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On Blue Cross Rate Increases in Wake of Wellpoint-Anthem Merger
Testimony of Jerry Flanagan
Pat and Dave Parkers' Second Letter To Schwarzenegger
Regarding Anthem's Acquisiton Of Wellpoint
Since December we have been waiting for the phone call from you that your staff promised us when we tried to hand delivered a letter explaining our situation during your $10,000 per-skybox fundraiser at a Laker's game.... more

FTCR Calls for Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's Recusal from Medical Malpractice Debate for Conflict of Interest
How to Address the Insurance and Malpractice Crises Facing the Nation
Recommendations for Insurance Reform and Reducing Malpractice
Solving the medical malpractice crisis requires both insurance reform and improvements to our system for assuring quality healthcare.... more

Statement of Scott Olsen regarding his son Steven's Medical Malpratice Story - January 2003
Eleven years ago our son, Steven, was made blind and brain damaged by medical malpractice. Then he became a victim a second time of a law in California known as MICRA—the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act of 1975.... more

The Olsen's Letter to Dr. Palmisano Regarding His Misinformation on NewsHour TV Show
Insurance Regulation, Not Malpractice Caps, Stabilize Doctors' Premiums
FTCR compares the impact of the 1988 insurance reform (Proposition 103) on malpractice premiums, on the one hand, and the effect of 1975 restrictions on victims' recovery of non-economic damages (the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act, or MICRA), on... more

Five Dangerous Myths About California's Medical Malpractice Restrictions
California's system of capping injured patients' non-economic damages has not saved doctor's money, but it has been harmful and costly to patients.... more

FTCR's letter to Dr. Richard Anderson - Chairman, The Doctors Company
RE: Publicizing His Annual Salary
Statement of Consumer Don Lapin Regarding Unfair Health Care Insurance Rate Hikes
I have been a Blue Shield Individual PPO customer since 1995, at which time my premium was $70 per month. In the ensuing 7 years my premiums have tripled while my real insurance benefits have gone down:... more

HR 4600 Will Harm Patients & Enrich Only Insurers
Testimony before U.S. Congress of Jamie Court, FTCR President, on July 17, 2002.
In an age where expanding patients' rights has become a national demand, HR 4600 would dramatically contract patients' rights across the nation. This anti-consumer legislation will shield HMOs and providers they influence from legal accountability... more

Premiere Screening of "Damaged Care" Starring Laura Dern on May 13th, 2002 in Sacamento, CA
The premiere screening of the Showtime film "Damaged Care" starring Laura Dern, will be on May 13th, 2002 @ 6:30pm at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento, CA.... more

California's New HMO Liability Law -- SB 21 -- Effective 2001
In September 1999, California Governor Gray Davis signed Senate Bill 21 (Figueroa), sponsored by the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consmer Rights, which allows patients to recover damages for HMO corporate negligence. The law takes effect January 1, 200... more

"Making HMO Arbitration Voluntary" A Letter To Legislators
Contrary to the implications of the Health Plans' statements, we believe your constituents should never have to choose between access to health coverage and the right to trial should an HMO injure them.... more

The Private HMO Justice System for Injured California Patients
Is It Fair?

Many HMOs require patients to sign binding arbitration agreements as a condition of enrolling. Learn what you can do to end arbitration abuse at HMOs.... more

Why Must HMOs Be Liable?
HMO liability legislation is essential for patients to have state law rights which protect against quality of care violations. This fact sheet explains the ERISA loophole and what can be done to change it.... more

Texas Liability Model Shows Success
Texas Senate Bill 386 became law on September 1, 1997 to provide patient protection by assuring that managed care companies are responsible for their health care treatment decisions.... more

Healthcare Costs Not Hiked By HMO Liability
Numerous official studies show liability reform would be both health-enhancing and cost-effective.... more

Judges Urge ERISA Reform
An unintended loophole in the federal ERISA law prevents patients with private-sector, employer-paid healthcare from recovering damages against HMOs that harm them. The 1987 Pilot life v. Dedeaux decision has tied the hands of federal judges when the... more

External Review Alone Cannot Help Patients
External review systems are the HMO industry's reform of choice, because they permit bureaucratic maneuvers by HMOs that an ill patient has neither the time nor capacity to defend against.... more

Aetna Video Shows ERISA Patients Mistreated
An internal video of Aetna lawyers training claims managers about procedures for denying claims shows the insurer considers liability exposure in determining whether or not to pay a policyholder's claim... more

HMO 3rd Party Review System Fails CA
In California, "independent" external review has proven to be anything but independent, while failing managed care patients.... more

HMO Patient Self-Defense Kit
From Making a Killing: HMOs and the Threat to Your Health

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