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Jun 18, 2005    Tips for Consumers Put at Risk By Computer Hackers Who Accessed 40 Million Credit Card Accounts at CardSystems
Jun 16, 2005    Prop 64 Ends Animal Cruelty Lawsuit;
Court Says Citizens Can't Stop Inhumane Treatment Of Animals Under Prop 64
Jun 13, 2005    Taxpayer Advocate Condemns Governor's $80 Million Special Election
Legislature Should Ban Governor From Calling Extra Elections for Personal Gain
Jun 09, 2005    Cox's Representation Of Financial Swindler Exposed, Should Disqualify Him From SEC Post
May 25, 2005    Governor Schwarzenegger Sells Junk Food In Political Ads for Corporate Donors
Consumer Group Calls For Ads' Removal, Gov. To Re-Pay State
May 23, 2005    Nextel Blocks Consumer Group's Lawsuit on Billing Abuses
Court Says FTCR Can't Sue Cell Phone Company Under New Ballot Measure
May 12, 2005    CA Supreme Court Upholds Nation's Strongest Conflict of Interest Initiatives in Pasadena, Santa Monica
Landmark Voter-Approved Initiatives Ban Public Officials From Taking Campaign Cash, Gifts or Jobs from City Contractors
Apr 13, 2005    Taxpayers to Arnold: Call Off The Extra Election
Governor's Nov. Election Plan Is $70 Million Campaign Finance Dodge
Apr 12, 2005    Schwarzenegger Donors' Fraud Could Cost California Taxpayers $400 Million
AIG's Stock Decline in Wake of Investigation Hits State Retirement Systems Hard
Mar 16, 2005    Group Unveils Schwarzenegger's Century Plaza Hotel "Cash Syndicate" of Big Industry Executives
Gov Will Attend Fundraiser Hosted by Syndicate Later Today
Mar 15, 2005    Schwarzenegger Conceals Taxpayer Cost of Security Detail
Public Records Act Request Denied By Gov, CHP
Mar 14, 2005    Warren Beatty Warns Schwarzenegger He Could Be Lunch
Mar 14, 2005    CHP Denies Public Records Act Request To Disclose Cost To Taxpayers Of Schwarzenegger's Security
Mar 11, 2005    Phillip Morris Uses Prop 64 To Sink Suit Accusing Company of Lying to Consumers, Marketing Cigarettes to Kids
Tobacco Giant Gave $200K to Prop 64
Mar 04, 2005    Gov. Should Pay Legal Costs in Nurses Lawsuit & Travel Expenses for Money-Making Venture
Mar 02, 2005    FTCR to Schwarzenegger: Fire Wilson
Japan Trip Reveals Insurmountable Conflicts of Interest
Mar 01, 2005    Don't Sign: Stop the Poll Tax
Feb 27, 2005    Schwarzenegger Called "Bad Actor" For Cash Register Politics in Skies Over Oscars
Feb 17, 2005    Questions About Schwarzenegger's Common Cause with Common Cause
Feb 11, 2005    FTCR to Schwarzenegger: Special Election Is A Campaign Finance Dodge Call It Off
Feb 08, 2005    Air Arnold: New Message for the Governor In the Skies Above the Capitol During Gov's Fundraiser
Jan 31, 2005    Nation's Strongest Conflict of Interest Initiative Upheld By Court Against Politicians' Challenge
Landmark Voter-Approved Initiatives Ban Public Officials From Taking Campaign Cash, Gifts or Jobs from City Contractors
Jan 27, 2005    Schwarzenegger Kills Consumer Protections Against Cell Phone Abuses
Jan 25, 2005    Taxpayer Groups Urge Board of Equalization Not to Give $80.6M in Tax Refunds to Companies that Paid No Income Taxes
"Corporate Welfare Queens" Seek Refunds Barred by State Law
Dec 27, 2004    Big Business Lied To Voters
Corporations Use Prop 64 to Attack Pending Consumer Protection Suits
Sep 15, 2004    Top 5 Cases of Corporate Lawsuit Abuse Uncovered
Sep 02, 2004    Labor Day Report Shows CA Legislators Present But Not Working
Analysis: Non-Voting a Factor in 2/3 of Failed Bills
Aug 10, 2004    Consumer Groups Oppose Department of Consumer Affairs Nominee
