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Jun 28, 2005    Legislation to Legalize Violations of Proposition 103 Faces Court Hearing Wednesday
Consumer Groups Fight Insurance Surcharge Law Sponsored by Mercury Insurance
Jun 01, 2005    Romney's Auto Insurance Plan Would Make Mass. System Worse for Consumers
Repeal Of No-Fault, Strong Regulation, Needed To Lower Drivers' Rates
May 04, 2005    Assembly Committee OKs Bill To Allow Homeowners Insurance Rates Based On Customers' Credit History
Credit Scores Unrelated To Risk Of Home Damage, Say Consumer Advocates
Apr 28, 2005    Earthquake Insurance System Jeopardized by Impending Loss of Insurance Company Funding
Lawmakers, Governor Should Maintain Insurer Obligation to Protect Consumers In Wake of Major Earthquake
Apr 25, 2005    Insurance Profits Reveal Gouging, Need for Reforms
Industry Report Shows Seeds of Future Insurance Crisis
Apr 13, 2005    Consumer Group Blocks AIG Plan to Raise Nurse Midwife Medical Malpractice Premiums by 40%;
Prop. 103 Saves California's Midwives $5,000 Annually
Mar 29, 2005    Study Shows No-Fault Auto Insurance Far More Expensive Than Traditional "Personal Responsibility" Systems
Repeal of No-Fault Laws Could Save Drivers Hundreds of Millions, Group SaysRepeal of No-Fault Laws Could Save Drivers Hundreds of Millions, Group Says
Mar 21, 2005    California Consumer Group Challenges Massive Earthquake Insurance Rate Hike Proposed by Safeco
30% Rate Hike Faces Mandatory Proposition 103 Hearing at Department of Insurance
Mar 11, 2005    Consumer Group Blocks State Farm's Proposed 21.3% Rate Hike on Mobile Home
California's Largest Property/Casualty Insurer Withdraws Request Rather than Defend It in a Public Hearing
Mar 04, 2005    California Group Blocks $7 Million Rate Hike Proposed by California's 2nd Largest Medical Malpractice Insurer
Prop. 103 Prevents The Doctors Company's 5% Rate Increase
Feb 23, 2005    Consumer Group Challenges State Farm's Proposed 21.3% Rate Hike on Mobile Home Insurance
Proposition 103 Invoked to Prevent State Farm's Third Steep Increase in Four Years
Feb 15, 2005    Third Time's a Charm: Another Malpractice Insurer Admits Damage Caps Won't Lower Doctors' Premiums
Feb 01, 2005    Parents of Blind and Brain Damaged Child Hurt By Malpractice Cap Ask President Bush For Equal Time
Call for Non-Partisan Investigation Into "Malpractice Tax"
Jan 26, 2005    President Bush Asked To Meet African American Doctor Forced To Close Clinics By Malpractice Insurer That Canceled Coverage Under Tort Reform
Jan 11, 2005    Washington Malpractice Rates Drop Without Damage Cap;
State's Largest Insurer More Profitable Than Ever
Jan 10, 2005    Connecticut AG, Doctors and Lawyers Call for Regulatory Investigation of Medical Malpractice Insurance Giant
GE Medical Protective Raised Docs' Rates 90% Despite 56% Operating Profit from 2000-2004
Jan 05, 2005    Bush Lies: CA Insurance Regulation, Not Caps, Successfully Lowered Malpractice Rates
Jan 04, 2005    Will Bush Use GOP Pollster Luntz's Scare Tactics & Lies To Seek Limited Accountability For Medical Establishment?
