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Jul 06, 2005    UnitedHealth/PacifiCare Merger Will Make Goliaths Too Big to Compete;
State and Federal Regulators Must Get Guarantees for Patients, Doctors & Hospitals
Jul 05, 2005    Consumer Group Says Blue Cross of California $150K Fine for Overcharges is "Not Enough"
Jul 01, 2005    Most Hospitals Have Not Submitted Required Price Lists;
A Tylenol Can Cost $7 Depending on the Hospital, Uniform Pricing Needed
Jun 29, 2005    Canada to Ban Prescription Drug Exports;
U.S. Seniors Left With No Alternative
Jun 29, 2005    CA Should Collect Overpayments from Drug Companies, Not Force Seniors and the Disabled Into HMOs
Jun 28, 2005    Consumer Group Challenges the American Medical Association to Disclose Advertising Dollars From Drug Companies;
AMA's Advertising Revenue is Twice as Much As Subscription Revenue
Jun 24, 2005    U.S. Patients Access to Canadian Drug Discounts Threatened;
Canada Plans to Rein In Internet Drug Sales
Jun 17, 2005    Outsourcing HMO Audits "A Violation of the Public Trust" According to Consumer Group
Jun 16, 2005    Bristol-Meyers Squibb's So-Called "Ban" On Advertising Allows Lucrative and Dangerous Physician Marketing
Jun 14, 2005    CalPERS Health Care Cost Increases Smaller than Private Market;
All Californians Deserve the Same Lower Cost Coverage Available to State Employees and Legislators
Jun 08, 2005    HMO Regulator Considers Outsourcing Oversight to Industry Group
May 31, 2005    Medical Malpractice Claims Are Stable (Not Skyrocketing) Says Kaiser Family Foundation
Group Says Time to Put Focus on Insurance Company Practices
May 19, 2005    Regulators Must Release Blue Cross/WellPoint Merger Documents Under Public Record Act Request Sent Today
May 18, 2005    Kaiser and Blue Cross Excess Reserves Enough to Provide Health Care for Half of CA's Uninsured for An Entire Year
May 13, 2005    Blue Cross Patients & Small Business Owners Demand Refunds in Wake of $4 Billion in Merger Costs
Group Calls on Blue Cross and Regulators to Answer 10 Questions to Explain Rate Increases
May 11, 2005    Hillary Clinton & Gingrich Support Legislation That Could Increase Medical Privacy Risks
May 06, 2005    Meeting of Health Insurers Honors Inefficiency & Waste
May 04, 2005    L.A. City Council Approves Prescription Drug Bulk Purchasing To Become First City in Nation with Such A Pool
May 03, 2005    Consumer Alert: What To Do if You Are One of the 46,786 Blue Cross Enrollees Who Received Overcharges
May 02, 2005    46,786 Blue Cross Members Hit With Overcharges
Consumer Group Calls for Repayments & Penalties
Apr 27, 2005    CA Regulators Announce Hearing on Blue Cross Rate Increases
Company Earnings Double in Wake of Recent Merger
Apr 18, 2005    Governor and Insurance Commission Called on To Investigate Double-Digit Premium Increases in Wake of $4 Billion WellPoint/Anthem Merger
Apr 12, 2005    Brand Name Drug Price Increase Highest in 5 Years - Rx Bulk Purchasing Needed
Apr 07, 2005    Consumers & Business Owners Oppose Legislation Forcing Patients to Buy Health Insurance – Plan Would Not Limit What Insurers Can Charge
State Bill Would Make Uninsured and Underinsured Patients Criminals
Mar 24, 2005    Bush Ignores Medicare Reforms In Favor of Social Security Deform;
Wall Street and Drug Company Campaign Contributors To Benefit
Mar 22, 2005    CA Should Investigate Blue Cross/WellPoint Executive Pay-Outs In Wake of Merger;
Company Execs Promised Patients Wouldn't Pay More, But Costs Are Increasing
Mar 16, 2005    Patient Advocates Launch Postcard Campaign To Congress Exposing Insurance CEO's Estate
Postcard Explains That Insurance Reform, Not Medical Malpractice Cap, Lowered California Doctors' Rates
Mar 01, 2005    Stem Cell Oversight Committee Called on to Abide by Anti-Conflict of Interest and Public Accountability Laws
Feb 24, 2005    Patients and Taxpayers Pay the Price for Drug Co. & Insurer Waste and Profiteering
Feb 23, 2005    CA Voters Prefer the Ballot Box for Health Care Reform
Feb 02, 2005    State of The Union: Strong Profits for Drug Companies
Feb 02, 2005    What's Missing from State of the Union: Medicare Fix
Jan 06, 2005    Schwarzenegger Drug Plan Bought and Paid For By Drug Companies, Leaves Most Californians Without Protection
Consumer Group Vows To Propose Ballot Measure
Dec 17, 2004    Prop 71's Stem Cell Oversight Committee Rife With Conflicts of Interest
Dec 16, 2004    Tauzin Should Be Banned From Lobbying Congress, the President, Says Consumer Group
Nov 30, 2004    WellPoint/Anthem Merger is a 9-figure Xmas Gift to Executives, Lump of Coal for Patients
Nov 30, 2004    Consumer Group Demands Merck Disclose Amount of Executive Payouts;
Golden Parachutes Cost Seniors & Patients in Higher Drug Prices
Nov 23, 2004    CA Taxpayers Sue To Force Wellpoint/Blue Cross To Pay $500 Million In Unpaid Taxes
Nov 10, 2004    Schwarzenegger Called On to Protect 9 out of 10 Blue Cross Patients Who Will Pay $4 Billion Cost of WellPoint/Anthem Merger
Gov Received $140K From HMOs and Executives
Nov 09, 2004    9 out of 10 California Patients Will Pay Too Much In WellPoint/Anthem Merger
Oct 14, 2004    U.S. Seniors Aboard the Rx Express Save 60% on Prescriptions in Canada
U.S. President Bush and Senator Kerry Urged to Endorse Rx Bulk Purchasing
Oct 11, 2004    Rx Express to Take Seniors & Patients to Canada to Buy Lower Cost Prescription Drugs;
Bush & Kerry Urged to Support Prescription Drug Bulk Purchasing
Sep 30, 2004    Big "A" Catching Up To Dubya In Drug Money;
No Other Pol Raising As Much As Arnold
Sep 29, 2004    Florida Amendment 3 Will Harm Patients, Increase Taxes, Consumer Group Says
Special Interest Measure Will Endanger Patients, Increase Taxes
Sep 22, 2004    Bush and Kerry Invited to Join Seniors On Board the Rx Express to Buy Lower Cost Prescriptions in Canada
Sep 15, 2004    Schwarzenegger Should Heed National Survey – 1/3 of Americans Plan to Purchase Rx From Other Countries
Four Bills on Gov's Desk Today Allow Rx Importation and Bulk Purchasing
Sep 10, 2004    Will the Presidential Candidates Ever Talk About Insurance Company Profits?
