agrees to the sharing of private information, said Jamie Court... more

NBC-TV Today Show - Aug 07, 2003   
Problems with Medical Malpractice Suits
Jamie Court (FTCR): For health care, it's very important that we stand for this proposition that human life is priceless.... more

Associated Press - Aug 04, 2003   
Book warns about the dangers of 'corporateering'
Corporateering means the act of putting commercial gain over individual, social or cultural gain. A corporateer is one who makes commerce a priority over culture.... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Jul 25, 2003   
ASSEMBLY: Lack of experience worsens impasse
"They don't have much experience; all they have are political futures," consumer activist Heller said. "Donors are more important than constituents."... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Jul 25, 2003   
Sink or Swim - How Davis can fight the rising tide
To survive, Davis must stop behaving like a career politician and start acting like a leader. He must offer the voters compelling reasons to keep him on for another two years. Here\'s what Davis (or else his replacement) must do to win:... more

The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights gives Seattle a C+ compared with other major cities in how well we control "public power and unwarranted industry intrusions into the lives and culture of residents."... more

The San Francisco Examiner - Jul 22, 2003   
The City gets high marks on consumer rights
Turning the tables on big business, the FTCR assessed the "corporateering quotient" of each city by analyzing nine factors including privacy rights, commercialization of schools, media independence and environmental degradation.... more

ABC-TV7 - San Francisco Bay Area - Jul 21, 2003   
Corporate Profit vs. City Freedom
FTCR announced this week that San Francisco tops the list of the six cities it examined in its "Corporateering Quotient" for curbing corporate cultural power.... more

San Francisco Chronicle - Jul 19, 2003   
Assembly vote avoidance helps kill consumer-protection bills
Consumer-protection bills are dying in the Assembly, not from votes against them but because many members in key committees aren't voting at all. Because an abstention is the same as a no vote, the bill is defeated without legislators having to take a sta... more

Sunday Age (Melbourne) - Jul 19, 2003   
ID Data Is Published By Activist
A consumer advocate has embarrassed the Bush Administration by announcing his purchase on a website of the social security numbers of three of its most powerful men, including the head of the CIA. The cost: $US26 ($A40) each.... more

The Seattle Times - Jul 17, 2003   
Seattle brings home C+ in 'corporateering' ratings
In a news conference at the Labor Temple yesterday, Jamie Court, the head of the California-based organization, said that for year's businesses "have rated cities for how friendly they are to business. Now we're rating corporations... more

Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Jul 17, 2003   
Watchdog group grades city C+ in dealing with business
Efforts to court Boeing helped lower score
A consumer watchdog group looked at how well Seattle and the state of Washington deal with corporations and handed the city a report card yesterday. Seattle's average was a C-plus.... more

MARKETPLACE NPR - Minnesota Public Radio - Jul 16, 2003   
Private companies selling or exchanging information including Social Security numbers without your permission
It's common practice for private companies to sell or exchange information, including Social Security numbers, without our permission. Commentator and activist Jamie Court worries that officials don't appreciate how dangerously free wheeling this market h... more

The Los Angeles Times - Jul 15, 2003   
The Big Squeeze on Americans' Privacy
The hundreds of millions of dollars that banks and insurance companies and financial outfits have spent on lobbying and political tithing is mere peanut shells — not even peanuts — compared to all that tempting, rich marketing information about you... more

Los Angeles Times - Jul 12, 2003   
A For-the-People Activist
Re: "Lobbyist's Guerrilla Tactics Get Attention," July 7: Isn't it time that consumers got as angry as Jamie Court? Isn't it time that we citizens held our politicians accountable for selling out our interests to corporate high bidders?... more

San Jose Mercury News - Jul 08, 2003   
Privacy protection bill fails again in Assembly committee
An Assembly committee on Tuesday rejected, for the second time in a month, a long-sought, heavily lobbied bill that would give greater privacy protections to consumers' financial records.... more

Wired Magazine - Jul 07, 2003   
California Ponders Privacy Laws
\"What happens in California tends to be the model for the rest of the country,\" said Jerry Flanagan of FTCR. \"Since so many financial institutions do business in California, it makes sense for banks to implement regulations across the board.... more

The Los Angeles Times - Jul 07, 2003   
Lobbyist's Guerrilla Tactics Get Attention
"I'm not in this to be a lobbyist who can communicate to legislators on a friendly basis. I'm here to stand up for the public," says Jamie Court, an activist based in Santa Monica.... more

