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Medical Malpractice Stories

Parents of 7-Year-Old Fight For Justice
Jessie Geyer - Antioch, CA

15 Years of Physicians' Lies Uncovered
Janet Mitchell - Orange, CA

Woman, Denied Representation, Lives Life of Constant Pain
Cynthia Smith - Concord, California

Critical Blood Test Ignored in Emergency Room, Husband and Father Dies
John Enzenauer - El Sobrante, California

Legal, Medical Help Scarce As Teacher Fights For Normal Life
Bobbie Jenke - Santa Rosa, California

Doctors Fail to Do Simple Blood Test, Man Loses Leg
Gary Rushford - San Jose, California

Man With Wrong Kidney Removed Denied Adequate Compensation
Harry Jordan - Long Beach, California

After Being Denied an $800 CAT Scan by Doctor, Boy is Blind and Brain Damaged
Steven Olsen - Chula Vista, California

Family Denied Compensation Upon Wife & Mother's Death
Janet Warren - Los Angeles, California

Blind in One Eye Because of Medical Negligence, Man Has No Legal Recourse
Bill Mitchell - San Diego, California

HMO Negligence Takes Life of Medicare Patient, Malpractice Cap Prevents Family From Redress In Court
Ruth MacInnes - San Diego, California

Husband Died Due To Hospital's Gross Negligence, Wife Left Without Representation
Raymond Williams - Sacramento, California

Damage Cap Keeps Malpractice Victim Out of Court
Patricia Filaseta - Los Angeles, California

Doctor Fails to Recognize Life-Threatening Heart Condition, Son Dies While Training for Marathon
Kenneth Evan Kennedy - San Francisco, California

Woman's Plastic Surgery Botched - Surgeon Had 24 Previous Lawsuits Filed
Kay Marchioni - Chicago, Illinois

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