Health Care Costs Fueled by 86% Insurer Profit Increase
Sep 01, 2004    Grand Old Profits: Will Republicans Ever Speak Out Against Insurer Profits?
Aug 26, 2004    U.S. Seniors Travel to Canada for Affordable Rx Drugs;
Reimportation and Bulk Purchasing Urged
Aug 23, 2004    Rx Express to Take Seniors & Patients to Canada to Buy Lower Cost Prescription Drugs
American Rx Bulk Purchasing Could Save U.S. Consumers Billions of Dollars
Aug 18, 2004    Pharmacists and Drug Company Front Group Opposes Rx Imports to Protect Their Profits
Rx Express Will take Seniors to Canada to Buy Prescription
Aug 18, 2004    California Rx Bulk Purchasing Bill Moves Closer to Governor's Desk; Rx Express Train Trip to Highlight Benefits of Bulk Buying
Aug 17, 2004    How Much Would You Save if the U.S. Bulk Purchased Rx?
Rx Express Partner Provides Drug Calculator on Website
Aug 11, 2004    Bush and Kerry Invited to Join Rx Express to Canada
Train Trip With Patients to Highlight Need for Rx Bulk Purchasing
Aug 04, 2004    Consumer Alert!: Drug Company Front Group -- "CURES" -- Opposes Drug Reimportation Legislation
Aug 03, 2004    Anthem Lawsuit Over Stalled Merger Fails to Account for Commissioner Garamendi's Broad Authority to Protect Policyholders
Jul 23, 2004    Schwarzenegger Folds to Special Interests, OKs WellPoint/Anthem Merger; Garamendi Says "No" on Patients' Behalf
Jul 20, 2004    Cheney Lies About Medical Malpractice Claims Impact On Health Care Costs
Jul 14, 2004    Bush Administration Drug Benefit May Result in Loss of Employer Sponsored Coverage
Fixing Drug Law Should be a Top Priority of Bush and Kerry
Jul 14, 2004    Edwards vs. Bush Will Put Spotlight on Patients' Rights
Jul 13, 2004    Rand Study: California Patients Killed or Maimed by Malpractice Lose Most Under Damage Caps
Despite Severe Limits on Victims' Rights, California Insurers Continue Push For Higher Doctors' Premiums
Jul 12, 2004    Open Letter to WellPoint and Anthem Shareholders Regarding Blue Cross of California's Failure to Pay Gross Premium Tax
Jul 09, 2004    Patients, Taxpayers Criticize Anthem/WellPoint Merger Over Higher Premiums, Unpaid Taxes, Executive Compensation
Jul 08, 2004    Investigation of Blue Cross' Tax Status Called for By Consumer Group;
HMO May have Underpaid State Up To $106 Million in 2003
Jul 07, 2004    Blue Cross, Gatekeeper Sued for Antitrust Violations;
Geographic Limits on Physical Therapists Reduce Competition and Force Patients to Pay More
Jun 25, 2004    Patients Hold Pork Roast & Testify at Public Hearing Criticizing CEO Slated to Receive $235.2 Million in Anthem/WellPoint Merger
Jun 23, 2004    Schwarzenegger Administration Folds to Public Pressure, Schedules Hearing – Still Refuses to Release Details of Wellpoint/Anthem Merger
Jun 22, 2004    President Bush and Congress Should Give-Up HMO Rights Too Until National 'Patients' Bill of Rights' is Enacted
Jun 21, 2004    Supreme Court Decision Means Patients Have Fewer HMO Rights than President Bush and Congress
Bush's Support Violates Campaign Promises
Jun 18, 2004    Secret Details of WellPoint & Anthem Merger Would Allow Company to Remove $650 Million From CA
Give Lip Service to Patient Protections
Jun 16, 2004    Consumer Advocate/Author On Patient Blacklist After Speaking Out In LA Times About Physicians Blacklisting Malpractice Litigants
Jun 14, 2004    CalPERS Opposes WellPoint/Anthem Merger; Schwarzenegger Should Too, says FTCR
Jun 14, 2004    Schwarzenegger Administration Called on to Conduct Public Hearings on Wellpoint/Anthem Merger
Consumer Group Says $792 Million & Patient Care in Jeopardy
Jun 09, 2004    Wellpoint Execs To Get Potential $600 Million Payout In Anthem Buyout
Consumer Group Calls For Regulators & Shareholders To Quash Bonuses
Jun 01, 2004    Medicare Alert: Beware of Rx Card Fraud
May 26, 2004    Gov. Schwarzenegger Supporters Control Rx Group Fighting to Block Drug Reform;
FTCR Calls on Gov. to Return Campaign Contributions
May 26, 2004    California Leads the Nation in Rx Reform
May 25, 2004    Consumer Alert!: New Pharmaceutical Industry Front Group Formed to Oppose Prescription Drug Reform; Linked to Schwarzenegger and the Bush Administrations
May 24, 2004    Drug Companies Increase Lobbying by 25%, Contribute Heavily to Schwarzenegger as Legislature Debates Reform
May 20, 2004    Public Warning: "Covert Propaganda" From the Bush Administration Violates Federal Law;
What Else They're Not Telling You About the New Medicare Rx Plan
May 20, 2004    U.S. Senate Committee Debates Drug Reimportation;
California Proposals Provide Effective Alternative
May 19, 2004    Schwarzenegger Administration Called On To Keep Tradition of HMO Regulators & Hold Hearing On Wellpoint Deal, Not Rubber Stamp Big Contributor's Approval
May 18, 2004    The Chamber of Commerce Issues Misleading Press Release About Its Support of Health Care Cost Controls
Consumer Group Challenges Chamber President to a Public Debate
May 12, 2004    Chamber of Commerce Attacks Law to Insure 1 Million Patients, Opposes Cost Controls While Cosponsoring "Cover the Uninsured Week"
May 06, 2004    'Strike 1' on Health Care Cost Controls, Consumer Group Says
FTCR pledges ballot initiative if two other cost control policies fail
May 01, 2004    CA Health Insurers Spend $1 Million Lobbying in 90 Days -
Key Vote This Week on "Prior Approval" of Premiums
Apr 27, 2004    Medco $29.3 Million Drug Switching Settlement Shows Need for Greater Transparency
Apr 23, 2004    Bush Administration Support of Bulk Rx Buying Should Clear the Way For Breakthrough California Law
Apr 12, 2004    "Collectinator" Called On to Release Records Of $1.34 Billion in Uncollected Drug Rebates
FTCR submitted a Public Records Act Request for all state documents pertaining to the drug rebate program
Apr 07, 2004    California Group Challenges 29.2% Rate Hike Proposed by California's Ninth Largest Medical Malpractice Insurer
Proposition 103 Invoked to Block $5,700 Per Doctor Hike By Medical Protective Co.
