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HMO Arbitration Abuse Reports

HMO Refuses to Provide Standard Medical Procedure, Family's Costly Arbitration Lost
Betty Woolfson- Stockton, CA... more

Woman Mistreated by HMO Doctor, Claims HMO-Biased Arbitration
Maureen Alexander- Northern California... more

HMO Allows Young Boy's Brain Tumor to Grow, Unrepresented Family Will Have to Drop Arbitration
Zakary Ostertag- Vacaville, CA... more

HMO Denies 9 Year Old Girl's Tumor Surgery, Family's Remedy Limited By Arbitration
Carley Christie- Woodside, CA... more

Woman Suffers Stroke After Botched Surgery HMO's Arbitration, Denies Her Justice
Maria Russo- Temecula, CA... more

Man's Leg in Jeopardy After HMO Delays, Loses Remedy in Arbitration
Joseph Martin Jr.- Carson, CA... more

Accident Victim Denied Treatment by HMO, Arbitration Denies Him Justice
Louis DeGeorge... more

HMO's Neglect Leads to Double Amputation, HMO's Arbitration Means No Justice
Misac Negosian- Sunland, CA... more

HMO's Prescription Causes Burning Allergic Reaction, Justice Lost in Forced Arbitration
Holly Effiom- Victorville, CA... more

Family Forced to Pay to Save Part of Mother's Leg, Lost HMO Arbitration Prevents Payback of Bills
Marjorie Dolik- Orange, CA... more

Husband Bleeds to Death in HMO, Wife Forced to Settle in Arbitration
Dwight Lobb- San Diego, CA... more

HMO Denies Woman Birth Coverage, Arbitration Denies Her Remedy
Sara Israel- Riverside, CA... more

Identical Twin Dies Under HMO's Care, Sister Denied Rights in Arbitration
Marie Lowder- Cool, CA... more

Child Dies After Turned Away From HMO Hospital, Family Reports Biased Arbitration
Joseph Calderon, Anaheim, CA... more

Couple Unaware of Mandatory, Binding Arbitration, Wait 7 Years For Hearing, Only to Lose
Mary Wardlow- Rialto, CA... more

Child Injured for Life After Botched Birth at HMO, Private Arbitration Allows HMO to Continue Unsafe Ways
Colin McCaffrey- Los Angeles, CA... more

Woman Rejects Insufficient Settlement With HMO, Regrets Decision After Unfair Arbitration
Linda Goldstein- Stevenson Ranch, CA... more

Family Asks for Speedy Arbitration Hearing, HMO Delays & Forces Settlement
Frank Picerno- Sacramento, CA... more

Mother Dies in HMO Emergency Room, Son Loses Claim in Arbitration
Ina Hobson- San Diego, CA... more

Couple Spends Five Years To Get To Arbitration Hearing, Claims HMO Bias and a Waste of Time and Money
Hal Riedel- Lakeport, CA... more

Mother Dies After Delayed Surgery, Costs & Wait Force Daughter to Drop Arbitration
Betty Roberts- Pleasanton, CA... more

Mother Dies Awaiting Life-Saving Treatment, Daughter's Remedy Limited By Mandatory Arbitration
Barbara Roberts- Lake Elsinore, CA... more

Hidden Clause in Enrollment Contract Means Arbitration For Woman Suffering From Chronic Pain Disease
Cynthia Toussaint- North Hollywood, CA... more

Wife Dies After HMO Denies Life-Saving Surgery, Husband Fights Forced Arbitration to Get Day in Court
Peter Berman- Van Nuys, CA... more

Father Dies Awaiting Arbitration Hearing, Family's Suit Shows HMO's Trend in Arbitration Delays
Wilfredo Engalla, Hayward, CA... more

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