Dec 15, 2004    Bush's Economic Summit In Sync With Donors, Out of Sync with Reality
Pharmaceutical and Insurance Reforms Could Save System Billions, Medical Liability Limits Won't Help
Oct 29, 2004    Fireman's Fund Gives Financial Incentives to Insurance Agents for Refusing to Sell Auto Insurance to Good Drivers, Consumer Group Alleges;
Organization Files Suit to Halt Violation of Proposition 103
Oct 27, 2004    Nation's Largest Medical Malpractice Insurer Declares Caps on Damages Don't Work, Raises Docs' Premiums;
Smoking Gun Document Exposes Insurance Industry Lies
Sep 16, 2004    California Group Successfully Challenges 29.2% Rate Hike Proposed by California's Ninth Largest Medical Malpractice Insurer
Proposition 103 Invoked to Slash Medical Protective Company's Requested Increase by 60%
Aug 31, 2004    Proposition 103 Pushes State Farm Auto Insurance Rates Down 7.6%; Saves Consumers Estimated $215 Million
While State Farm Lowers Rates, Consumer Group Challenges Farmers' Insurance Group's Proposed 5.8% Rate Hike
Aug 18, 2004    Consumer Group Challenges $100 Million Auto Insurance Rate Hike Proposed by Farmers Insurance in California
FTCR Invokes Proposition 103 to Force 2nd Largest Insurer to Lower Excessive Rates
Aug 17, 2004    Senate Should Place Restrictions on Schwarzenegger Appointee Who Was An Insurance Lobbyist, Group Says
Special Interest Background Compromises Nominee's Neutrality on Insurance Issues at Office of Administrative Law
May 28, 2004    Worker's Comp Advisory Rate Won't Relieve Businesses: Too Small and Unenforceable
Schwarzenegger's "Reforms" Block Garamendi From Requiring Even Modest Cut in Premium
Study Appears Designed to Distort Proposal's Impact on Rural California Communities
May 18, 2004    "Two Wrongs Make A Right" Insurance Bill Passes Senate 31-0
Mercury Insurance Bill Opposed by Low-Income and Consumer Groups Would Restrict Insurance Commissioner's Ability to Block Unfair and Discriminatory Practices
May 12, 2004    Low Income Advocates Warn That Insurance Bill Could Lead to Rampant Discrimination
Mercury Insurance Bill Seeks to Restrict Insurance Commissioner's Authority to Prevent Abuses
May 11, 2004    Mercury Insurance Tries Legislative End-Run Around Court Loss
Bill Takes Power From Insurance Commissioner To Stop Illegal Practices
Apr 26, 2004    CA Supreme Court Upholds Proposition 103 Rules Requiring Disclosure of Insurance Industry's Redlining Data
Public Right to Know Trumps Insurers' Alleged Trade Secret
Apr 16, 2004    Group Says Lawmakers Should Know What's In Workers' Compensation Reform Bill Before Voting
FTCR Offers $1,000 to Favorite Charity of Lawmaker Who Has Read And Understands 77 Page Bill Made Public Thursday at 3:25 am
Apr 15, 2004    P/C Insurance Industry Profits Rise 1000% in 2003; Insurers Don't Pass Savings on To Policyholders
Group Calls for Congressional Investigation Into Insurers' Apparently False Claims of Significant Losses
Apr 07, 2004    California Group Challenges 29.2% Rate Hike Proposed by California's Ninth Largest Medical Malpractice Insurer
Proposition 103 Invoked to Block $5,700 Per Doctor Hike By Medical Protective Co.
Mar 31, 2004    Consumer Groups, Insurance Commissioner Denounce Federal Attack on California's Landmark Insurance Reform Prop 103
Insurance Deregulation Proposal Would Cost Consumers Billions, Weaken Consumer Protection Laws
Mar 12, 2004    Court Upholds Right of Consumers to Sue Insurers for Overcharges Under Proposition 103
Second District Court of Appeal confirms the right of consumers to challenge insurers' illegal conduct in court
Jan 26, 2004    Bush-Backed Malpractice Caps Failed California Doctors
State Insurance Regulation, Not Caps, Successfully Lowered Malpractice Rates
Groups Go to Los Angeles Intersection Where Premiums Increase $500 For Good Drivers Living on the "Wrong" Side of ZIP Code Boundary
Jan 15, 2004    Court Throws Out Auto Insurance Surcharge Law As Prop 103 Violation
Legislature Did Not Have Power To Give Boon To Mercury Insurance
Jan 07, 2004    Insurance Industry Profits Skyrocket 320%
So-Called "Tort Reforms" Unnecessary, Lawmakers Should Focus on Rate Regulation
Dec 19, 2003    FTCR Stops '04 Medical Malpractice Rate Hike By CA's 2nd Largest Insurer, Saving Doctors $11 Million
Prop 103 Again Blocks SCPIE From Gouging Physicians
Nov 25, 2003    Oversight of Insurance Rates Needed to Lower Workers' Comp Costs
Rate Rollback, Ban on Unfair & Excessive Rates, Only Sure Way to Lower Premiums
Nov 24, 2003    Manufacturing the Truth: CMTA Refuses to Testify Under Oath On Workers' Comp
Big Business Lobbyist Cannot Guarantee "truth and accuracy of the information that could be presented"
Nov 19, 2003    Schwarzenegger Workers' Comp Proposal Gives Insurers Free Pass
Consumer Group Says Rate Regulation Can Stem Rising Workers' Comp Costs
Nov 18, 2003    Schwarzenegger Should Return $100K From State's Largest Private Workers' Comp Insurer
American International Group IS a Special Interest, as Governor Opens Special Session on Workers Comp
Nov 10, 2003    Insurance Reform Proposition 103 Celebrates 15 Years of Consumer Savings
15th Anniversary Study Shows California Insurance Rates Dropped 22% Under Regulation Despite National Trend Toward Higher Rates
Oct 28, 2003    Fire Alert: How to Maker Sure Insurance Companies Pay Fire Claims
Oct 15, 2003    Consumer Groups Sue to Invalidate Auto Insurance Surcharge Law
Lawsuit Challenges Special Interest Legislation; Mercury Insurance Gave $895K to Lawmakers and Governor in 2002-2003.