Apr 07, 2004    New Analysis of 46 States and D.C. Shows California Far Below Average in Collecting Drug Rebates
"Collectinator" Failed To Collect Up To $1.3 Billion Dollars Owed By Pharmaceutical Companies – Worst in U.S.
Apr 06, 2004    Senate Ethics Committee Should Ban Frist From Hospital Liability Debate, Says Ethics Complaint Filed Today
Conflict of Interest Requires Majority Leader's Immediate Recusal
Mar 18, 2004    Blue Cross-Funded Foundation Finds Health Insurance Rate Regulation Lowers Premiums;
Rand Study Confirms CA Legislation Would "Limit Premium Growth In Short Run"
Mar 11, 2004    Public Outcry Shuts Down Patient Blacklist Website
Groups Call on Medical Associations to Join Efforts to Reduce Medical Mistakes and Lower Physicians' Insurance Rates
Mar 05, 2004    Consumer Groups Call Doctor-Run Website "Moral Malpractice"
AMA Should Denounce Patient Blacklisting, Groups Say
Mar 04, 2004    New Report Finds Widespread Support for Health Care Cost Controls
Group Pledges to Take Model Ballot Initiative to the People If Legislature Fails To Act
Feb 23, 2004    Frist Malpractice Legislation Boon For Family's Hospitals,
Conflict Requires Majority Leader's Immediate Recusal
Feb 17, 2004    Pharmacists & Bush Administration Use Scare Tactics to Deter Drugs from Canada
FTCR says it is absurd for FDA and Bush Admin to claim it is unsafe to reimport U.S.-made drugs from Canada
Jan 28, 2004    Consumer Group Calls for Independent Oversight in Response to Tenet Announcement of Hospital Sales
Jan 27, 2004    RX Bulk Purchasing and Re-importation are the Right Prescription for Controlling Costs
Senator Kennedy Announces Federal Bill Modeled On State Health Care Legislation
Jan 20, 2004    Bush's State of the Union Address To Highlight Health Care Industry Priorities, Not the Needs of Patients
Fine Print Is Likely to By-Pass State Regulatory Requirements
Jan 07, 2004    Web Log to Chart Universal Health Care Debate -- Will Schwarzenegger and the Legislature Ever Get to Cost Controls?
FTCR to track legislature's actions on health care reform
Dec 12, 2003    Patients Pay for HMO Profits With Their Health; Blue Cross of CA Profit's Increased 38% in 2002
Nov 25, 2003    Corporateering of the Year Award Goes to Medicare Profiteering Protections
Nov 24, 2003    New Research Challenges President Bush's Call to Privatize Medicare & Underscores Need for State and Federal Premium Oversight
Data Shows Nation's Largest HMOs Increase Profits by Diverting Money From Patient Care
Nov 17, 2003    GOP Medicare and Energy Bills Repeat Privatization Failures In Both Health Care & Energy Industries, Consumer Advocate Says
Nov 06, 2003    Consumer Group Announces Contest for Health Care Cost-Savings Strategies
Nov 03, 2003    Consumer Group Says Bush Should Weigh In With Supreme Court On Fate Of State HMO Liability Laws
Oct 28, 2003    Consumer Group Will Fight $337 Million Merger Deal For Wellpoint CEO
Oct 22, 2003    Schwarzenegger Appoints HMO Lobbyist To Cabinet
FTCR Says Appointment Shows Gov-Elect Turns Deaf Ear To Patient Rights
Oct 14, 2003    Letter to Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger. Health care reform– special interest or public interest?