Anti-Consumer Record Makes Former Assembly Member Zettel Ill-Suited to Lead Consumer Protection Agency
Jul 30, 2004    Schwarzenegger's Secrecy Assailed, Records Demanded
Consumer Group Calls for Opening Up of "California Performance Review" Process
Jul 28, 2004    Chamber of Commerce Attack On Edwards & Legal System Is Frivolous
Jul 22, 2004    Senate Junk Fax "Prevention" Bill Paves Way For More Junk Faxes
Plan Allows Businesses to Junk Fax Any Customer From Past Seven Years
Jun 14, 2004    Corporateering In Paperback
Jun 07, 2004    Consumer Group Sues Cell Phone Companies for "Locking" Handsets
T-Mobile, AT&T and Cingular Use Software to Disable Cell Phone Portability, Prevent Customers from Taking Phones to New Company
Jun 01, 2004    Schwarzenegger's Punitive Damage Proposal Called Red Herring;
Consumer Activist Calls For Taxing Convicted Wrongdoers' Payouts To Fill Budget Hole
May 26, 2004    IRS Should Investigate Schwarzenegger Political Committee As Tax & Disclosure Dodge
Gov's Group Promotes His Political Fortunes, Not Public Good, Complaint Says
Apr 27, 2004    Consumer Group Shows Gasoline Companies' Profits Spike With Pump Prices
Profits Increased 2003 Based On Price Gouging
Apr 06, 2004    Evidence Shows Shell To Demolish Profitable Refinery, Drive Up Gas Prices;
Consumer Group Seeks Intervention Of Bush, Kerry & CA Attorney General
Mar 15, 2004    Columbia Journalism Review Gives Newsweek and Phillip K. Howard A "DART" for Failing to Disclose Conflict of Interest in "Lawsuit Hell" Cover Story
Feb 17, 2004    Questions About Senator Perata's Personal Enrichment Should Be Investigated
Perata Was Paid $100K+ in Fees From Firm Tied to Corporations Whose Interests Perata Has Advanced in the Legislature
Feb 10, 2004    FPPC Should Investigate Schwarzenegger's Initiative Advertisements & $2 Million Transfer, Group Says
Advertisements Fail to Disclose True Source of Funding
Feb 06, 2004    Schwarzenegger Should Cancel Half Million $ Fundraiser Due to $1.3 Billion Conflict with Pharmaceutical Industry
Feb 02, 2004    FTCR Calls On Schwarzenegger To Make Consumer Protection Week Real
Jan 14, 2004    Corporate Agenda Behind Philip Howard's "Common Good" Unmasked
Group Would Decimate Jury System, Consumer Access to Court
Jan 13, 2004    CA's Biggest Corporations Spend Big On Nov Initiative To Remove Accountability
Blue Cross has spent $250,000 thus far. Kaiser, Bank of America, Countrywide, Oracle, Edison and Intel each gave $100,000. Auto dealers have kicked in $4.6 mil
Jan 12, 2004    Nextel Loses Round in Suit On Unitemized Bills and Phony Text Messages
Superior Court Allows FCTR to Proceed with Suit against Nextel
Dec 31, 2003    The Worst Corporateers And Best Counter-Corporateering Of 2003
FTCR tracks the worst instances of big industries putting their commercial gain above the interests of individuals and society.
Dec 23, 2003    NY Gives Biggest Gifts To Rogue Corporations This X-Mas, Frisco Gives Fewest
Consumer Group Rates 7 Cities On Corporate Accountability
Dec 15, 2003    Group Calls on Newsweek to Disclose Employee Discrimination Lawsuits in Wake of "Lawsuit Hell" Cover Story
FTCR sends letter to Newsweek editors requesting fair disclosure
Dec 03, 2003    Schwarzenegger Donors Link Contributions, Budget Cuts
Group Calls on Governor to Return $, Ban Fundraising During Budget Season
Nov 21, 2003    "Privacy" Bill to Gut State Identity Theft Laws, in Addition To Pre-empting State Privacy Laws
Consumers will lose again if Bush and Congress override states' right to act aggressively to crack down on identity theft.