Oct 06, 2003    California's Largest Medical Malpractice Insurer NORCAL Mutual to Slash Rate Hike by $11.6 Million After Group Challenges Increase
40% of State's Doctors Save $35 Million in Wake of Recent Proposition 103 Challenges to Top Companies' Proposed Hikes
Sep 30, 2003    New Protections for Homeowner's Insurance Enacted
Laws Require Insurers to Explain Cancellations, Rate Hikes; Restrict Use of "CLUE" Database
Sep 23, 2003    Dep't of Justice Should Investigate Governor Davis, Mercury Insurance After $175,000 Quid Pro Quo
Davis Receives $175K From Insurer After Signing Company's Priority Legislation; Consumer Group Says Donations Cross The Line of the Law
Sep 19, 2003    Consumer Group Warns Against Insurance Industry Profiteering in Wake of Hurricane Isabel
Group Cites Secret Hurricane Andrew Memo Re: Insurance Industry "Opportunities" As a Result of Storm
Sep 17, 2003    Prop. 103 Blocks 10% Homeowners Insurance Rate Hike By State's 4th Largest Insurer; Saves Consumers $26 Million
Northern Cal. AAA Agrees to Keep Homeowner Premiums Unchanged After Consumer Group Challenge
Sep 11, 2003    Mercury Insurance Gives $25K to Davis After Gov. Signs Mercury Bill
Donation Regarded As Quid Pro Quo for Law That Allows Insurers to Surcharge Poor in Violation of Prop 103
Sep 11, 2003    California Group Challenges Rate Hike Proposed by State's Largest Medical Malpractice Insurer
Norcal Mutual Wants to Raise Doctors' Premiums by $16 Million; Recent Ruling Stopped 2nd Largest Insurer From Overcharging Doctors
Sep 03, 2003    Nation's First Challenge to Medical Malpractice Insurance Rate Hike Saves California Doctors $23 Million
State Insurance Commissioner Rules 2nd Largest Med Mal Insurer's Increase Request Excessive, In Violation of Proposition 103 Regulations
Aug 04, 2003    Davis Sells Out Voters
Prop. 103 Author Harvey Rosenfield Will Make Announcement Later this Week
Jul 18, 2003    Consumer Group Blocks Safeco's 19.7% Homeowners Insurance Rate Hike
230,000 California Homeowners' Will Be Spared $132 Average Premium Increase by California's 6th Largest Insurer
Jul 17, 2003    Assembly Passes Mercury Insurance Surcharge Bill; Insurer Has Contributed $1.2 Million to Politicians
Chance to Veto SB 841 Again Will Be Davis' Litmus Test With Consumers, Low-Income Drivers, and Voters
Jul 16, 2003    Insurance Lobbyist's Memo Intentionally Misleads Lawmakers; Falsely Claims Reasons for Veto "No Longer Exist"
Consumer Group Calls for Investigation Into Firm's Tactics By Committee on Lobbying Practices
Jul 09, 2003    Assembly Panel Kills Ban on "Credit Scoring" By Insurance Cos.
