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Insurance companies are raising automobile, homeowner, renters or business liability premiums by 20% to 100% or more. The insurance companies blame mold, terrorism, fires, drought, too many lawsuits, etc. They say they are losing money from paying claims.

The insurance industry is trying to deceive you. There has been no sudden increase in claims. The insurance companies are cooking their books to create a "crisis" as a smokescreen to cover their own losses in the stock market including investments in Enron, WorldCom and other scandal plagued companies. The insurance companies wants you to pay for their mistakes.


Proposition 103 Enforcement Project LOWER YOUR INSURANCE PREMIUMS NOW

In 1988, Californians revolted against excessive insurance premiums and other abuses. They passed Proposition 103, which ordered insurance companies to roll back rates and imposed stringent regulation of the insurance industry. Proposition 103 forced insurance companies to refund over $1.2 billion dollars to Californians and has blocked over $23 billion in automobile insurance rate increases since 1988.

The Insurance Crisis: Start here if you want to learn how insurance companies are manipulating their books to justify massive increases in premiums for auto, home and business insurance policies.

Solving the Insurance Crisis - Reforming the Insurance Industry: This section explains Proposition 103 and what you can do to stop the rip-off and force insurers to reduce their premiums.

Restricting Legal Rights - Tort "Reform" - Does Not Lower Insurance Premiums Insurance companies say that limiting the right of Americans to go to court will solve the crisis. Here's the evidence that only the insurance industry benefits from tort reform.

Auto Insurance: This page provides you with more information about auto insurance, and legislation that FTCR has sponsored to address the problems of uninsured motorists. This page also links to an extensive analysis of insurance industry sponsored no-fault insurance proposals.
Health Insurance: Visit our Healthcare Section.
Earthquake and Homeowners Insurance: Natural disasters often become nightmares when insurers say they can't afford to cover them. In California, insurance companies lobbied the Legislature in 1996 for a massive bailout and got it. Read all about the battle that resulted in the set-up of the California Earthquake Authority, the state agency that is now responsible for selling earthquake insurance.
Claims Abuse and How to Make Insurance Companies Pay Your Claims: : You've paid your premium on time and you've been a loyal customer of your insurance company. Then that day comes when you have to call on the insurance company to provide you with the protection and security you've been paying for all those years. And they stall you, delay or deny your claim. Find out what your rights are, how to make the insurance companies pay your claims fairly and promptly, and the campaign for new laws to protect consumers.


Phony Consumer Advocates
Insurance companies know they have no credibility with the public, so they try to hide behind others sometimes they even create an organization to make it appear as if they have "grassroots" support. This page provides you with more information about how the insurance industry is trying to disguise itself.

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