San Diego Union Tribune - Jul 04, 2003   
Independence From The Corporation
The ultimate definition of America's cultural freedom is the Declaration of Independence. Remarkably, many of the grievances against King George III in the Declaration also can be made against the modern corporation.... more

The San Francisco Bay Guardian - Jun 27, 2003   
Corporateering Book Review
Corporateers invade our privacy, trick us with deceptive advertising, attack our rights of organization and association, compromise press freedom, erode our rights to use the courts, endanger our health and safety, corrupt our electoral system, and turn p... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Jun 23, 2003   
Who are the special people?
So what happened to the politicians is exactly what's going to happen to their constituents -- their Social Security numbers (their entire Social Security numbers, too) are going to be traded like baseball cards on the Internet. When it happens to taxpay... more

Oakland Tribune - Jun 22, 2003   
Fight for privacy law gets rougher
Assemblyman upset by partial SS numbers given out; Majority Leader Chan may order probe
If Californians are going to squelch telemarketers, junk mail and spam, they'll have to change financial privacy rules themselves with a landmark vote next March... more

Santa Rosa Press-Democrat (California) - Jun 20, 2003   
Privacy advocates strike back at lawmakers
Partial Social Security numbers of Assembly members who rejected disclosure limits posted on Internet
"This is all about politicians not caring enough about privacy until their privacy is at issue," said Jamie Court, executive director of the Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights.... more

Associated Press - Jun 19, 2003   
Advocate 'amazed' over furor over listing part of lawmakers' Social Security numbers
"It's just amazing how politicians suddenly start caring about privacy issues when it's their privacy at stake," Jamie Court, executive director of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, said Thursday.... more

Pasadena Weekly - Jun 19, 2003   
The language of change;
'Corporateering' and how corporate power steals your personal freedom
How many times have you declined to pick up the phone to follow-up something because you dreaded the voice-mail hell or disempowered employee that you knew you'd encounter? You've been corporateered!... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Jun 19, 2003   
Extreme lobbying upsets Assembly;
Lawmakers mad at response to killing privacy bill
Jamie Court, the executive director of the consumer protection group, said the organization was not seeking to influence the vote, noting that the numbers were posted after the bill was defeated. He also said that only the first four numbers were released... more

Orange County Register (California) - Jun 19, 2003   
Intimidation alleged in state privacy issue;
Lawmakers say group's publishing of partial Social Security numbers is meant to influence the vote.
"I wish they were this aggravated about what identity-theft victims feel before the vote," Court said. He wants stronger legislation. "The real anger should be at the companies that sold the Social Security numbers for $26," he said.... more

San Jose Mercury News (California) - Jun 19, 2003   
Privacy advocate makes public point to opposing lawmakers
"I wish the politicians who are worked up about the invasion of their own privacy were just as worked up about the privacy of the other 29 million Californians," said Court, the author of a new book about corporate power.... more

Los Angeles Times - Jun 18, 2003   
Consumer Privacy Bill Rejected;
Measure to limit sale or sharing of personal data wins only three votes on 12-member panel.
A landmark privacy protection bill that would require Californians to give written approval before their personal financial information could be sold or shared with telemarketers and other third-party businesses was defeated by an Assembly committee... more

Los Angeles Times - Jun 18, 2003   
Our Privacy Pays the Price When State Legislators Sell Out
Speier's bill would have required written permission before a company peddles your personal information. It could be reconsidered next week, but heroes are hard to find these days in Sacramento, so don't hold your breath.... more

Sacramento Bee - Jun 18, 2003   
Assembly panel rejects privacy bill
Speier says she'll keep trying on a measure to limit use of consumer financial records.
SB 1 stalled in the Assembly Banking and Finance Committee, but advocates said the issue isn't dead, noting that a petition drive is under way to qualify an even tougher measure for the March ballot.... more

Direct Newsline (PRIMEDIA Business Magazine) - Jun 17, 2003   
Speier Privacy Bill Falls to Pass California Assembly Committee
Tthe financial industry now faces a bigger threat: a stronger ballot initiative that has drawn 200,000 signatures, out of 372,816 needed.... more

Associated Press - Jun 17, 2003   
California's financial privacy bill faces crucial vote
The hotly debated bill, which supporters say would provide California's consumers with the strongest privacy protections in the nation, faces a crucial vote in the Assembly Banking and Finance Committee.... more

The Los Angeles Times - Jun 14, 2003   
Group Assails Privacy Measure Changes;
Santa Monica consumer advocate says the bill no longer clearly requires businesses to get written consent before sharing personal data.
FTCR criticized an amendment that they said weakened the Privacy bill by failing to make it clear that a business must obtain the written consent of a customer before sharing the customer's private data with its own family of affiliates and subsidiaries.... more

