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FTCR's Letter to FERC CHairman Pat Wood, III
After Wood's Dismissive Reaction to Enron Tapes Exposing Energy Market Manipulation
Letter from FERC Chairman Pat Wood, III to Senator Barbara Boxer
In Response to Senator Boxer's Concerns Regarding Enron Tapes
Letter to Schwarzenegger, Nunez Concerning Enron Tapes
The voices of Enron employees celebrating and mocking California's last energy crisis should be the final evidence you need to stop any effort to deregulate any portion of California's electricity system... more

Letter To Gov Schwarzenegger About Flexing Power On High Price of Gas
You have refused to flex your own power to force refiners to play fair, keep sufficient inventories and maintain existing refining capacity.... more

Letter To California Attorney General Bill Lockyer
Shell Documents Give You Ability To Keep Bakersfield Refinery Open
At last, we believe there is an opportunity for you to act under the state's Unfair Business Competition Law to stop Shell's plan to demolish its refinery and to prevent gasoline prices from spiking once again. ... more

Letter To President Bush and Senator Kerry
Shell Documents Show Need For National Moratorium On Refinery Closures
We write you with new internal Shell documents showing manipulation of supply at domestic refineries and ask that both of you call for an immediate moratorium on refinery closures in the United States.... more

Energy Policy Act of 2002 – More Deregulation with Daschle-Bingaman Plan
While there are a number of points of concern (including taxpayer subsidies of the nuclear and oil industries), the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights has focused its concern on two sections of the plan... more

Fact Sheet - Analysis of the Arguments FOR a Bailout
Shockingly few arguments have been made in favor of the Edison bailout legislation -- a sure sign, by itself, that a bailout is mistaken. But we've assembled every argument we have heard in favor of the bailout and provide our analysis: in bankruptcy, cre... more

Why Is The Assembly Bailout So Bad?
SB 78xx: ïForces virtually all businesses, including small businesses & family farms (approximately 180,000 Southern California businesses), to pay a $4.1 billion bailout tax ($2.9 billion for bailout, $1.2 billion in bond interest). These costs will... more

BAILOUT WATCH: Keeping an Eye on the Energy Industry and the Politicians
Issue 1 February 5, 2001
Last time, no one was watching. This time, the whole world is watching. Last time, state legislators bought the ideology that a free market in electricity would lower rates. (Or maybe, the ideologues simply bought the lawmakers).... more

Fact Sheet: Legislation to Let State Buy Electricity for Utility Companies — Impact on Ratepayers
The passage of AB1X on Thursday, February 1, is an unprecedented event in our state's history. Governor Davis and the California Legislature have placed the state, and its taxpayers, in the electricity supply business... more

Fact Sheet: The Utilities File Frivolous Lawsuits to Raise Rates
As part of the deregulation deal enacted by the California Legislature in 1996, California's utility companies -- Pacific Gas & Electric Co., Southern California Edison and Dan Diego Gas and Electric – insisted that residential and small business electric... more

Fact Sheet: Getting Stock Warrants in Exchange for a Ratepayer Bailout
Some state officials believe a multi-billion dollar ratepayer bailout of Edison and PG&E is necessary. FTCR and other consumer groups are adamantly opposed to another utility bailout.... more

Small Consumer Rate Protection
Consumer Groups' Proposal for Electricity Re-Regulation
California Senate Bill 18X (2001) would require utilities to sell energy to residential ratepayers, small businesses, family farms and light industry at a regulated price.... more

Gone, But Not Forgotten: Edison CEO's Statements on Deregulation
Despite an advertising campaign to hide its role in creating California's utility deregulation fiasco, the public statements of Edison's CEO clarify the company's true role and interest in deregulation.... more

Consumer Groups' Two Pillars of Electricity Reform
Re-Regulation and Public Power
This fact sheet provides the basic introduction to consumer groups' proposals to fix the California energy crisis... more

The history of the deregulation debacle
For nearly a century, California's electricity has been provided by electric utility companies, each with their own local monopoly. This fact sheet explains how deregulation radically changed Califonria's energy system.... more

The 1998 Ballot Measure to Protect Ratepayers
In 1998, FTCR co-sponsored a ballot measure to fight the ratepayer bailout required by the 1996 deregulation law. Utilities spent over $40 million in a succesful campaign to defeat it. Read about what Prop. 9 would have accomplished.... more

What Is Wrong with California's 1996 Deregulation Plan
Electricity is too vital to leave in the hands of unregulated power companies. California's 1996 deregulation law took a bad idea and made it even worse.... more

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