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Claims Abuse and How to Make Insurance Companies Pay Your Claims

You've paid your premium on time and you've been a loyal customer of your insurance company. Then that day comes when you have to call on the insurance company to provide you with the protection and security you've been paying for all those years. And they stall you, delay or deny your claim. Find out what your rights are, how to make the insurance companies pay your claims fairly and promptly, and learn why insurance companies are opposing new legislation that will give California consumers even more rights.

Read FTCR's report on The Low-Balling of the California Auto Insurance Claim (PDF format): Insurers are paying less since accident victims in California list their rights in 1988.<

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Consumer Alert: Insurance Companies Attack California Consumer Protection Laws, Props 30 & 31
The insurance industry bombarded Californians with ads urging voters to vote no on pro-consumer Props 30 & 31. Why?... more

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