Nov 17, 2003    Schwarzenegger Freeze On All Pending Regulations Helps Special Interests Roll Back Environmental and Consumer Protection Laws
FTCR Calls Freeze "Special Interest Coup d' Etat"
Nov 17, 2003 & Billboard Unveiled To Watch Hidden Hand Of Special Interests In Administration
Group to hold Governor accountable
Nov 17, 2003    GOP Medicare and Energy Bills Repeat Privatization Failures
Attempt to repeal PUHCA will accelerate national electricity deregulation
Nov 07, 2003    Schwarzenegger Names Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist As Top Legislative Advisor
Consumer Group Says Keys to Government Shouldn't Be In Hands of Big Business
Nov 05, 2003    President Bush Lied About Privacy Protections, Consumer Group Shows
FTCR sent letter to Bush today showing that Administration's support of bill violates Bush's explicit campaign promises
Nov 03, 2003    U.S. Senate Poised to Put Bank Profits Over Consumer Privacy
Group Acknowledges Purchase of Senators' Social Security Numbers
Oct 28, 2003    Banks and Credit Bureaus Tied To Spam Epidemic Due To Lack of Privacy Laws;
U.S. Senate Is Poised to Codify Practice
Oct 24, 2003    Group Protests Citigroup's Anti-Privacy Lobbying By Skywriting CEO's Social Security Number
No Privacy For Americans, None For Citigroup CEO
Oct 22, 2003    Tobacco, Insurer, Other Big Business Interests File Initiative To Gut California Consumer Protection Law
Consumer Group Vows To Fight Back
Oct 21, 2003    Consumer Group Announces Lawsuits Against Cell Phone Companies for Billing, Service Rip-Offs
Nextel Stops Sending Itemized Bills, Conceals Charges for Phony Messages
Oct 20, 2003    13 of 16 Cabinet Members Have Ties To "Class Action" Targeted Companies
President Bush Backing Major Overhaul of Class Action Lawsuits
Oct 16, 2003    Portland Receives "B" For Controlling Corporate Power Over Society & Individuals
Author Releases "Corporateering Quotient"
Oct 15, 2003    Victory for Privacy Rights: California Supreme Court Today Denies Junk Faxers' Petition
Will Let Stand Appellate Court Decision Validating Right to Enforce Federal Junk Fax Ban in California Courts, Upholds Ban as Constitutional
Oct 01, 2003    Consumer Advocate Says Congress Should Revoke Telemarketers' Free Speech Rights To Restore Do Not Call List
Sep 26, 2003    Author Calls on Congress To Pass Resolution Stating Telemarketers Have No Free Speech Rights
Sep 25, 2003    Congress's Unprecedented 24 Hour "Do Not Call" Vote Is Sign Of Movement Against Corporateering To Come
Sep 25, 2003    Boston Gets "C" Grade on Controlling Corporate Power
Consumer Advocate Buys Governor Romney's Social Security Number on the Internet for $30 to Show Privacy Lacking
Sep 24, 2003    Consumers Should Strike Back Against Telemarketers For Striking Down "Do Not Call List"
Public should demand that banks, insurers and telemarketers respect their privacy through existing laws and guerilla tactics.
