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About FTCR

The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) is a tax exempt, nonprofit organization deploying an in-house team of public interest lawyers, policy experts, strategists, public educators, and grassroots activists to advance and protect the interests of consumers and taxpayers. Founded in 1985 by nationally known consumer activist and attorney Harvey Rosenfield, FTCR works with public interest groups in Washington and throughout the nation. FTCR's day-in, day-out consumer protection and advocacy work embraces a wide variety of issues affecting the daily lives and pocketbooks of millions of Americans.

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Our current projects include:

Holding Politicians Accountable
FTCR has launched to hold California's new governor accountable on the promises he made to clean house of special interests in Sacramento.

Lowering the Price of Insurance And Making It More Rational
Our attorneys and advocates continue to stop unnecessary premium hikes, work for new rules to protect policyholders, and fight for fairer claims processing policies. A major part of FTCR's insurance work is enforcement of insurance reform Proposition 103. In 2004, we hope to secure rules requiring California insurers to charge motorists based on how they drive, not where they live. FTCR will also continue its work to protect against the unfair insurance industry practice of using consumer credit scores to determine rates and coverage and we will work to ensure that homeowners are not punished for filing a legitimate claim.

Making Health Care More Affordable & Available
Our California Health Consensus Project ( is working to reduce the costs of prescription drugs, lower health insurers' premiums, stabilize hospitals, and establish universal health coverage. And FTCR continues to expose abuses at HMOs ( and educate California patients about their legal rights (

Protecting Personal Privacy
Across the nation, our staff has shown the public how much of our personal information is for sale and built political will for greater privacy protection.

Fighting for Injured Patients
We inform the public about the plight of innocent patients injured by medical malpractice, and we published two books on the subject of patient protection: Making A Killing (1999) and Silent Violence, Silent Death (1994).

Educating the Public About Corporateering
FTCR continues to promote its new book Corporateering: How Corporate Power Steals Your Personal Freedom And What You Can Do About It (Tarcher/Putnam 2003) and its reform agenda.

Protecting California's Energy Supply
We work hard to re-regulate California's electricity markets and hold energy manipulators accountable for their malfeasance.

Grassroots Organizing and Training
FTCR's volunteer program gives citizens a chance to learn how to make their democracy work for them. The Oaks Project enlists volunteers - "citizens as sturdy as oaks"- in a long-term educational and participatory effort. Their skills are the honed by working with experienced FTCR advocates.

Legal Program
Our attorneys fight important public interest battles by filing lawsuits to stop cell phone scams, junk faxers, HMO abuse, unreasonable insurance company practices, and illegal conflicts of interest by politicians.

Election Watchdog
FTCR has made a lobbying grant to Election Watchdog, to fight anti-consumer proposals expected to appear on the November 2004 ballot. Election Watchdog is a political action committee that is sponsored by FTCR's sister organization Consumer Watchdog.

Consumer Watchdog

About Consumer Watchdog

Consumer Watchdog is the advocacy and campaign affiliate of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR). A non-profit entity incorporated under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code, Consumer Watchdog has co-sponsored ballot propositions on energy deregulation and HMO reform. Unlike donations to FTCR, which are tax deductible, donations to Consumer Watchdog are not tax deductible.


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