Filing a Complaint With the Federal Communications Commission
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Filing a Complaint With the Federal Communications Commission

The Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") is the federal regulatory agency responsible for overseeing junk faxers under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Follow these steps and learn how to file a complaint against your junk faxer.

1. Send a copy of the unsolicited fax with a cover letter to:

Consumer Information Bureau
Federal Communications Commission
445 Twelfth St. SW
Washington, D.C. 20554

2. Your cover letter to the FCC should contain the heading in bold print "UNSOLICITED FAX," and include the following information:

a. The date the fax was received and the fax/phone number where it was received.

b. A clear statement within your letter stating that you did not ask for or give permission to have the fax advertisements sent to you.

c. You must also include a statement within your letter requesting that "the FCC take appropriate action against the sender" if you would like the FCC to pursue the sender of junk faxes. Without this statement your letter will be filed for reporting purposes only.

3. Making a complaint against individuals/entities already cited by the FCC.

a. Consult the FCC's website for a list of cited junkfaxers ( Cited individual/entities are subject to money forfeitures only after the FCC has received a complaint.

b. If the junkfaxer has been cited, send a copy of your letter to:

Enforcement Bureau-TCD
Federal Communications Commission
445 Twelfth St. SW
Washington D.C. 20554
Attn. Yanic Hardey

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