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Work for the Public Interest

The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights is one of the nation's largest non-profit citizen advocacy organizations. We're aggressive, uncompromising and cutting-edge. We're looking for men and women who share these qualities and want to make a difference. Meet our present staff.

FTCR Job Opportunities
Public Interest Attorneys
Community Organizers
Administrative Assistants

This is not a nine-to-five job. In fact, it's not a job at all.
It's a calling. There are fewer than five hundred public interest advocacy positions in the United States, and much more work to be done than there are opportunities to do it. We hire people who are determined to make a difference with their lives and willing to do what it takes to accomplish change. This means hard work and long hours. But the people we hire welcome the demands of this work. It's a challenge, an opportunity and an honor. You must be self-motivated and committed.

You can make a difference right away.
There's no limit to what you can accomplish here. We expect each of our staff to become leaders in their field. The only constraint here is the resources of a non-profit, which are always limited relative to the issues we take on and the resources of our opponents. We avoid organizational bureaucracies so we can get things done.

You must have solid advocacy skills and experience with advocacy tools and technologies.
All of our positions require that communication with the public, news media, opinion leaders and other advocates and organizations. Superior oral and written skills are required. You must also know how to use computers - proficiency in word processing and email is necessary.

We pay competitive salaries…. for similar public interest positions.
We are committed to enabling people to choose this work as a life career. And we recognize the cost of living in California is higher than other states. So we offer very competitive pay relative to other such organizations, especially so after you have demonstrated your commitment and dedication. And we offer excellent health benefits and vacation pay. But we do not compete with the salaries you can earn from big corporations or Wall Street. We can't afford to, and we don't want to. The opportunity to do this exciting and satisfying work requires sacrifice; the rewards are ultimately internal. If you're out to make a lot of money, this is the wrong place for you.

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