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Earthquake and Homeowners Insurance

Natural disasters often become nightmares when insurers say they can't afford to cover them. In California, insurance companies lobbied the Legislature in 1996 for a massive bailout and got it. Read all about the battle which resulted in the set-up of the California Earthquake Authority, a new state agency that is now responsible for selling earthquake insurance.

More Information

Disaster: Insurance Claims Checklist
California law requires insurance companies to pay claims promptly and for the full amount covered by the policy. However, as most consumers know, getting an insurance company to pay your claim can be a difficult and stressful experience. The following ch... more

The Limited Earthquake Coverage Offered by the California Earthquake Authority
Earthquake insurance rates have doubled since the California Earthquake Authority was established. But consumers haven't received better coverage in exchange. In fact, they're receiving far less. And the coverage has large gaps in it.... more

FTCR Allstate Earthquake Case
Policyholders To Be Paid in Full, New Foundation Established
On September 30, 1997, FTCR filed suit against Allstate Insurance Company.... more

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