Consumer Groups Vow to Continue Fight to End Homeowner Insurers' Arbitrary, Inconsistent and Unfair Use of Credit History
Jul 02, 2003    Prop 103 Author Rosenfield to Governor Davis: Reject Mercury Insurance Contributions to Anti-Recall Campaign
Insurer's Attempt to Repeal Prop 103 Protection Will Crystallize Public Anger At Government
Department to Hold Hearings on New Regulations Requiring Rates Based Primarily On How Policyholders Drive, Not Where They Live
Jun 11, 2003    California's 2nd Largest Malpractice Insurer: Malpractice Caps Did Not Work
In Proposition 103 Hearing SCPIE Indemnity VP Claims MICRA Did Not Reduce Risk
May 29, 2003    Community Groups, Cities Urge California Insurance Commissioner To Bar Auto Insurance Rates Based Mostly On Zip Codes
Petition Seeks Regulation Requiring Rates Based Primarily On How Policyholders Drive, Not Where They Live
May 19, 2003    Allstate to End Use of Consumer Credit Scores in Homeowners' Insurance
Consumer Group Calls on Lawmakers to Ban Practice Throughout Insurance Industry
May 15, 2003    Calif. Senate Passes Ban on Use of Credit History by Insurers
Insurance Companies Would Not Be Allowed to Discriminate Based on Credit Score
May 07, 2003    Low-Income Community Groups Call on Democrat to Protect Poor, Not Donors
Senate Leader Must Stop Anti-Poor Auto Insurance Bill, Groups Say
May 07, 2003    Insurance $$ Threaten Law, Voters, Poor & Democratic Party; Mercury Insurance's Giving Reminiscent of Quackenbush-era
Previously Vetoed Bill To Surcharge Uninsured Drivers Passes Senate Committee
May 05, 2003    The Law, the Voters and The Poor vs. Insurance $$
Mercury Insurance Contributes Hundreds of Thousands to Politicians, Pushes Previously Vetoed Legislation to Surcharge Low-Income Drivers
Apr 30, 2003    "Things Insurance Consumers Ought To Be Told" Bill Clears Key Committee
AB1191 Would Help Homeowners Understand Rate Hikes and Non-Renewals; Correct Mistakes in Homeowners Insurance Policies
Apr 02, 2003    Homeowners Must Have Access to Insurance, Consumer Group Says
Senate Bill Would End Industry Blackballing of Consumers Who File a Claim
Feb 20, 2003    California's #2 Medical Malpractice Insurer Should Lower Doctors' Rates, Insurance Commissioner Should Reject Price Hike Proposal
Consumer Group Presents Data, Arguments in Challenge to Rate Hikes Under Rules of Prop. 103
Jan 01, 2003    Senators Pass Mercury Insurance Surcharge Bill 34-1; Insurer Has Contributed Millions to State Politicians
SB 841 (Perata) Is Opposed By Consumer Groups, Low Income Groups and Insurance Commissioner; Bill Vetoed Last Year By Davis
Dec 18, 2002    Texas Medical Malpractice "Crisis" Is About Insurance Accountability Not Legal System
California Experience Points to Need for Stronger Regulation
Dec 05, 2002    California's Second-Largest Medical Malpractice Insurer Withdraws 15.6% Rate Hike After Group Challenges Increase
Prop 103 Blocks $2,000/Year Rate Increase for 9,100 California Doctors
Dec 04, 2002    Consumer Group Says Homeowners Face Insurance Crisis Brought On By Insurer Mistakes, Greed
Many Policyholders Losing Coverage, Others Facing Steep Rate Hikes
Nov 26, 2002    President Bush Signs Massive Insurance Bailout; Insurers Get the Premium, Taxpayers Get the Risk
Terrorism Insurance Bill Overrides State Regulation
Nov 06, 2002    Group Lays Out Consumer Protection Challenges For Insurance Commissioner Garamendi's First Year
Oct 29, 2002    Republican Party Shifts $1 Million+ to Mendoza After Receiving Major Insurance Industry Donations
Party Gives Ins. Commissioner Candidate Double Amount It Gives Simon, And More Than All "Down-Ticket" Candidates Combined
Oct 22, 2002    Court of Appeal Rules that Lawsuit Against State Farm for Earthquake Claims Mishandling Should Go Forward
Bill Vetoed By Governor Davis Would Have Protected Consumers From State Farm's Delay Tactics
Oct 15, 2002    Insurance Industry's Enron, WorldCom Losses Lead to Rate Hikes; 10 Insurers Lost $274 Million on Big 5 Corporate Frauds
Property and Casualty Insurers Invested Too Heavily in Markets During Late 1990s
Sep 30, 2002    FTCR Praises Veto of Mercury Insurance Surcharge Bill
Gov. Davis Derails Mercury Money Train, Protecting Motorists & Military
Sep 24, 2002    Mercury Insurance Bill Would Make Auto Coverage Too Costly for Newly Licensed Immigrants