Oct 10, 2003    Opponents File Referendum to Overturn SB 2; Consumer Advocate Calls on Gov. Schwarzenegger to Support the Law and A Plan to Control Costs
Oct 06, 2003    Chamber of Commerce Threatens Referendum to Overturn Employer Health Care Mandate
Consumer Advocate Challenges Opponents to Support the Mandate and A Plan to Control Costs
Oct 05, 2003    Gov. Davis Signs SB 2; CA Law Could Be National Health Care Model If Cost Controls Are Adopted
Consumer Advocate Prescribes Cost Control Plan
Oct 02, 2003    64% Employers Support Health Care Mandate, Survey Says
Data Contradicts Chamber of Commerce's Statements in Opposition to SB 2
Sep 30, 2003    CA Law Could Be National Model to Address Uninsured Rates If Cost Controls Are Adopted
FTCR called upon Governor Davis sign the bill and pledge his support for HMO premium regulation, price controls on doctors and hospitals
Sep 29, 2003    Governor Davis Urged to Sign Senate Bill 2 Before Recall Election
FTCR called upon Governor Davis to pledge his support for HMO premium regulation, price controls on doctors and hospitals
Sep 25, 2003    California's 4th Largest Medical Malpractice Insurer to Ditch its Docs
Insurer's Flight Is More Evidence Malpractice Caps Won't Fulfill Promise To Help Doctors Find, Or Keep, Medical Malpractice Insurance
Sep 13, 2003    New CA Employer Mandate for Health Coverage by 2006 Means State Has Deadline to Mandate Affordability
Sep 09, 2003    New Report Shows Why Health Care Reform Legislation Must Include Cost Controls
Poll: Consumers More Worried About Health Care Rates Than Terrorist Attacks
Sep 04, 2003    Consumer Advocate Testifies That the Good, the Great, the Bad and the Ugly Must be Reconciled in Universal Health Care Effort
Sep 02, 2003    Consumer Group Warns "Affordability" Is MIA in Historic Committee on Health Care
Aug 26, 2003    As the Recall and Legislative Reforms Loom, Surgery Centers, Chiropractors & Insurers Give Davis $300 K
Aug 18, 2003    Vying for Control, Insurers Contribute $285 K To Davis' Anti-Recall Campaign
CA Legislature to Convene Health Care Reform and Workers' Compensation Conference Committees
Aug 14, 2003    Consumer Group Predicts Florida Doctors' Malpractice Premiums Will Rise, Patients Will Suffer Under New Law
Final Deal Stripped Out Provisions Necessary to Stop Insurer Price-Gouging, Voters Should Demand Reforms
Aug 11, 2003    Recall Election Could Spur Universal Health Care Reform Debate
Consumer Groups: Reform Plan Must Include Cost Controls
Jul 28, 2003    Consumer Group Calls on Insurance Industry to Make Medical Malpractice Data Available
GAO Medical Malpractice Report: No Call For Liability Caps
Jul 07, 2003    Frist Puts Family Wealth First In Malpractice Debate
Despite Financial Conflict of Interest, Frist Fails to Address Call to Recuse Himself From Damage Cap Vote
Jul 06, 2003    FTCR Letter To Senator Frist Asking Majority Leader to Recuse Himself From Medical Malpractice Debate
Jun 30, 2003    Doctor Hit By Lamp Gets $4 Million; If Lamp Hit His Infant Patient, Child Would Get Only $250,000
Doctors' Double Standard Exposed: Malpractice Cap Unfairly Limits Victims' Recovery
Jun 20, 2003    Florida Insurer Reneges On Promise to Lower Rates If Malpractice Cap Enacted
California's 2nd Largest Insurer Says Liability Limits Didn't Work
Jun 11, 2003    California's 2nd Largest Malpractice Insurer: Malpractice Caps Did Not Work
In Proposition 103 Hearing SCPIE Indemnity VP Claims MICRA Did Not Reduce Risk
May 20, 2003    California's Malpractice Cap Allows Dangerous Doctors to Flourish
Under Limited Liability Law, Doctor Sued 33 Times Is Still Practicing
May 14, 2003    Consumer Group Announces New Website Geared to Developing Consensus on Universal Health Care Continues State-Wide Dialogue To Increase Health Care Access and Affordability
May 07, 2003    Health Net's Profit Soar As Enrollment Declines
SB 26 Would Require 'Prior Approval' of HMO Rates
May 05, 2003    HMOs Serving Low-Income Populations Report Profit Surge
SB 26 Would Require 'Prior Approval' of Rates
Apr 24, 2003    Blue Shield's Universal Health Care Plan Means More Pork for Insurers
SB 26 Will Protect Consumers and Business by Requiring "Prior Approval" of Health Insurance Rates
Apr 21, 2003    $250,000 Price Set on Child's Life in California
Nation Should Not Adopt California's Failed Malpractice System
Apr 08, 2003    Senators Figueroa, Burton and Assembly Member Laird Unveil New Bill To Require State Approval of Health Insurance Premiums
LA Patient's Premiums Increase by 57%
Mar 25, 2003    A Lifetime of Pain and Suffering: $250,000 One Year as Head of The Doctors Company: $2,213,025
Who Hit the Jackpot?
Mar 19, 2003    Medical Malpractice Insurers Pay Higher Dividends to California Doctors After Proposition 103
Insurance Lobbyists Mislead Congress on Dividend Issue
Mar 13, 2003    GOP Sponsors of Malpractice Bill Resort to Lies to Pass Bill Taking Power From States and Juries
Bill to Limit Patients' Rights, Not Insurance Company Rates, Passes House
Mar 11, 2003    CA Insurance Regulation, Not Failed Malpractice Caps, Should Be Model for Oregon Reform
Caps Keep Infants, Women, Seniors, Low-Income Victims From Finding Attorneys
Mar 10, 2003    House of Representatives' Malpractice Bill Preempts HMO Liability Laws In California & 10 Other States
Also Prevents Juries From Being Informed Of Limits on Victims' Recovery
Mar 05, 2003    43% of CA Doctors Ready to Flee Despite Damage Caps, Medical Association Reports
A report by the CMA contradicts doctor and insurer claims today that the state's malpractice cap has stopped physicians from fleeing the state.
