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Sacramento Bee
Sep 10, 2002

by Peter W. Timewell - Auburn, CA

Letter to the Editor

SB 688 is a bill that would reduce lawsuits and associated taxes, extending to two years the time within which a party must make a claim, rather than forcing premature lawsuits into the courts. The bill also would provide relief for Sept. 11 victims. The legislation was supported by the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, the Nurses Association and the Congress of Seniors.

Who would oppose legislation designed to reduce the number of lawsuits, save taxes and benefit Sept. 11 victims? The Insurance Federation and the California Defense Council opposed the bill.

Assemblyman Tim Leslie and Sen. Rico Oller, siding with those who would actually benefit from forcing people into drawn-out litigation, voted against the legislation. Is it a coincidence that Leslie and Oller took big donations from Allstate, Farmers, Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds tobacco? Oller even took money from Enron and Arthur-Anderson.

Despite the "no" votes by Leslie and Oller, the Legislature wisely passed SB 688 on Aug. 30. Thank goodness they kept the majority people's rights and pocketbooks in mind when they voted.

-Peter W. Timewell, Auburn

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