With Driver's License Bills On Governor's Desk, Insurance Proposal to Surcharge Previously Uninsured "Makes No Sense"
Sep 23, 2002    Davis Expands Scope of Low-Cost Auto Insurance for Poor in LA, SF Counties
Mercury Insurance Bill Would Negate Gains For Low-Income Consumers, Other Drivers If Signed By Davis
Sep 20, 2002    Mercury's Thank-You Gifts Begin to Arrive
Insurance Company has Begun Providing Campaign Cash to Lawmakers Who Voted for its Scheme to Surcharge Poor Motorists, Soldiers
Sep 19, 2002    Army Major Tells Davis: Don't Surcharge Our Soldiers
Bill to Raise Auto Premiums for Returning Soldiers, Others With Coverage Lapses on Davis's Desk
Sep 18, 2002    FTCR to Davis: Return $25K Sept. 12 Check from Mercury Insurance
Bill to Raise Auto Premiums for Returning Soldiers, Others With Lapses in Coverage on Davis's Desk
Aug 31, 2002    The Fix Is In : Dems Side With Insurer Over Poor
Surcharge On Those With Lapsed Coverage Violates Prop 103
Aug 30, 2002    Low-Cost Auto Insurance Program Sent to Governor Davis
Aug 29, 2002    Two Thirds of Assembly Members Vote To Let Mercury Surcharge Uninsured
Group Calls Upon Burton To Put Poor Above Party's Cash Machine
Aug 26, 2002    Portrait of a Sacramento Lube Job
Mercury Insurance Greases the Wheels for Anti-Consumer Bill
Aug 26, 2002    Eleventh Hour Bill To Surcharge Uninsured Motorists Passes Assembly Committee
Sponsor Mercury Insurance Gave Legislators $1,077,550 Since 2000
Aug 26, 2002    Senator Don Perata Authors Eleventh Hour Bill To Surcharge Uninsured Motorists
Sponsor Mercury Insurance Gave Perata $25,000 Days Before Hearing on Similar Bill
Aug 23, 2002    Democrats Resurrect Bill to Punish the Poor
Last-Minute "Gut & Amend" Bill Creates Surcharge On Previously Uninsured Drivers, Enshrines Quackenbush Rules
Aug 07, 2002    Insurance CEO Attempts to Undermine Cal. Insurance Commissioner, Rip Off Consumers
So-Called "Discount" in Legislation Creates Surcharge on Poor and Will Keep All Drivers' Premiums High
Jun 14, 2002    Insurance Industry Hijacking Terror Insurance Bill to Steal State Oversight of Rates
May 28, 2002    California Senate Approves Bill to Increase Participation in Low-Cost Auto Insurance Program
SB 1427 Would Lower Price, Make Low-Cost Auto Insurance Available to More Drivers
Mar 06, 2002    Lesson From Election: Insurance Money is Poison
California Voters Reject Industry's Attempt to Corrupt Insurance Commissioner
Feb 05, 2002    Feds Won't File Charges Against Quackenbush
"When Corruption Goes Unpunished, Democracy Suffers"
Jan 14, 2002    The Prop 103 Enforcement Project Brings Lawsuits to Stop Insurers From Illegally Overcharging Previously Uninsured Drivers
Should Reduce Premiums, Number of Uninsured Motorists on the Road
Jan 14, 2002    Consumer Group Introduces the QUACK-O-METER
Campaign Funding Updates Will Track Insurance Industry's Attempt to Corrupt the Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Nov 29, 2001    Consumer Group Calls for Freeze on Insurance Rate Hikes
Department of Insurance Must Set Rules to Protect Consumers
Oct 09, 2001    Homeowner Insurance Reform Signed by Davis, Ends Quackenbush-Era Policies that Favored Insurers
Consumer Group Says SB 658 Will Help Policyholders in Future Disasters Avoid Problems of Northridge Quake, East Bay Hills Fires
Jul 03, 2001    Cal. Assembly Committee Kills Insurance Campaign Reform
Insurance Industry Defeats Ban on Industry Contributions to Insurance Commissioner
Jun 28, 2001    Consumer Groups Says Low Cost Auto Insurance Program Needs a Boost from Dep't of Insurance
Insurance Outreach Effort Must be Fixed to Help LA's Poor
Jun 06, 2001    California Insurance Regulation Initiative Lowers Auto Rates in California
New Study Shows Proposition 103 Saved Californians $23 Billion 1989-1998
Apr 18, 2001    Mercury Insurance Proposal to Create "No Claims" Insurance
AB 1488 Would Punish Accident Victims for Filing Legitimate Claims
Mar 20, 2001    Oakland Motorists Who Live on Opposite Sides of the Same Street Charged Vastly Different Automobile Insurance Rates
Annual Premiums in Oakland's Temescal District (94609) are 30% higher than in Piedmont/Montclair District (94611)
Mar 13, 2001    Legislators, Consumer Advocates Call on Supreme Court to Take Case Challenging Discriminatory Quackenbush-Era Regulations
Fifteen Year Battle for Fair Insurance Rates Comes Down to One Decision