Mar 04, 2003    AMA Lies About Medical Malpractice Data;
Insurers Rep Testifies HMO Liability Limited Under House Malpractice Caps
Mar 04, 2003    Bush Should Instigate Investigation of Questionable Ties Between Medical Societies, Malpractice Insurers
Consumer Advocates Recommend Insurance Regulation, Not Damage Caps, To End Malpractice "Crisis"
Feb 27, 2003    13 Years of Malpractice Caps: CA Premiums INCREASE 450%
13 Years of Insurance Regulation: CA Premiums DECREASE 2%
Feb 26, 2003    Secret Email From NJ Doctors Shows Real Intent Of Staged 'Malpractice Crisis': Cause "Confusion And Inconvenience" For Patients, Not Insurers
Reluctant Physicians Pressured Through Economic Retaliation
Feb 24, 2003    Victim of Failed Transplants Would Not Find Attorney Under Bush Proposal
Feb 20, 2003    California's #2 Medical Malpractice Insurer Should Lower Doctors' Rates, Insurance Commissioner Should Reject Price Hike Proposal
Consumer Group Presents Data, Arguments in Challenge to Rate Hikes Under Rules of Prop. 103
Feb 10, 2003    Calif. Consumer Group Shows Insurance Reform Lowered Medical Malpractice Premiums 20%
Report Proves California Insurance Regulation, Not Malpractice Caps, Delivered Savings
Feb 01, 2003    5 Ways Doctors Can Strike Against Their Insurance Company
Doctors Should Fight Insurers Not Patients
Jan 28, 2003    Bush Declares War on Medicare
Plan to Privatize Medicare Is Payback to HMOs
Jan 27, 2003    Parents of Blind and Brain Damaged Victim of Malpractice Call For Correction of Defamatory Claim
AMA President-Elect Misrepresented Damages Received by Child
Jan 23, 2003    Kaiser Permanente and Consumer Groups Agree To Landmark Public Disclosure
Jan 22, 2003    Secretary Tommy Thompson Lets HMOs Off The Hook for Disease Prevention
Focus should be on corporate behavior, not individual behavior
Jan 16, 2003    Senator Feinstein Joins Bush, Ignores Data on Malpractice Caps
Proposition 103 Author Says Feinstein Sided With Insurers to Oppose Insurance Reform in 1988
Jan 16, 2003    Bush-Backed Malpractice Caps Failed in California
State Insurance Regulation Lowered Doctors' Premiums, Data Show
Jan 15, 2003    Bush Should Blame Insurers, Not Medical Malpractice Victims
Insurance Reform Is Answer to Malpractice Crisis
Jan 14, 2003    GE Workers Strike Over Health Care Costs
First Shot of the Health Care Revolution
Jan 14, 2003    Consumer Group Calls on Insurance Executive to Reveal Salary
Exec's Personal Stake in Medical Malpractice Debate Concealed
Jan 08, 2003    State HMOs Increase Consumer Premiums Up to 10-Times the Actual Cost of Care
Governor Davis Has Been MIA on Controlling Health Care Costs; Today's State of the State Address Is An Important Test of Leadership
Jan 07, 2003    West Virginia Strikers' Representative Lied to Congress
Physician's Criminal Past, Not Innocent Victims, Cause of Malpractice Premium Increases
Jan 06, 2003    Cal. Medical Malpractice Caps Don't Hold Down Doctors' Premiums, According to Cal. Doctor
Doctors Want No-Fault System for No Accountability
Jan 02, 2003   
Dec 23, 2002    Frist Cares Most About Health of Corporations
Doctor To Turn House Over To Industry Interests
Dec 20, 2002    Leadership of Senate Should Not Go From Racist To Corporate Crook
Frist's Ownership of Columbia/HCA Should Prevent Him From Taking Leadership Post
Dec 18, 2002    Texas Medical Malpractice "Crisis" Is About Insurance Accountability Not Patients Rights
California Experience Points to Need for Stronger Regulation
Dec 17, 2002    Health Care Costs Triple for Many Californians
Consumers Fight Back
Dec 05, 2002    California Data Shows HMOs Hold $2.2 Billion In Excess Cash Reserves While Premiums Increase 20%
FTCR Calls For 'Prior Approval' of HMO Rates
Dec 04, 2002    Important Step Towards Health Care Reform Does Not Go Far Enough
Blue Shield CEO Pushes An HMO's Dream Plan: Universal Health Care Without Cost Controls
Nov 04, 2002    FBI Investigating Unnecessary Surgeries; Raids Redding Medical Center
FTCR Calls For Long-Overdue Medical Group Regulation
Oct 04, 2002    "HMO Light and Tight" Plan Will Restrict Access To Care and Provide Fewer Consumer Protections
PacifiCare Is First To Announce Reduction In Access To Health Benefits
Oct 04, 2002    FTCR Calls for Health Care Rate Regulation
The "Perfect Storm" of the Health Care Crisis Will Result in More Uninsured Californians
Sep 25, 2002    Members of Congress Called Upon To Give Up Their Prescription Drug Benefit Or Reverse Votes Blocking Meaningful Reform
Mainers Lacking Adequate Access to Prescription Drugs, Health Care Patients & Activists Call Collins' Statements On Reform Misleading
Sep 17, 2002    After Winning Their Battle With Kaiser Permanente, The Bennett Children Begin Treatment for Genetic Disorder
Jillian Fitzpatrick of Ohio Denied Care for the Same Disease
Sep 06, 2002    Health Care Costs Increase 27% for Employees
FTCR Calls on State Legislature to Enact New Laws Requiring 'Prior Approval' for Health Insurance Premiums
Sep 04, 2002    Kaiser Permanente Agrees to Contribute $1 million to Provide Treatment for the Bennett Children
Health Insurer Announces Decision Moments Before FTCR Holds a Press Conference at Kaiser Headquarters
Sep 04, 2002    Kaiser Denies 2 Siblings Access To Life-Prolonging Care
Phone Campaign Announced - Call Kaiser: "Please Pay the Bennetts' Benefits" - TV and Talk-Radio Hosts: Urge Listeners to Call Kaiser
Aug 13, 2002    HMOs Bucking State Control of Prescription Drug Benefits
Legislation Would Protect Consumers When HMOs Deny Care
