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Questions About Senator Perata's Personal Enrichment Should Be Investigated
Letter to Senate Rules Committee
The possibility that a California State Senator may have funneled contributions through a political committee to enrich himself deserves an immediate and thorough investigation.... more

The Real Life Stories Arnold Wouldn't Hear
An Injured Worker & Price Grouged Patient's Message To The Gov
Five years ago, Jodi Greggs, then a 38-year-old, much-in-demand Licensed Vocational Nurse, went to provide a "standby assist" for a 200-pound patient from his bed to his wheelchair. In making the transition, the patient slipped, and grabbed Jodi's shoul... more

Disaster: Insurance Claims Checklist
California law requires insurance companies to pay claims promptly and for the full amount covered by the policy. However, as most consumers know, getting an insurance company to pay your claim can be a difficult and stressful experience. The following ch... more

Mercury Insurance-sponsored SB 841 Will Surcharge Drivers Least Able to Afford It
SB 841 contains an exemption for soldiers sent abroad, but what about…... more

Mercury Insurance: "Pay to Win" Politics
After losing legal and regulatory battles, Mercury has responded as it best knows how: by throwing money at politicians.... more

SB 841: Surcharging the Poor
Insurance Proposal Violates Consumer Protection Law
SB 841 will add a surcharge to consumers who cannot afford to maintain continuous auto insurance coverage.... more

As noted in the Public Participation section, consumers have the right to initiate or intervene in insurance matters covered by Proposition 103 before the California Department of Insurance and the courts.... more

Intervenor Regulations
California Code of Regulations Title 10, Chapter 5 Subchapter 4.9 RULES OF PRACTICE & PROCEDURES FOR RATE PROCEEDINGS ... more

This law, which was created by Proposition 103, requires insurers to give a 20% discount from their best prices to any qualified "good driver." In general, you are entitled to a good driver discount if you meet all of the following criteria:... more

Your insurance company cannot deprive you of the 20% Good Driver Discount just because you got into an accident, as long as it was not your fault.... more

Proposition 103 bestowed upon the public broad legal rights in order to encourage public participation in insurance matter... more

Intervenor Regulations - California Code of Regulations Title 10, Chapter 5
Rules of Practie & Procedures for Rate Proceedings (Intervention)... more

You can get your attorneys fees and expenses paid by the insurance companies, the Department of Insurance and/or the courts under certain circumstances.... more

Intervenor Compensation: Section 1861.10(a) of Proposition 103
Requires insurance companies to pay consumers' legal fees & expenses under certain circumstances. Insurers are attacking this provision of the law. (Feb.'98)
The insurance industry and Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush have recently leveled a series of attacks on the right of citizens and non-profit consumer protection organizations to defend Proposition 103 in the courts and to make sure that the initi... more

(updated 1/29/03) Under Proposition 103, your auto insurance company cannot surcharge you or charge you a different rate just because you weren't insured before, or had a lapse in coverage.... more

(updated 1/18/03) The Legislature is not allowed to rewrite Proposition 103 in any way that undermines its protections.... more

Complaint filed by FTCR, pursuant to Section 1861.05 of Proposition 103
Challenging request for increase in medical malpractice liability insurance rates filed by American Healthcare Indemnity & SCPIE Indemnity Co. (11/12/02)

(updated 1/28/03) Prop. 103's 20% rollback avoided "locking in" the excessive rates of the preceding years, during which time insurance companies increased rates to unjustified levels.... more

LOWER RATES - Auto, home and business insurance rates cannot be excessive
(updated 1/28/03) Proposition 103 requires insurance companies to submit applications for rate changes to the California Department of Insurance for review before they are approved.... more

Prop 103 Enforcement Project Comments on Enforcing Regulations
The Proposition 103 Enforcement Project's Comments on the Department's Prenotice Public Discussion on Contemplated Regulations for Enforcement Actions and Penalties (RH 02023676)... more

Good Driver and "At Fault" Regulations
From California Department of Insurance website - 8/16/02... more

This provision requires insurers to give you the 20% Good Driver Discount [link] if you qualify, no matter where you live, and even if you did not have prior insurance. This is known as a "take all comers" requirement.... more