Mar 01, 2001    New Insurance Commissioner Sides with Quackenbush, Insurers
Commr. Low Supports Quackenbush Regulations Allowing Discriminatory, ZIP Code-Based Insurance Rates
Feb 08, 2001    Consumer Group Calls on CA Supreme Court to Hear Lawsuit to End ZIP Code-Based Automobile Insurance Rates
Defective Quackenbush Regulations Permit Insurers to Continue to Base Rates Primarily on Where Motorists Live Rather than on How Well They Drive
Dec 29, 2000    CA Court of Appeal Upholds Quackenbush Rules Allowing Zip-Code Based Auto Rates;
Consumer Group Decries Reasoning, Vows Appeal
Nov 22, 2000    Insurance Industry Spoils Thanksgiving for Quake Victims
Insurers Take Legislature, People of California to Court
Oct 04, 2000    Ca. Department of Insurance Begins to Clean House
Consumer Advocates Applaud Commissioner Low's Removal of Legislative Deputy With Close Ties to Insurance Industry
Sep 29, 2000    Governor Davis Signs Bill For Public Disclosure Of Insurers' Market Conduct Exams
Sep 18, 2000    Advocates Call on New Insurance Commissioner to Fight for Consumers
Sep 12, 2000    Court of Appeal Hears Case to End ZIP Code-Based Automobile Insurance Rates
Lower Court Ruled Quackenbush Regulation Defective
Sep 11, 2000    Consumer Advocates Chastise Insurance Regulators for Endorsing Deregulation
NAIC "Appeasement" Proposal Would Undermine Consumer Protections Throughout Country
Aug 31, 2000    Compromise On Public Disclosure of Insurer Market Conduct Exams Reached
Aug 29, 2000    Bill To Create Public Disclosure of Insurer Conduct Exams Introduced
Follows Recommendation of Senate Insurance Report Today
Aug 28, 2000    CA Assembly Rejects Bill To Limit Insurer $ To Comish
Aug 24, 2000    Assembly Committee Approves Limit On Industry $ To Insurance Comish
Aug 21, 2000    Assembly Findings On Quackenbush Scandal Let Insurers Off The Hook;
Aug 21, 2000    Consumer Advocates Call For Assurances, Disclosure From Insurance Commissioner Nominee, Judge Harry Low
Next Commissioner Should Be Independent of Governor, Say Advocates
Aug 18, 2000    Bill to Limit Contributions to Insurance Commissioner Passes First Hurdle
Assembly takes first step toward Quackenbush scandal reform, Advocates wary of details
Aug 17, 2000    Assembly to Vote on Quackenbush-Scandal Reform
Advocates Concerned About Fate of Bill to Limit Insurance Company Contributions to Insurance Commissioner
Aug 08, 2000    Legislators Weaken Quackenbush-Scandal Reform Law
Aug 03, 2000    Consumer Groups, Quake Survivors Call on Legislators to Enact California Insurance Policyholder Bill of Rights
Senator Escutia Agrees to Author Legislation
Jul 31, 2000    Comments of FTCR on Insurance Commissioner Appointment
Jul 19, 2000    State Receives 3,300 Calls About Lifeline Auto Insurance; Over 100 Low-Income Motorists Sign Up in First Two Weeks
Reports That Agents Have Snubbed Consumers Alarms Advocates
Jun 30, 2000    Acceptable and Unacceptable Candidates for Interim Insurance Commissioner Sent to Governor Davis
Jun 30, 2000    "Lifeline" Auto Insurance Available Saturday, July 1
Historic Insurance Program Will Make Auto Policies Available to Poor
Jun 28, 2000    QUACKENBUSH RESIGNS: "Independence Day" For California Consumers
Scandal Not Over; Governor Must Appoint Consumer Protector
Jun 12, 2000    Documents Refute Quackenbush's Alibi
Insurance Company Examinations, Released by Senate, Give Devastating Account of Rampant Violations By Insurers After the Northridge Quake
May 30, 2000    Quackenbush: Best Defense is Lawyer Offense
He Demands Records of Investigators and Watchdogs
May 24, 2000    Bill to Make Insurance Commissioner Appointed -- DEFEATED
May 16, 2000    Legislators Blame Voters for Quackenbush Scandal
Quake Victims, Advocates Oppose Legislation to Bar Election of Insurance Commissioner
May 11, 2000    Quake Victims Call for Independent Insurance Watchdog Association In Response to Quackenbush Scandal
May 10, 2000    Orange County Register To Get Letter From Lawyers
May 08, 2000    Group Asks AG to Block Quackenbush Threat to Evade Court Order
Calls for Court-Appointed "Special Master" to Oversee Insurance Claims Mishandling, Payments
May 07, 2000    Quackenbush and Me: Rosenfield Analyzes Orange County Register Article
By Harvey Rosenfield
May 04, 2000    Northridge Quake Victims Call for Quackenbush's Impeachment
Rebuffed for 6 Years, Victims Speak Out About Quackenbush Scandal From Quake-Damaged Condominium Complex
