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Recent FTCR Press Releases

Jul 06, 2005   
UnitedHealth/PacifiCare Merger Will Make Goliaths Too Big to Compete;
State and Federal Regulators Must Get Guarantees for Patients, Doctors & Hospitals

Jul 05, 2005   
Consumer Group Says Blue Cross of California $150K Fine for Overcharges is "Not Enough"

Jul 01, 2005   
Most Hospitals Have Not Submitted Required Price Lists;
A Tylenol Can Cost $7 Depending on the Hospital, Uniform Pricing Needed

Jun 29, 2005   
Canada to Ban Prescription Drug Exports;
U.S. Seniors Left With No Alternative

Jun 29, 2005   
CA Should Collect Overpayments from Drug Companies, Not Force Seniors and the Disabled Into HMOs

Jun 28, 2005   
Legislation to Legalize Violations of Proposition 103 Faces Court Hearing Wednesday
Consumer Groups Fight Insurance Surcharge Law Sponsored by Mercury Insurance

Jun 28, 2005   
Consumer Group Challenges the American Medical Association to Disclose Advertising Dollars From Drug Companies;
AMA's Advertising Revenue is Twice as Much As Subscription Revenue

Jun 24, 2005   
U.S. Patients Access to Canadian Drug Discounts Threatened;
Canada Plans to Rein In Internet Drug Sales

Jun 18, 2005   
Tips for Consumers Put at Risk By Computer Hackers Who Accessed 40 Million Credit Card Accounts at CardSystems

Jun 17, 2005   
Outsourcing HMO Audits "A Violation of the Public Trust" According to Consumer Group

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