The Los Angeles Times - Jun 13, 2003   
Chamber Is Urged to Join Poverty War
Sen. Alarcon demands that the state business group pitch in to abolish poverty. An official says lawmakers first should lobby local units of the association.
Court charged that the California Chamber of Commerce regularly abuses democratic processes that put the "commercial gain of a few large corporations over the interests of the individual, society, small business and ethical companies."... more

Publishers Weekly Daily - Jun 10, 2003   
Corporateering: Jamie Court on Commerce, Culture, and 'the Good Life'
We've got to create better opportunities to dissent within the corporation. There has to be more dissent within the culture as well about what corporations do inappropriately.... more

Sacramento Bee - Jun 09, 2003   
Snooping on the governor
When Gov. Gray Davis called a press conference last seek to support Sen. Jackie Speier's financial privacy bill -- after years of seemingly sitting on the sidelines -- backers of the bill were struck by the timing.... more

Chico News & Review - Jun 09, 2003   
Who's behind the curtain?
Consumer advocate Jamie Court talks about his new book, Corporateering
The book features a foreword from best-selling author and fellow muckraker Michael Moore, who calls the book a "road map and battle plan" for taking back the cultural turf lost to corporations over the last two decades.... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Jun 09, 2003   
Consumer first, citizen second
Will this stop what Court calls "corporateering" -- when corporations exceed their traditional role in the marketplace, invade our private lives and compromise our rights to privacy?... more

Los Angeles Times - Jun 08, 2003   
Golden State of Privacy
It's fitting that California, which has perhaps the nation's most severe identity theft problem, could soon have a groundbreaking financial privacy law.... more

The San Francisco Examiner - Jun 06, 2003   
Mixed week for consumer rights
"Word of mouth is what corporations want most, and what they fear most," says Court, director of the Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights. "And we've got it."... more

DAILY BREEZE (Santa Monica, CA) - Jun 06, 2003   
Group pickets Bowen for stance on corporate crime bill
Members of the group held up posters claiming Bowen's key vote in an Assembly committee was tantamount to "excusing corporate crimes against society."... more

Associated Press - Jun 04, 2003   
Consumer Advocates Blame Two Democrats for Bill's Failure
"Any politician who believes that convicted corporate felons should not have the same responsibility to society as other three-time felons is out of touch with the public's anger over the lack of corporate accountability," said Jamie Court of FTCR.... more

The Los Angeles Times - Commentary - Jun 02, 2003   
Everything Has a Price, Including Your Private Information
Corporations recognize no inherent harm to the individual from this violation of privacy because, absent the relationship to the company, corporations increasingly do not recognize the individual and her societal rights. (Which explains unsolicited telema... more

San Diego Union Tribune - May 30, 2003   
Don't Kill The Messenger, Just Buy Him Out
Proposed FCC Rule Changes Threaten American Democracy
The free press is supposed to serve the public interest in informing. With fewer and fewer broadcasters, however,the newsgathering resources, the information the public receives, and the diversity of voices will shrink.... more

Corporate Crime Reporter - May 19, 2003   
In his new book, Corporateering: How Corporate Power Steals Your Personal Freedom (Putnam, 2003), consumer advocate Jamie Court argues that corporations routinely rob us of our personal freedoms, including privacy, security, the right to legal recourse, a... more

Sacramento Bee - May 12, 2003   
Battling Corporate Greed
Sen. Gloria Romero, D-Los Angeles, and the Santa Monica-based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights no doubt are hoping that newspaper opinion pages support their "Corporate Three Strikes Act."... more

CNN - IN THE MONEY - May 11, 2003   
Corporate Three Strikes Bill in California
You can't put a corporation in prison and that's usually the ultimate punishment for individual crime. We need a corollary in corporate crime, and this three strikes you're out law here in California will be exactly that.... more

The London Times (UK) - May 06, 2003   
'Three Strikes' for Firms in California
Companies doing business in California may soon get the same warning as drug dealers in South Central Los Angeles: three strikes and you are out.... more

The Vancouver Sun (British Columbia, Canada) - May 06, 2003   
Striking a blow for consumers
California consumer activists are trying to create a three-strikes-and-you\'re-out law for corporations, backing a bill that would bar a company from doing business in California if it\'s convicted of three felonies in a 10-year period.... more

St. Johns Telegram (Newfoundland, Canada) - May 05, 2003   
Strike three, you're out?
U.S. consumer groups trying to create corporate three-strikes law
Borrowing from a popular punishment for multiple street crimes, California consumer activists are trying to create a three-strikes-and-you're-out law for corporations.... more