May 01, 2000    Unfair Business Practices Lawsuit Filed Against State Farm
In Wake of Quackenbush Scandal, Consumer Seeks Court Remedy For Northridge Quake Behavior
Apr 26, 2000    Bill to Establish a Consumer-Based Organization to Watchdog Insurers Clears First Hurdle
First Legislative Response To Quackenbush Scandal
Apr 24, 2000    Quackenbush Refuses to Release Key Insurancegate Documents
On "Damage Control Tour," Commissioner Blames Elected Office for Scandal
Apr 17, 2000    Quackenbush Blames Elected Post for His Scandal
Apr 14, 2000    Quackenbush Lieutenant Resigns Amid "Insurancegate" Scandal
George Grays Is Fall Guy For the Commissioner, Say Advocates
Apr 07, 2000    Consumer Advocates See Cover-Up in Quackenbush Scandal
Apr 03, 2000    "INSURANCEGATE": Consumer Group Requests Criminal Investigation of Insurance Commissioner Quackenbush
$3.37 Billion in Fines Reduced to $10 Million in Tax-Deductible Donations
Mar 30, 2000    Bill Introduced to Establish a Consumer-Based Organization to Watchdog Insurers, HMOs
Proposal Would Provide Consumers with Resources to Hold the Industry, Regulatory Agencies Accountable
Mar 27, 2000    FTCR Asks Quackenbush to Turn Over Reports on Insurance Companies' Violation of Claims Laws
Insurers Made Donations to Quackenbush Foundations and Political Committees After Investigations Stopped
Mar 06, 2000    FTCR, Legislators Call on Quackenbush to Improve "Lifeline" Insurance Regulations
Office of Administrative Law To Deliver Formal Rejection of Quackenbush Regulations Today
Mar 02, 2000    Allstate Adds $5 Million to $50 Million Campaign Against Props. 30 and 31
Insurance Industry Spends $22 Million on Advertisements Alone
Feb 29, 2000    State Agency Rejects Quackenbush Regulations For Low Cost Auto Insurance Program
FTCR Called on Office of Administrative Law to Refuse Regulations Which Would Have Created Unfair Barriers to the Poor
Feb 28, 2000    State Agency to Reject Quackenbush Regulations For Lifeline Auto Insurance Program
Feb 28, 2000    Citing FTCR's Work, CA Gov. Davis Solicits Insurance, Utility Contributions to Stop Initiative Reform
FTCR Responds
Feb 22, 2000    Foreign Insurance Industry Contributions May Violate Law
Consumer Group Asks for State Investigation; Possible $35 Million in Fines
Jan 18, 2000    Insurers' Campaign To Block Consumer Legislation A Bonanza For PR Firms/Spokespeople
99.87% of Anti-30/31 Money From Out-of-State Insurance Companies
Jan 03, 2000    MADD Allies With Insurers Despite CA. Attorney General Assurances That Drunk Drivers Cannot Sue Under Law
Dec 30, 1999    MADD'S Stance On Insurance Initiatives Hurts Victims Of Drunk Drivers, Violates Nat'l Policy
Insurance Companies Hide Behind MADD in Effort to Defeat Props. 30 and 31
Dec 07, 1999    Website Map Illustrates State Farm Redlining in Los Angeles, CA
State Farm, in San Francisco Court Today, Seeks to Restrict Further Release of Data
Dec 04, 1999    State Farm Sues To Squelch Public Information Showing That Company Ignores the Poor
State Farm Rarely a Neighbor In California's Poor and Minority Communities, According to Data
Oct 18, 1999    Consumer Groups, Advocates for the Poor Call for Major Marketing Effort of Nation's First Lifeline Auto Insurance Policy
Oct 12, 1999    State Farm, Other Insurers Submit Referendum to Stop Consumer Protection Law
Insurance Industry Already Trying to Hide
Oct 10, 1999    Governor Davis Gives Green Light to Nation's First Auto Insurance for the Poor
Lifeline Insurance Pilot Programs Create Flat-Rate Policies in Los Angeles and San Francisco
Oct 08, 1999    Governor Davis Signs Anti-Low-Balling Law
Insurers Considering Referendum to Stop Consumer Protection
Sep 13, 1999    Senator Escutia, Lifeline Advocates Introduce Nation's First Auto Insurance for the Poor
Jun 28, 1999    Major Insurance Reform Legislation One Step From Governor's Desk
Anti Low-Balling Bill Passes Assembly Judiciary Committee
Jun 02, 1999    Consumers, Patients Victorious in California Senate
HMOs, Insurers Lose Major Battle over Reforms
Jun 01, 1999    California Senators Pass Lifeline Auto Insurance
May 18, 1999    Motorists Injured by Drunk Drivers Call on Senators to Allow Right to Sue Unfair Insurers
Accident Victims, Insurance Agent and Consumer Advocates Call for Greater Insurance Company Accountability
