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Books from FTCR

Corporateering Corporateering: How Corporate Power Steals Your Personal Freedom... And What You Can Do About It

by Jamie Court

Enron. Tyco. Arthur Andersen. These companies have turned "corporate" into a four-letter word as headline after headline reveals shocking stories of executives stealing money from investors. But money isn't all that corporations steal. In Corporateering, Jamie Court shows how corporations routinely and quietly rob us of our personal freedoms, including privacy, security, the right to legal recourse, and more. In fact, "corporateering"-the act of prioritizing commercial gain over individual, social, or cultural gain-is everywhere in our lives.

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Making A Killing Making a Killing: HMOs and the Threat to Your Health

by Jamie Court and Francis Smith

If a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is your family's medical provider, just hope you never face a medical crisis. This compelling book tells story after story of people who got caught--and killed--in a system aimed at profit. Read the human stories behind the HMO statistics. Find out the real cost of savings gained at the bottom line. In Making a Killing, consumer activists Jamie Court and Francis Smith take on the corporate world of managed-care and explain, in plain language, what HMOs mean for your health, and who really profits from the managed-care system.

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Silent Violence, Silent Death Silent Violence, Silent Death: The Hidden Epidemic of Medical Malpractice

by Harvey Rosenfield

"Medical care may be hazardous to your health." That frightening warning is the principal conclusion of numerous studies. Independent scientific research has sketched out the frightening dimensions of death and injury caused by negligent, incompetent and criminal doctors and hospitals.

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