Sep 10, 2003    House Poised to Steal State Privacy Rights Under The Cover of 9/11
The exchange of social security numbers and other financial identifiers among America's corporations dramatically increased Americans' risk of identity theft
Sep 08, 2003    FTCR Letter to U.S. House Speaker Hastert: Don't Allow a Sneak Attack On America's Privacy
Calls on Hastert to rescheduled a vote set for the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on a bill that would gut California's landmark financial privacy
Sep 04, 2003    Senate Passes Whistleblower Protections, Corporate Accountability After Two Year Fight for Reform
1-800 Whistleblower Hotline, New Protections for Employees Who Speak Out And Penalties For Hiding Financial Fraud Go to Governor's Desk
Aug 28, 2003    Philadelphia Gets "C-" For Controlling Corporate Power Over Society & Individuals
Author Releases "Corporateering Quotient"
Aug 27, 2003    Consumer Advocate Says Bush Cabinet Officials' Privacy Is For Sale, Bush Should Not Wipe Out CA State Privacy Protections
Aug 21, 2003    Assembly Passes Whistleblower Protection, Corporate Accountability Bills
Nation's First 1-800 Whistleblower Hotline Part Of Early Warning System To Prevent Corporate Crime in California
Aug 14, 2003    FTCR: People Should Have Right To Vote On Strongest Financial Privacy Protection
Jul 21, 2003    San Francisco Receives Top Grade For Controlling Corporate Power Over Society & Individuals
Author Releases "Corporateering Quotient"
Jul 16, 2003    Seattle Gets "C+" For Controlling Corporate Power Over Society & Individuals
Author Releases "Corporateering Quotient"
Jul 11, 2003    Consumer Group Calls for Fix to Epidemic of Not Voting in California Assembly
FTCR Says Wesson Must Implement Reforms to Curb Cowardly Abstentions
Jun 19, 2003    83% Favor 3 Strikes Law For Corporate Criminals
Proposal Answers Public Call To Crack Down On Corporate Crooks
Jun 17, 2003    No Financial Privacy For Californians, None For Politicians Who Stop Bill
Social Security Numbers Of Assembly Members & Governor Released
Jun 17, 2003    Whistleblower Protection, Corporate Accountability Plan, Passes Key Committee
SB 777 Is Early Warning System to Prevent Corporate Fraud
Jun 16, 2003    Senator Speier To Amend Privacy Bill To Remove 45-Day Sharing Window and Ensure Written Consent
Consumer Group To Davis: Privacy Vote "Referendum" on Your Leadership
Jun 16, 2003    Gov. Davis Recall Is Cautionary Tale For "Corporateers," Author Says Handling of California Electricity Crisis & Cash Register Politics At Issue
Jun 13, 2003    Consumer Group Calls on Speier & Davis to Clearly Require Informed Written Consent in Privacy Bill
New Amendments Also Give Banks A 45-Day Window To Share Information Even If A Consumer Says "No"
Jun 12, 2003    Author Proposes 10 Commandments For Chamber Of Commerce To Follow;
Internal Memo Reveals Chamber's Long Time Role Quashing Societal Concerns
Jun 10, 2003    One Million Californians Take Stand Against "Corporateering":
Tell Telemarketers "Do Not Call" Author Offers Other Remedies
Jun 09, 2003    Privacy Bill Amended Friday To Include Written Consent Standard
Assembly Banking Committee Delays Key Hearing Social Security Numbers of Opponents Bought
Jun 06, 2003    Corporate Crook At It Again: Tenet CEO Indicted, Hospital Likely To Be Next
Corporate Three Strikes Bill, Killed By Democrats In CA Senate This Week, Would Have Prevented Repeat Corporate Crime
Jun 06, 2003    Gov. Davis/Speier Privacy Legislation Riddled With Loopholes
Consent Need Not Be In Writing, Stronger Local Bay Area Laws Preempted
Jun 04, 2003    Senators Bowen and Speier Go Soft on Corporate Crime; "Wanted for Corporateering" Posters To Be Placed On Website
Democrats Kill Corporate Three Strikes Bill; Author, Consumer Groups Will Fight Again
Jun 02, 2003    Consumer Activist's New Book Reveals Threat of Corporate Cultural Power To The Individual's Freedoms, Including A Free Press, And Solutions
May 29, 2003    Consumer Group & Author Reveal Corporation's Invisible Hand Behind Attack On Individual's Legal Rights
Apr 29, 2003    Three Strikes No Longer Just For People
Corporate Three Strikes Bill Passes Senate Committee