Jul 24, 2002    Bush Expected to Restrict Rights of Innocent Medical Malpractice Victims
Plan Ignores California Experience Where Insurers Got Rich and Patients Got Hurt
Jul 17, 2002    Consumer Advocate Testifies CA Limits For Malpractice Victims Failed; Malpractice Insurers Paid Out Less Than 50% of Premiums To Victims
National Bill Would Hurt Patients, Help Only Insurers' Profits
Jun 27, 2002    Patients Testify In Support of Legislation Designed to Provide 'Continuity of Care' When HMOs And Medical Groups Terminate Contracts
Consumer Group Supports A Davis Administration Plan Designed To Protect Patient Choice; Proposal Includes Access to Vital Medical Records
Jun 26, 2002    LA Democrats Tank HMO Patients' Choice of Court By Not Voting;
Claim LA Labor Chief Miguel Contreras Said Killing Voluntary Arbitration Top Priority
Jun 20, 2002    U.S. Supreme Court, By One Vote, Protects California's Right To Overturn HMO Denials
Judicial Review Process Also Needed for Patients' Rights To Be Complete
Jun 19, 2002    Silence of Corporate Democrats Kills Choice of Courts For HMO Victims
Call Made For Rule Changes So All Present Must Vote Or Not Be Paid
Jun 18, 2002    First Patient to Sue HMO Under 2001 Law Tells of Being Locked Out Of Court
Nurses, Advocates Push For Voluntary HMO Arbitration
Jun 12, 2002    HMO Premiums and Profits Increase As Health Care Claims Decrease
FTCR Calls for An Investigation Into Unfair Health Care Premiums
May 29, 2002    California Restrictions On Malpractice Victims Have Not Affected Malpractice Premiums
Premium Data Shows California Law Is No Model For The Nation
May 08, 2002    HMO/Insurer Contributions to Assembly Health Committee Members On The Rise; All Legislation Expanding Medical Benefits Shelved
Apr 08, 2002    Purported "Independent" Kaiser Arbitration Administrator Refuses to Answer Questions About System & Her Independence
Supposedly Independent Administrator Puts Herself Above Public Scrutiny
Mar 13, 2002    Hearing Reveals Ills in HMO Mandatory Arbitration
Mar 11, 2002    Group Applauds Nation's Largest Arbitration Association for Stand On Voluntary Arbitration
Feb 28, 2002    State Rules On HMO Arbitration Seek To Answer Consumer Group Petition for Sunshine on HMO Abuses
New Rules Represent Important First Step Toward Better Disclosure
Feb 19, 2002    Consumer Group Warns of Potential HMO & Insurance Industry Influence over Assembly Health Committee
Points to Significant HMO & Insurer Contributions to Members while Important Patient Protection Bills Hang in the Balance
Feb 07, 2002    Consumer GroupCondemns Effort To Eliminate 24 Hour State HMO Complaint Hotline
Feb 06, 2002    "Independent" Administrator Of Kaiser Arbitration System Is Rep For Corporate Lobby
Jan 15, 2002    HMO Industry's "Pay For Performance" Is A Mirage:
Small Quality Bonus Does Not Negate 100% Pay To Drs For Doing Less For Patients
Dec 20, 2001    Letter To Governor: Kaiser Campaign Cash Should Not Buy State Financing of HMO Facility
Dec 17, 2001    Majority of Employers Surveyed Support Universal Health Care, Discontented; Blame HMOs & Insurance Companies Most for Problems in Current System
More Than Two Thirds Report Bureaucracy of Health Care System Worsening
Dec 10, 2001    Kaiser Fails In Bid To Harass HMO Czar & Derail $1.1 Million Fine Against It
Dec 06, 2001    Kaiser Demands That Oakland Hearings Not Be Tape Recorded
Judge Says Public Cannot Record Hearing
Dec 05, 2001    Kaiser Contests State Authority To Regulate It
Claims Not To Dispute Facts In Patients\' Death, Just Any Obligation Under State Law
Oct 22, 2001 Calls For Employer Views On Health Care
Public Health Crisis To Employers: The Health Care System Needs You
Better Business Alliance Reveals 2001 Legislative Report Card
Aug 02, 2001    Norwood-Bush Amendments To Patients' Rights Erases More Generous CA Laws
Californians Would Be Limited In Right To Recover Damages Against HMO
Aug 01, 2001    Consumer Advocate Concerned Bush Deal On Patient Rights Could Supercede State Law
Jul 25, 2001    Bush Campaign Position Incompatible With His HMO Reform Policy
Bush Stand On National HMO Reform Would Obliterate Texas HMO Law;
Jun 29, 2001    U.S. Senate Vote Is Big Victory For 180 Million HMO Patients Without Remedies
Jun 21, 2001    Patients Rights' Group Asks, Would The Corporation Limit Own Right To Sue?
Would Any Corporation Accept "Compromise" For HMO Patients For Itself?
Jun 20, 2001    Californians Have Seen Only Good Results From Right To Sue HMOs
Deterrent Effect Is Model For the National Patients' Bill Of Rights
Jun 11, 2001    CA Statistics Show Deterrent Effect From First Year Of CA HMO Reform Laws;
State Agencies, Consumer Group, Physicians Unveil Free California Patient Guide
May 29, 2001    Bill Creating Patient's Right-To-Trial Passes California State Senate
First of Better Business Bills Receives Support
May 15, 2001    Senate Committee Approves HMO Patients' Right to Trial in California
May 15, 2001    State Agencies & Consumer Group Unveil Free California Patient Guide;
First 40,000 Printed Guides Available Through State Hotlines
May 14, 2001    State Agencies, Consumer Group, Physicians & Nurses Unveil Free CA Patient Guide
Mar 21, 2001    CA Department Of Managed Health Care Denies Consumer Group Petition
HMO Czar Called Upon To Sponsor Legislation To Correct Problems
Feb 13, 2001    Consumer Groups Petition Department of Managed Health Care
To Make All Forced HMO Arbitration Records Public
Feb 06, 2001    Will Patients' Bill Of Rights Be Bushwhacked ?
