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Patient Stories

HMO Leaves Test Results Unnoticed In File, Patient Dies After Two Major Strokes
Carol Stephens - Buena Park, CA

HMO Denies Quadriplegic Child Vital Therapy, Thus the Chance to Walk
Ethan Bedrick - Raleigh, NC

Delayed Benefits Costs Man His Testicles
Frank Wurzbacher - Covington, KY

HMO Fails Bone Cancer Patient
Shirley Moore - Union City, CA

HMO Denies $110,000 Surgery Recommended By Own Doctor, Patient Forced Into Debt
Debra Moran - Winfield , IL

Cancer Patient Dies From HMO Delays, Husband Has No Remedy
Phyllis Cannon - Oklahoma City, OK

Pensioner's Health Care Taken, Has No Remedy Under ERISA
Casey Patelski - Iowa

Cancer Patient With Highest Recovery Rate Denied Treatment
Edward Mycek - La Quinta, CA

Heart Patient's Access To Cardiologist Stone-Walled, Dies Due To Mis-Managed Care
Glenn Nealy - New York

Woman Denied Fertility Benefits Retroactively
Linda DeBenedictis - Norwood, MA

Collapsed Boy -- A Cardiac Risk -- Told To Take Gatorade, Dies
Alexander Giles, 9 - Houston, TX

HMO Delays Care for Cancer Patient
William Pratt - Vacaville, CA

HMO Denies Treatment, Skinless Girl Has No Remedy
Francesca Tenconi, 11 - Oakland, CA

HMO Refuses To Pay For Life Saving Surgery
Betty Woolfson - Stockton, CA

HMO Denies Patient On Vacation Treatment, Women Suffers Stroke Flying To HMO, Dies
Barbara Garvey - Chicago, IL

Cancer Patient Denied Liver Transplant Living Out HMO Death Sentence
Judith Packevicz - Saratoga Springs, NY

HMO Tells Family To Transport Stroke Victim Themselves
Bess Young - Carmichael, CA

Untreated Infant Dies Due To HMO Clerical Error, Family Has No Remedy
Chad Aitken - Woodland Hills, CA

HMO Stonewalling Costs Woman Fertility
Connie Barcliff - Santa Barbara, CA

Child With Brain Tumor Denied Access to Specialist
Sarah Pedersen - San Mateo, CA

HMO Denies Heart Patient Access to Cardiologist and Hospitalization For Drug Treatment
Stephen Keller- Pacifica, CA

Denied Medical Tests Lead To Tumor Growing Unchecked
Paige Lancaster - Virginia

Patient With Debilitating Pain Treated With The Urgency Of A Common Cold
Lillian Jeffries - Sun City, CA

When I Needed Hope, My HMO Gave Me A Denial
Bill Beaver - Pollock Pines, CA

HMO Denies Quadriplegic Boy Home Nursing Care
Matt Scwabe - Davenport, IA

Following Doctor's Advice Leads to Denied Coverage
Dallas George - Davenport, IA

AIDS Patient Denied Coverage Retroactively, Has No Remedy
John McGann - Houston, TX

A Simple Test Would Have Saved His Hearing
Kyle, 3 - Bakersfield, CA

HMO Fails Cystic Fibrosis Patient
Melody Louise Johnson, 16 - Norco, CA

HMO Will Not Authorize Removal of Leaking Breast Implants
Diana McNair - Joshua, TX

Delayed Surgery Leads To Death of Heart Patient
Honora Wempren - La Mesa, CA

Denied Mental Health Care Leads To Death Of Depressed Boy
Bill Schriever - Cypress, CA

HMO Refuses Expensive Tests, Wife Does Own Research To Diagnose Ailing Husband
Frank Dutcher - Azle, TX

Disabled & Denied
Jane Gabrilove - Santa Monica, CA

At-Risk Mother Not Admitted To Hospital, Loses Baby, Has No Remedy
Florence Corcoran - Slidell, LA

Baby Blind Because of HMO Denials
Madison Scott - Orange County, CA

Woman On "Inside" of Health Care Benefits Learns The Hard Way About Being On "Outside"
Judy Lerner - Studio City, CA

Patient Told To Reuse Colostomy Bag For 5 Days
Michelle Leasure - Baltimore, MD

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