Publishers Weekly Reviews - May 05, 2003   
Book Review:
CORPORATEERING; How Corporate Power Steals Your Personal Freedom... and What You Can Do About It
Corporations have this power, Court says, because many of them have become larger than some national governments. The book explores the impact of this power on America\'s judicial system, education system and the public spaces that define community.... more

Associated Press State & Local Wires - May 03, 2003   
Consumers trying to create three strikes law for corporations
"If this is good enough for individual felons in California, it's certainly appropriate for the Enrons of the world," says Carmen Balber, a consumer advocate for the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.... more

Daily Forty-Niner (CSU Long Beach, CA) - May 01, 2003   
3 strikes law, good business
The Enron scandal has taught us that we need to keep a closer watch on how corporations are doing business. Money and power are the two most influential corrupters in our society. Corporations are in the business of increasing both. It is only logical tha... more

Los Angeles Times - Apr 30, 2003   
Senator Proposes 'Three Strikes and Out of Business' State Law;
A company's third felony conviction would bring a ban on operating in California.
The strikes would apply to virtually any type of felony, ranging from violations of the tax and consumer protection codes to offenses involving civil rights, antitrust and environmental protection, among others.... more

The Los Angeles Times - Apr 15, 2003   
Some Taxpayers Don't Owe a Penny;
A law intended to close a loophole that let the wealthy avoid taxes is increasingly snaring middle-class earners.
"It's simply outrageous that we're continuing tax credits for the wealthy when we're talking about cutting services, cutting health care, cutting education," said Carmen Balber, a consumer advocate with the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights... more

The Georgia Straight (Canada) - Apr 03, 2003   
Activist Claims 'Corporateers' Harm Society
Jamie Court, executive director of the California-based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, defined corporateering as how "commerce changes social mores as well as the rule of law and ethics" to harm individuals and benefit corporations.... more

The San Francisco Chronicle - Mar 23, 2003   
LAZARUS AT LARGE: Counting up the costs of combat
"The money for the war will ultimately have to come from somewhere," said Doug Heller, a spokesman for the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights in Southern California. "I don't see how you can pay for both cruise missiles and huge tax cuts."... more

The American Banker - Jan 30, 2003   
Sarbanes-Oxley Trumped In One State
Under a law that took effect this month, public companies based in California or doing business there have to give the state extra layers of detail on insider activity.... more

The Orange County Register - Jan 13, 2003   
Contracts hang up some cell-phone users;
Those trying to cancel pacts early find it's difficult, unless they pay a fee.
Richard Rutkowski's wife, Sharon, died of cancer in August. When the Irvine man tried to cancel a contract with Cingular Wireless for his wife's phone, the company charged him an "early termination fee" of $150, saying her death didn't nullify it.... more

The Stockton Record - Jan 10, 2003   
Johnston denies conflict
State Sen.-turned-lobbyist Patrick Johnston says his clients gained nothing from his unpaid role helping Gov. Gray Davis hammer out a plan to bridge the $35 billion budget gap.... more

The Los Angeles Times - Jan 10, 2003   
Campaign Contribution Limits Hiked;
Critics say the state panel vote was hasty, coming beforethe original caps could be fully applied.
Even before California\'s new campaign contribution limits have been used in a statewide election, the state\'s political watchdog agency has increased the caps by 6% to reflect inflation.... more

The San Jose Mercury News - Jan 08, 2003   
Davis backs lobbyists' budget role
Gov. Gray Davis on Tuesday defended his decision to allow prominent lobbyists to play a key role in crafting his forthcoming budget and said he stands behind every piece of the proposal.... more

The San Jose Mercury News - Jan 04, 2003   
Activists slam Davis for letting two lobbyists help him draft budget
The special access given to Phil Isenberg and Patrick Johnston sparked criticism from consumer activists and political reform advocates, who said neither man should be allowed to take part in closed-door budget talks... more

ASAP Online Magazine - Jan 01, 2003   
Corporate watch dogs online: as recent tales of corporate misdeeds emerge.
While the various players try to sort out the answers to these questions, it might be worth looking at who watches corporate activity and why. How much corporate watchdog activity can be tracked online? Where are the best places to look?... more

The American Banker - Jan 01, 2003   
Calif. Group Steps Up Push For Referendum on Privacy
Privacy hawks in California are readying a fund-raising campaign for a ballot initiative that would force banks to change the way they use customer information.... more

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