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San Francisco Chronicle - Oct 14, 2001   
EDITORIAL - On Corporate Influence
An unbalanced justice
What began as a noble concept -- using arbitration instead of the courts to settle many disputes -- has developed into a grossly unfair commercial justice system.... more

The San Diego Union-Tribune - Apr 17, 2001   
When we let commerce trump the Constitution
Until recently, the independent judiciary was the last branch of government where the average person could reasonably expect to prevail over the rich and powerful corporation.... more

Los Angeles Times - Oct 28, 2000   
The policymaking body for California courts approved new rules Friday that will make it more difficult for parties in lawsuits to keep records secret from the public.... more

The Recorder - Aug 29, 2000   
Like thousands of others, this settlement would be secret, the opposing attorneys agreed. So a private school in La Jolla confidentially paid the parents of a 9-year- old black girl $7,500; in return, the parents dropped their claim that the school's... more

Newsday - May 17, 2000   
Fee Deals Put Focus On Court Reporters
The notion that parties on both sides of a legal case come before a court that weighs the merits of each presentation to render a verdict is perhaps the most sacrosanct principle of the judicial system. ... more

San Francisco Chronicle - Apr 17, 2000   
Insurers Striking Deals With Court Reporters;
Preferential treatment for companies weakens justice system

The Indiana Lawyer - Dec 22, 1999   
Anti-contracting law takes effect Jan. 1
Indiana joins national trend to prohibit contracts with court reporters
The establishment of long-term, exclusive agreements for services between court reporting firms and corporate litigants will become illegal in Indiana Jan. 1, 2000. After that, depositions taken by court reporters working under a contract will be consider... more

Lawyers Weekly USA - Oct 18, 1999   
Court Reporters Make Special Deals With Insurers
Do Exclusive Contracts Give the Defense an Unfair Advantage
Most lawyers walk into a deposition assuming that the court reporter will be an impartial keeper of the record. But thanks to "exclusive contracts" between court-reporting agencies and insurance companies, this may no longer be the case.... more

The Legal Intelligencer - Sep 13, 1999   
Proposed Law Would Regulate Court Reporter, Litigant Relationship
Agreements giving 'an advantage to any party' would be outlawed
A court reporter hired by a litigant would no longer be allowed to give that client preferential treatment under proposed legislation in Pennsylvania.... more

Village Voice - Aug 10, 1999   
Tales From the Trans Crypt
Courting Disaster
Accident victims and others who seek damages in court occasionally doubt the independence of the judge, but who would have thought that they need to be wary of the most innocent-seeming of courtroom workers: the court reporter bent over the little machin... more

Associated Press - Jul 30, 1999   
Some court reporter contracts give advantage to insurers
Some court reporters enter contracts with insurers and large corporate defendants that give those litigants an advantage in court, according to study released Friday by a consumer advocacy group.... more

The Boston Globe - Jul 29, 1999   
Court reporting firms' deals draw fire
Partnerships raise ethical issue
This week, hundreds of court reporters from across the country have gathered in Boston for the centennial anniversary of their role as silent observers who, methodically and unobtrusively, record every word uttered in courtroom proceedings and pretrial de... more

Metropolitan News Service - May 04, 1999   
Tort Reform Advocacy Group Changes Name, Angering Opponents
The Association for California Tort Reform announced yesterday that it has changed its name to the Civil Justice Association of California to more accurately reflect its advocacy goals.... more

Associated Press - May 03, 1999   
Consumer, business groups fight over name change
What's in a name? Apparently a lot if you're in politics. The Association for California Tort Reform, a group that mainly represents businesses and lobbies for legislation that limits the ability to recover damages in court, announced Monday that it has... more

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