Apr 08, 2003    Whistleblower Protection, Corporate Accountability Plan Revived
SB 777 Will Protect Employees Who Come Forward, Punish Corporations and Executives That Do Not
Jan 27, 2003    Consumer Group Calls On Public To Stop Phillip Morris From Identity Theft
Public Should Call All Tobacco Makers' Products By Their Name
Jan 09, 2003    $400 Mil Tax Break For Corporate Clients of Governor's Advisor
Manufacturers Get Only Business Tax Break Detailed in State of the State
Jan 08, 2003    FTCR's Letter to Senator Burton RE: Gov. Davis Using Lobbyists As Policy Advisors
Jan 08, 2003    FTCR's Letter to Gov. Davis RE: Davis' Use of Lobbyists As Policy Advisors
Jan 08, 2003    State Auditor Should Investigate State of the State
Consumer Group Calls for Audit of Governor's Use of Private Lobbyists to Write Public Policy
Dec 20, 2002    Leadership of Senate Should Not Go From Racist To Corporate Crook
Frist's Ownership of Columbia/HCA Should Prevent Him From Taking Leadership Post
Dec 09, 2002    Where Have All the Executives Gone? - To The Bush Administration
Consumer Advocates Criticize SEC Nominees; Call for Strong Shareholder Advocate to Strengthen Economy
Nov 18, 2002    "Homeland Security" Bill Hijacked By Corporations
Consumer Group Says Republicans Leverage Fear of Terrorism to Create New Corporate Protections
Nov 12, 2002    Consumer Group Calls For Investigation Into Illegal Electioneering By Employers
Employees' Paychecks Stuffed With Election Material, Corporate $ Tip Key Races
Oct 01, 2002    Group Says It Will Continue Battle to Create Early Warning System for Corporate Fraud
Davis Vetoes Nation's Toughest Corporate Accountability Proposal
Sep 30, 2002    Governor Davis Vetoes Nation's Toughest Corporate Accountability Proposal
Citizen Volunteers Say Early Warning System for Corporate Fraud is Needed
Sep 28, 2002    Governor Davis Must Hold Executives Accountable, Protect Whistleblowers
AB 55 Is Not Enough; Davis Must Sign Powerful Anti-Fraud Measure -- SB 783
Sep 05, 2002    The Justice Report - Courage Not Compromise
An update from FTCR
Aug 30, 2002    Nation's Strongest Corporate Accountability Law Headed for Governor Davis' Desk
Senate Passes SB 783; Bill Would Fill Gaps in Federal Law by Punishing Execs Who Cover-Up Fraud, Protecting Whistleblowers
Aug 27, 2002    Nation's Strongest Corporate Accountability Law Passes California Assembly
Bill Addresses WorldCom-Style Cover Ups, Intimidation
Aug 16, 2002    Assembly Committee Passes Tough Corporate Accountability Legislation to Fill Gaps in Federal Law
SB 783 Would Punish Execs Who Cover-Up Fraud, Protect Whistleblowers
Jul 26, 2002    Bankruptcy Bill Goes After Consumers in Hard Times, While WorldCom and Enron Remain Protected
Group Calls Bankruptcy Bill Extremely Unfair to Average Americans
Jul 09, 2002    Bush Plan for Corporate Reform: Too Little, Too Late
Proposed California Law Would Punish Executive Silence and Stop Fraud Early On
Jun 20, 2002    State Senate Approves Landmark Legislation In Response to Enron Debacle
Corporate Executives To Be Held Accountable for Financial Fraud - New Whistleblower Protections Adopted
Jun 10, 2002    DC's Failure to Prevent Next Enron Means States Must Take Responsibility
California Proposal Would Punish Executives Who Remain Silent About Financial Fraud
May 23, 2002    California Senate Committee Passes Enron Reform Bill: Whistleblower Legislation Protects Dissenting Voices, Penalizes Silence in the Corporate Suites
SB 1452 Would Impose Hefty Fines on Executives Who Cover Up Financial Fraud
May 14, 2002    Bill Will Put Execs In Jail for Covering Up Financial Fraud; Groups Say SB 1452 Will Protect Against the Next Enron
Enron Internet Messages Indicate Insiders Knew Early on of Financial Fraud
Mar 15, 2002    State Should Revoke Andersen's Accounting License
Federal Indictment Sets Stage to Kick Auditor Out of California
Feb 14, 2002    FTCR Issues First Edition of "The Whistleblower" Newsletter
Feb 14, 2002    FTCR Issues First Edition of 'The Whistleblower' Newsletter
Oct 27, 2000    Public's Right to Know Trumps Secrecy Deals
Judicial Council Adopts Rules Making Sealing of Court Documents Disfavored

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