SB 689 -- A Double Surcharge On Poor Drivers
A Double Surcharge On Uninsured Motorist For Every Alleged Single Discount For Middle Class. Democrats Should Not Take Twice As Much From The Poor Under The Pretense of Giving Half As Much To the Rich. All Motorists' "Uninsured Motorist" Coverage Will Ris... more

MICRA did not lower insurance premiums in California
During the insurance crisis of the 1980s, California's 1975 law restricting the right of injured patients to sue doctors, hospitals and HMOs for medical mistakes and negligence was touted by the insurance industry and medical industry as a model "tort ref... more

Liability premiums did not drop after "tort reform" enacted during the insurance crisis of the 1980s. - (1994)
After the fusillade of restrictions on the rights of victims took effect, of course, the "insurance crisis" of the 1980s rapidly dissipated. But the promised savings never materialized.... more

Citizen Suits & Proposition 103
Unwilling to rely solely upon the insurance commissioner for proper enforcement of the law, the voters created an additional, independent check upon the conduct of the insurance companies: the right to enforce the insurance code themselves in two fora: th... more

Comparing Consumer-Backed Reforms to "Tort Reform"
This section explains how consumer reform of the insurance industry differs from the insurance industry's version of reform. Reform of the insurance industry's rates and practices, and so-called "tort reform"...... more

AB 1488 -- the "Portable Persistency Discount" -- Violates State Law
AB 1488 discriminates against the poor and uninsured and violates state law.... more

George Joseph (Mercury Insurance)
How One Rich Insurance CEO Uses His Money to Escape the Law, Undermine Democracy, And Benefit Himself
George Joseph, the Chairman and CEO of Los Angeles-based Mercury Insurance, a $2.4 billion auto insurance company, has never let democracy get in the way of enriching his company and himself.... more

FTCR Opposes Mercury Insurance Proposal
Letter to Legislature regarding SB 689 (formerly AB 1488)

One of the major reforms implemented by California voters with the passage of Proposition 103 in 1988 was the creation of a "prior approval" process for rate increases. This process requires insurers to apply for and obtain approval for rate changes from... more

Insurers Continue to Charge Previously Uninsured Motorists More In Violation of Proposition 103

Oakland Automobile Premium Comparison

Supporters of CA Supreme Court Review of Auto Insurance Rating By Zip Code
Case: Spanish Speaking Citizens Foundation, et al. v. Harry Low
This is a list of supporters of a review by the California Supreme Court of the Auto Insurance Industry's policy of rating consumers by zip code.... more

Insurance Crisis: How Insurance Companies Periodically Disrupt the Economy and Why
The price of all forms of liability insurance (insurance that covers homeowners, businesses and motorists when they hurt others) rose dramatically between 1985 and 1987, provoking a furor first among members of the business community and, eventually, amon... more

Insurance Reform in California: The 1988 Insurance Wars
A history of the "David vs. Goliath" battle to reform California's insurance industry.... more

Background on Insurance Reform - A Detailed Analysis of California Proposition 103
Excerpted from "Auto Insurance Crisis & Reform", by Harvey Rosenfield, published Fall 1998 in University of Memphis Law Review

The Limited Earthquake Coverage Offered by the California Earthquake Authority
Earthquake insurance rates have doubled since the California Earthquake Authority was established. But consumers haven't received better coverage in exchange. In fact, they're receiving far less. And the coverage has large gaps in it.... more

Text of Proposition 103
The full text, with amendments, of California's 1988 historic insurance reform law.... more

FTCR Allstate Earthquake Case
Policyholders To Be Paid in Full, New Foundation Established
On September 30, 1997, FTCR filed suit against Allstate Insurance Company.... more

The Quackenbush Foundations
According to news reports, Mr. Quackenbush has set up three non-profit foundations. The foundations are apparently controlled by Quackenbush or other CDI officials, though Mr. Quackenbush has denied that he controls the foundations. The Board of Directors... more

CA. Dept. of Insurance Investigation Reveals Massive Wrongdoing by Insurers in Northridge
The Market Conduct Exams of three companies – State Farm, Allstate and 20th Century – found that these companies had committed massive violations of §790.03. The companies were found to have routinely delayed, denied, low-balled and misled their customer... more

Insurers Made Campaign Contributions to Quackenbush Which He Used to Pay Off Personal Campaign Debts
A detailed analysis of the campaign finance records of Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush and his wife Chris Quackenbush, who made a failed bid for State Senate in 1998, provide further evidence of inappropriate behavior.... more

