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Jun 27, 2001    Ohio Becomes 24th State to Ban Preferential Deals with Court Reporters
New Rule Effective July 1, 2001
Dec 09, 2000    U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Dangerously Oversteps Judicial Bounds
Aug 17, 2000    Corporate Abuses To See Light of Day
Judicial Council Considers Rules To End Secrecy Agreements
Jul 26, 2000    New Report Uncovers Secret Campaign by Big Tobacco and Other Industries to Restrict Legal Rights
"Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse" Groups Linked to National Network Funded by Major Tobacco and Corporate Money
Jul 06, 2000    Largest National Provider of Court Reporting Services Threatens To Sue Consumer Group for Disclosing Secret Deals
Group Sees Threat as an Attempt to Stifle Debate on an Important Civil Justice Issue
Jun 28, 2000    Bill to Curb Insurers' Preferential Deals With Court Reporters Heads to Assembly Floor
Committee Accepts Key Amendments as Proposed by Consumer Group
May 10, 2000    Insurers' Cost-Cutting Measures Violate Attorneys' Ethical Duties, Court Rules
Consumer Group Says Other States Should Follow Suit
Nov 19, 1999    Consumer Groups Call On Attorneys General and Governors to Halt Commercialization of Justice
Insurers Blatantly Ignore Entreaties to Abide by Ethical Rules
Sep 09, 1999    Consumer Victories in Six States Will Curb Insurers' Special Deals With Court Reporters
Judges, Attorneys and Consumer Groups Voice Their Support
Aug 17, 1999    Bill Does Nothing to Help Consumers Disadvantaged by Insurers' Special Deals with Court Reporters
Consumer Group Calls On Legislators To Enact Real Reforms To Preserve The Impartiality Of the Judicial Process
Jul 30, 1999    Impartiality of Judicial System Threatened By Insurer Contracts, Consumer Group Study Shows
Jul 13, 1999    Tort
Capping Damage Awards and Denying Consumers Their Day in Court
Jun 01, 1998    Ford Misuses Initiative To Shirk Responsibility For Exploding Gas Tank
Under Prop 213, Auto Maker Not Liable For Pain and Suffering of Badly Burned Teen -- For Now

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