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Associated Press
May 30, 2000

Consumer advocate wonders why he is on Quackenbush's request for documents

SACRAMENTO (AP) -- A consumer advocate is wondering why Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush is asking for copies of any written communications he's had with the Legislature about Quackenbush's settlement of insurance fines.

"We've been a watchdog and a critic. I guess this is his enemies list,'' Harvey Rosenfield said Tuesday.

An attorney for Quackenbush filed Open Records Act request last week asking for any e-mails or other writings by a long list of lawmakers and legislative staffers about Quackenbush's settlement of fines against insurers stemming from the Northridge earthquake.

Rosenfield's name was also on the list, but he said Quackenbush only had to turn on his computer to get most of the information he wanted.

"Just about everything we send out to the Legislature we put on our Web site," said Rosenfield, who has been one of Quackenbush's biggest critics. "We're not trying to keep any secrets."

Quackenbush, a Republican whose handling of the Northridge quake cases is being investigated by two legislative committees, is trying to find a paper trail showing he is the victim of a Democratic political vendetta.

Ironically, Quackenbush has been fighting efforts by the Senate to subpoena his records relating to insurance industry conduct in handling customers' claims after the quake.

Rosenfield sent a letter to Quackenbush's attorney, Thomas Hiltachk, asking whether he was hired by Quackenbush, the Department of Insurance or a third party.

Rosenfield said he hadn't gotten a response.

Spokesmen for Quackenbush did not return a phone call from The Associated Press seeking comment.

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