Quackenbush Lets the Insurance Companies Off the Hook
In Exchange for Donations to Non-profits He Controls And Campaign Contributions
News releases and other records previously issued by Commissioner Quackenbush indicate that major insurers agreed to make relatively modest donations to one or more non-profit foundations as "settlement" of the agency's confidential Market Conduct investi... more

Letter to California Attorney General Calling for Investigation of Insurance Commissioner
Recent articles by the Los Angeles Times raise serious allegations of misconduct by Insurance Commissioner Charles Quackenbush. We are writing to request that you investigate these charges, which appear to constitute violations of state laws, as set forth... more

Appointed Insurance Commissioner Bill Blames Voters for Quackenbush Scandal
This proposal has been defeated
The following letter regarding SCA 19 was sent to Senator Jackie Speier, author of the Appointed Commissioner legislation, on May 15, 2000.... more

Proposition 103 -- Main Provisions and Status

Insurance Policyholder and Patient Association
WHAT IS AN INSURANCE POLICYHOLDER AND PATIENT ASSOCIATION? An Insurance Policyholder and Patient Association (IPPA) is a non-profit, statewide organization of insurance consumers. IPPA will advocate for fair and reasonable insurance rates and quality... more

Letter to Governor Davis Regarding Lifeline Auto Insurance Regulations
This letter outlines problems with proposed regulations implementing the "Lifeline" low cost auto insurance law developed by FTCR. The regulations were proposed by the CA. Dep't of Insurance.... more

The Need for Lifeline Auto Insurance
The Lifeline Plan will provide a low-cost automobile insurance program which will make affordable auto insurance available to hundreds of thousands of low-income Californians in Los Angeles and San Francisco counties.... more

California's Lifeline Auto Insurance Program - FAQ's & Answers
The Lifeline Auto Insurance program makes a low-cost auto insurance policy available to qualifying, low-income drivers.... more

Lifeline Auto Insurance: The Basics
A short breakdown of the cost, eligibility requirements and restrictions on California's low-cost auto insurance plan.... more

Consumer Alert: Insurance Companies Attack California Consumer Protection Laws, Props 30 & 31
The insurance industry bombarded Californians with ads urging voters to vote no on pro-consumer Props 30 & 31. Why?... more

Insurance Industry's New "Uniformity" Plan Promotes Deregulation Nationwide
Testimony of Douglas Heller, Consumer Advocate
Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights
Presented to the California Department of Insurance
Thursday, November 9, 2000

... more

History of the No-Fault Concept.
This is a brief explanation of no fault, who came up with the idea and its history. ... more

A Failed Experiment: Analysis and Evaluation of No-Fault Laws
This is a detailed look at how no fault laws have worked in practice. Data from no fault states shows that no fault increases premiums while restricting consumers' rights.... more

An Analysis and Critique of the RAND Corporation's Studies in Support of No Fault Laws
Santa Monica, California-based RAND Corporation has repeatedly issued studies suggesting that no fault will lower premiums (even though it never has). This is a review and discussion of the RAND reports, along with correspondence from FTCR to RAND que... more

"Choice" No-Fault and Other Recent Proposals
A detailed analysis of various no-fault insurance proposals presented by the insurance industry... more

History of Auto Insurance
A short history of auto insurance and the personal responsibility system.... more

Consumers Need SB 1738 - The Insurance Policyholder and Patient Association Act
Insurance Policyholders and Patients Lack A Voice in Insurance and Healthcare Ratemaking and Policy Proceedings
Insurance companies spend millions to advocate for higher rates and weaker consumer protections by hiring accountants, lawyers, auditors and other experts that critically outnumber and drown out the voices of consumer advocates... more

Fact Sheet on Insurance Commissioner Quackenbush, 1994-1998
In May 1994, Quackenbush said in a press interview, "You can't take company money from [the insurance industry]. You regulate them. The conflict there is difficult to explain to the voters." He later went on to accept over $2.5 million from the industr... more

Proposition 200
The 'Pure No-Fault' Initiative, California, 1996
This long (18 pages) and complex ballot initiative, rejected by California voters in 1996, would have eliminated the principle of "fault" in every auto accident case, no matter how severe (except those involving criminal activity).... more

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