Feb 06, 2001    Norwood-Dingell Compromise Measure Step Forward For Patients;
But Still Cause For Some Concern
Jan 11, 2001    California Research Bureau Finds HMO Arbitration Is Unfair
Jan 01, 2001   
Dec 29, 2000    First Of Its Kind Guide Available Via Internet at
Advocates Release New California HMO Patient Guide
Nov 20, 2000    Health Coverage Proposal By Hospitals, HMOs and Families USA Falls Short of Real Fix
Limiting HMOs' Overhead & Profits Vital To Cost Effective Universal Health Care System
Nov 17, 2000    Election Bodes Well For Passage Of Federal Patients' Bill Of Rights
Oct 19, 2000    Senator Burns Takes $128,000 from Managed Care Intereststhis Election Cycle
Oct 09, 2000    Surviving Family Of HMO Victims & Consumer Groups Challenge Sen. Gorton To Change Vote
Brother of Deceased Cancer Patient and Father of Ailing Baby
Sep 27, 2000    Blue Cross Latest Benefit Cuts Could Create "Junk Policies";
Sep 26, 2000    Gore Partially Adopts Consumer Group Recommendation:
Punitive Measures To Be Taken Against Medicare HMOs That Cherry Pick
Sep 18, 2000    Consumer Advocates Challenge Rep. Lazio: Support Patients' Right To Sue HMO In September or Waive Own Right To Sue
Gov't Employees Not Limited Like Private Sector Employees On HMO Lawsuits: Husband of HMO Victim Tells Of HMO Abuse
Sep 13, 2000    Consumer Group & Author Challenge Sen. Abraham To Change Vote; Seek Support For Patients' Bill Of Rights, Which Failed By One Vote In Senate
Gov't Employees Not Limited Like Private Sector Employees On HMO Lawsuits: Abraham Asked To Support Right To Sue For All In Sept. Vote Or Waive Own Right
Sep 12, 2000    Former HMO Medical Reviewer & Consumer Advocate Challenge Rep. Northup: Support Patients' Right To Sue HMO In September or Waive Own Right To Sue
Gov't Employees Not Limited Like Private Sector Employees On HMO Lawsuits: HMO Whistleblower Tells Of HMO Abuses, Asks Northrup To Sign Rights Waiver
Sep 11, 2000    HMO Victim, State Rep & Consumer Avocate Challenge Sen. Ashcroft & Bond To Change Vote On Patients' Rights
Mother Tells of Discrimination Against Autistic Daughter
Aug 14, 2000    Lawsuit Against Aetna In State Court Speeds Into Discovery
Judge Holds Case Will Move Forward
Jul 26, 2000    CA Department of Managed Care Urged To Secure Restraining Order Against UnitedHealth's Patient Sale
Jul 18, 2000    President Asked to End Practice of Patient Dumping by Medicare HMOs;
Group Calls For Executive Order Implementing "All Or Nothing Policy"
Jul 14, 2000    United Healthcare Should Not Turn California Patients Over To Blue Shield
State Regulators Must Step In And Stop Bait & Switch Deal
Jun 30, 2000    Letter to New CA Dept. Of Managed Care Director: Be Humble As Servant & Arrogant As Champion
Jun 01, 2000    Big HMO Money Kills Bill Giving HMO Patients Right To Choose Trial
Consumer Group Will Now Turn To Ballot Initiative Campaign
May 26, 2000    HMO Forces Arbitrators to Deny Patients Fair Arbitration Process
Group Asks Attorney General to Investigate Abuses
May 15, 2000    California Fines Kaiser $1 Million In "Midnight Action"
5 PM Friday Fine Keeps HMO Abuses In Dark
May 10, 2000    Governor Davis Attempt To Narrow HMO Liability Law Fails
May 08, 2000    Gov. Davis Seeks To Strike Provisions Of HMO Liability Law Before Ink Is Dry
HMO-backed Bill To Change Law Before It Takes Effect
Apr 26, 2000    Placebo Kaiser Arbitration Bill Killed In Senate Committee:
Kaiser's "Independent" Arbitration System Administrator Lobbies For Kaiser
Apr 03, 2000    Arizona Patients Win Right To Sue HMO
Join Californians, Georgians, Texans and Residents of Washington State
Mar 28, 2000    Bill Ending Forced Arbitration at HMOs Passes Assembly Judiciary Committee
AB 1751 Now Heads To Assembly Floor
Mar 27, 2000    California HMO Patients Limited to Pre-Dispute, Binding Arbitration Launch "HMO Arbitration Abuse Report" Campaign
New Story & Picture Faxed Daily To Every Legislator
Mar 02, 2000    House-Senate Conference Committee On HMO Reform Tilted Against Patient Rights
Compromise Could Endanger More Generous State Law Reforms
Mar 01, 2000    Consumer Group Will Oppose Aetna-Wellpoint Merger
Feb 29, 2000    CA Bill To Drop Anti-trust Laws For Doctor Bargaining
May Be Necessary Evil For Managed Care Age
Feb 25, 2000    Aetna C.E.O. Richard Huber Resigns At Board Meeting
Consumer Group Called For Resignation One Year Ago, Retracted Last Night
Feb 25, 2000    Widower Would Have His Day In Court Under Proposed HMO Reform
Feb 24, 2000    Consumer Group Calls On Aetna Shareholders Not To Fire CEO;
Huber Called Secret Weapon For HMO Patients' Rights Movement
Feb 23, 2000    Herdrich Case Before U.S. Supreme Court Could Decide Balance Between Federal HMO Regulation & Patients' Access To State Remedies
State Remedies Preferable to Federal Definition Sought In Case, Group Says
Feb 09, 2000    All Presidential Candidates Support Some Form Of HMO Liability; All Candidates Must Be Pressed On Details
Historically, First Bi-Partisan Agreement To Reform ERISA
Jan 26, 2000    CA Legislation To Ban Pre-Dispute Forced Arbitration At HMOs Would Have Allowed Lung Cancer Patient His Day In Court
Jan 13, 2000    New Legislation To Ban Pre-Dispute Forced Arbitration At HMOs
Jan 10, 2000    Governor Davis's Budget on Managed Care Enforcement Should Be Increased