Apr 22, 1999    Lifeline Auto Insurance Clears First Hurdle
CA. State Senators Pass $300 Policy Out of Committee
Mar 17, 1999    Insurance Commissioner's Report on Underserved Communities Called "Best Argument for Lifeline Auto Insurance Bill"
Mar 09, 1999    Insurance Companies
Insurers Pay Out Less Than Half As Much As They Collect in Premiums
Feb 10, 1999    Consumer Advocates Demand Removal of Earthquake Chief
Letter to Governor, Treasurer Questions Wilson Appointees' Ties to Insurance Industry
Feb 04, 1999    Allstate Agrees to Lower Rates in Settlement with Consumer Group
Consumers Expected to Save $43 Million in Auto Insurance Rates
Jan 14, 1999    Lifeline Auto Insurance Legislation To Provide Relief for Low-Income Drivers
Sen. Escutia Plan Creating $300 Per Year Policy Would Be First of Its Kind in Nation
Dec 15, 1998    Suit Alleges Insurance Commissioner Qauckenbush Secretly Raising Rates and Slashing Coverage, Costing Consumers Millions
Suit Alleges More than 10,000 Secret Rate Actions in Past Two Years
Oct 21, 1998    Auto Insurers' Excessive Profits in California Costing Consumers Billions
Failure to Enforce Prop 103 Cost Motorists $5.2 Billion
Oct 07, 1998    Quackenbush's New Regulations to Raise Rates for Over One Million Drivers, Industry Says
While Commissioner Claims He's Only Going After Drunk Drivers, Even Insurance Industry Lobbyists Admit Sober Drivers Are Real Target
Oct 06, 1998    Consumer Group Warns That Your Auto Insurance Is At Risk
State Agency Approves Regulations Making it Easier for Auto Insurers to Cancel Policies
Sep 24, 1998    Commissioner Quackenbush Costing Consumers Billions of Dollars By Violating Prop 103
Insurance Remains Unaffordable to Many Due to the Commissioner's Lack of Implementation and Enforcement of Proposition 103
Sep 17, 1998    Supreme Court Rejects Quackenbush - Insurer Plea to Revive Rate Increase Statute
Second Major Defeat for Insurer-Quackenbush Legal Team This Year
Sep 16, 1998    Consumer Group Forces Hearing on Allstate's Excessive Auto Insurance Rates
Petition Calls for Rate Reduction of at Least $100 to $150 million
Sep 14, 1998    Insurance Industry Makes Big Push for Higher Insurance Rates Under Cover of Clinton Scandal
U.S. Senate to Vote Wednesday on
Jun 25, 1998    Consumers, Voters Celebrate Two Major Prop 103 Court Victories
Superior Court Orders Commissioner Quackenbush to Stop Allowing Insurers to Use Zip Code-Based Auto Rates; Court of Appeal Strikes Down Legislation That Illegal
Jun 19, 1998    Court to Hear Arguments in Major 103 Lawsuits Challenging the Continued Use of Arbitrarily-Based Auto Insurance Rates
Consumer and Civil Rights Organizations Joined by Cities of Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco in Lawsuits Against Insurance Commissioner
Apr 08, 1998    Consumer Group Says Insurers Wrongly Blame Their Own Insureds for Auto Accidents In Order to Raise Their Rates
Calls on Consumers to Send in Complaints
Feb 19, 1998    Consumer Groups Blast Quackenbush for Killing Committee and Study on Excessive Auto Rates and Profits
Quackenbush Allows Insurers to Continue Setting Rates Without Standards
Jan 29, 1998    Quackenbush Double-Crosses Consumers on Good Driver Rules
Consumer Group Plans Lawsuit to Invalidate ZIP Code-Based Rating
Oct 21, 1997    Quackenbush Proposes Insurance 'Jim Crow" Laws
Proposed Regulations Will Lead to Increased Redlining & Discrimination
Oct 06, 1997    Los Angeles Times Confirms Loophole in New Auto Rates
Sep 04, 1997    Assembly Committee Moves To Reverse Voters
To Make Insurance Commissioner An Appointed Official
Jul 17, 1997    New Report Shows Insurance Premiums in No-Fault States Continue to Soar
Repealing No Fault Fastest Way To Lower Price of Insurance
Jun 11, 1997    Returning Insurance Commissioner To Gubernatorial Appointment Removes People's Control Over Insurance Rates, Group Says
Legislator Tries To Overturn Prop 103 Reform, Is Challenged
Apr 10, 1997    Quackenbush Responsible For Largest Annual Increase in Auto Insurance Premiums Since Passage of 103
Consumers Paying Millions More as Quackenbush Reverses 103 Gains
Aug 26, 1996    Insurers Attempt 11th Hour End-Run Around Proposition 103's Good Driver Reforms
Assemblyman Knowles Flouting the Legislative Process With Last-Minute Amendments to Gut Good Driver Discount

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