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How A "Minority Organization" Sold Out -- and Got Caught
In 1998, the Greenlining Institute joined with Enron and California's utility companies to oppose FTCR's ballot initiative Proposition 9, which would have protected Californians against the electricity deregulation rip-off.... more

Letter to Greenlining Institute RE: Consumer Advocacy
This is in response to your October 15 letter on behalf of "seventeen million low income consumers" in which you state that we should not criticize you for opposing Proposition 9 and that you are not the "enemy," the utility companies are.... more

The Green Stands for Cash
Greenlining Institute

In Name Only:
Phony "Consumer Advocate" Michael Johnson

Planning and Conservation League
'Environmental Group' Supports Utility Companies' Bailout of Nuclear Power; Gets $70,000 from Utilities
...the dirtiest work of all was undertaken by a relatively unknown California environmental group known as the "Planning and Conservation League" (PCL) based in Sacramento, California.... more

David Horowitz
You've remember him from the television news years ago. He was the "consumer reporter" with the show titled "Fight Back." Now he's a paid political hack, using his credentials as a journalist to win lucrative contracts with utility companies and other big... more

Jeffrey O'Connell
University of Virginia Law Professor
Nothing conveys the impression of authority and objectivity better than academic credentials. That is why University of Virginia Law Professor Jeffrey O'Connell's role in the insurance reform debate is so troubling.... more

Andrew Tobias
Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Andrew Tobias
Tobias has fronted for insurance companies, utilities, oil and gas companies, Wall Street schemers and credit card companies in their campaigns to strip consumers of their legal protections against fraud and other rip-offs.... more

The University of Wisconsin's "Auto Accident Compensation Project"
In its continuing quest to cloak its efforts in a more consumer-friendly disguise, the insurance industry has recruited numerous academic institutions and professors to front for it.... more

Voter Revolt
How Political Consultants Use The California Initiative Process -- And A Non-Profit Organization -- To Fool the Voters and Make Themselves Rich
"Voter Revolt," which Harvey Rosenfield and Ralph Nader led to prominence in their successful campaign to lower auto insurance rate in 1988, was considered back then the industry's strongest critic. Today, Voter Revolt has become a mouthpiece for the insu... more


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