Jan 01, 2000    CA Governor Davis Signs HMO Liability Law, Other HMO Reforms; Consumer Group Says End To Mandatory Binding Arbitration Now Needed
Dec 20, 1999    Commercial Trade Book On HMO Abuses Is Now Free On Internet; Is First Virtual Book Allowing Patients To Submit Their Proposed Additions
Interactive Making A Killing To Be Living Archive of HMO Secrets & Scandals
Nov 08, 1999    UnitedHealth's Shift to Doctor Control Could Be Harbinger That Wall Street Will Force HMOs to Compete On Basis of Quality Care
First Major Policy Shift By An HMO to Patient and Physician Complaints; Other HMOs Asked To Allow Practicing Doctors To Decide Medical Necessity
Nov 04, 1999    Authors of New Book On HMO Abuses Launch Bumper Sticker Campaign, Protest GOP Leaders Stacking of House-Senate Conference Committee Against HMO Reform
Oct 13, 1999    Muckraking Book Exposes HMO Abuses, Offers New Policy Solutions; Authors Predict HMO Liability Will Force Companies To Compete On Basis of Quality
California's Experience With HMO Reform Offers Lessons For Nation
Oct 07, 1999    Patients' Right To Sue HMOs In CA, Other State Courts Protected US House Of Reps. Enacts Landmark Bill To Give All Patients Right To Sue HMOs
Protecting Access to State Courts & Against Federalizing Damages / Venue Will Be Key To Conference Committee Deliberations
Sep 15, 1999    Republicans In House of Representatives Should Look To California; GOPers in CA Overwhelmingly Support New HMO Liability Law
Sep 09, 1999    CA HMO Liability Bill Moves To Governor Davis' Desk
Sep 03, 1999    HMO Liability Legislation Advances To Assembly Floor
Aug 30, 1999    Consumer Group Asks Chief Davis Aide On HMO Liability Reform To Recuse Herself; Her Lawfirm Represents Defendant In HMO Unfair Business Practice Case
Conflict Of Interest Decried
Aug 17, 1999    Patients Respond to Being Ignored By Governor on Request to Meet
Say They Would Not Vote For Him Again
Aug 17, 1999    Gov. Davis's HMO Reform Plan Weaker Than Texas Reforms Under George W. Bush
If HMOs Don't Disclose Treatment Options Can Help, They Are Not Liable
Aug 16, 1999    Governor Davis Still "Missing" on HMO Reform
47 Patients & Families Receive No Answer on Request to Meet
Aug 06, 1999    HMO Victims With No Remedy Invite Governor Davis To Meet
Jul 14, 1999    Texas Sponsor Of HMO Liability Law Touts Its Success; Medical Assoc. Delegate Calls It Good Medicine For CA
Davis Urged To Join Bush and Clinton In Supporting HMO Liability
Jul 09, 1999    Internal Memo Shows Insurer Tries To Reclassify Cases Under ERISA; Seeking "Gray Areas" Where "ERISA...May Influence Our Course of Action"
U.S. Senate Can End Divide Seperating Remedies of Private and Public Employees
Jun 29, 1999    HMO Liability Bill Passes Assembly Judiciary Committee With GOP on Board
Jun 28, 1999    Texas Medical Association Testimony Says HMO Liability Resulted In Few Costs
Jun 21, 1999    Justice Department Approves Aetna-Prudential Merger: Patients & Doctors Lose
Jun 16, 1999    PUBLIC WARNING: GOP Bill Stops Remedies For HMO Patients Under State Law
Jun 02, 1999    HMO Liability Passes CA Senate
May 27, 1999    HMO Liability Passes Toughest Hurdle in CA Senate Appropriations Committee
May 18, 1999    CALPERS HMO Rates Up 9.7% -- Double Digit Increases Are A Return To Patients Paying More For Less
Consumer Group Calls For Prior Approval Rate Regulation For Industry
Apr 19, 1999    Nation's Largest Managed Care Company Sued Under Racketeering Law
Consumer Group Challenges Aetna For Systemic Fraud
Apr 08, 1999    Clinton Administration Taken To Task For Failing To Break Up HMO Mergers
Patient Rights Group Demands Justice Dept. Halt Aetna-Prudential Deal
Apr 06, 1999    Association of 25,000 Small Businesses Supports HMO Liability in CA
Poll Shows 66% of Small Bix Executives Support Right-to-Sue Your HMO Bill
Apr 06, 1999    CA Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Landmark HMO Liability Bill
CA Bill Gives All Patients the Right-to-Sue that Public Officials Now Have
Mar 31, 1999    HMO Group's "Model Language" for Medical Necessity Hurts Consumers
Legislation To Ensure Only Doctors Who Examine Patients Make Decisions
Mar 16, 1999    Kaiser Sued For Fraud Over Mass-Market Advertising; Consumer Group Seeks To Take T.V. Advertisements Off Air
Doctors Not In Charge Of Care, As Ads Contend
Mar 03, 1999    California Regulators Called Upon To Stop Aetna-Prudential Merger
Testimony of Jamie Court and Doug Heller
Feb 11, 1999    Congressman Stark Questions In Congressional Record Whether CEO Huber Should Head Aetna
Ranking Democrat On Ways & Means Health Committee Wants Hearings
Feb 09, 1999    Aetna Misled Congress About Facts Of Goodrich Case; Investigations, Withdrawal of Federal Contracts Called For
Board Of Aetna Also Asked To Fire C.E.O. Huber Over Remarks
Jan 21, 1999    HMO Liability Will be Center of HMO Reform Debate in '99
23 States to Introduce Bills in New Legislative Sessions
Jan 15, 1999    GOP Tries To Sweep HMO Reform Under Impeachment Stage
Senate Leaders Reform Plan Is Fool's Gold
Jan 07, 1999    Hospitals Violating Federal Patient Dumping Laws Should Not Have Limited Liability Under Malpractice Shield
CA Supreme Court Court Asked Not To Protect Hospital

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