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Apr 03, 2000

CONTACT: Jamie Court - 310-392-0522 x327

Arizona Patients Win Right To Sue HMO

Join Californians, Georgians, Texans and Residents of Washington State
On Friday, HMO reform legislation in Arizona that includes the right to sue an HMO became law without Governor Jane Hull's signature.

House Bill 2600, the Managed Care Accountability Act sponsored by Rep. Barbara Leff, R-Paradise Valley, became the 5th state bill for such a patients' right-to-sue law to be enacted in the nation -- joining Washington (2000), California (1999), Georgia (1999), Texas (1997).

"While the politicians gridlock in Washington, the states are rushing ahead with reforms that address the burgeoning popular outrage at the only shield of immunity from prosecution any industry in America enjoys," said Jamie Court, advocacy director for the Foundation for Tapaxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR), which sponsored California's HMO liability law (SB 21). "Republicans in the United States Senate who continue to hold up national patients' rights will continue to be embarrassed by their inaction as we win the patients' rights battle in state house after state house. Federal stalling on an issue of this much urgency dramatically demonstrates the need for federal legislators to clean up their own house with campaign finance reform."

FTCR continues to provide technical support to reformers across the nation on the issue of HMO liability.

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