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Apr 04, 2005    Consumer Advocates Say Chevron-Texaco Acquisition of Unocal Could Be "LNG-Gate" for Schwarzenegger
Jan 10, 2005    Shell's Sale of Bakersfield Refinery Is Historic Victory For Motorists;
Should Lead To Greater Scrutiny Of Refiners Nationwide
Aug 13, 2004    Shell's Decision To Keep Bakersfield Refinery Open Is Victory For The Motorists and Example For The Nation
Jul 08, 2004    Indicting Ken Lay For Securities Fraud Is Not Enough; Former Enron Chairman Must Account For Energy Crimes
Group Calls Indictment A Hollow Victory If Bush Administration Fails to Go After Billions Stolen During Cal. Energy Crisis
Jun 21, 2004    Regulators Given Internal Shell Documents Showing Refinery Slow Down Leading Up To Labor Day
Jun 16, 2004    Consumer Group Calls Energy Regulator's Response to Enron Tapes Appalling
FERC Chairman Was Twice Appointed By Bush At Ken Lay's Request
Jun 04, 2004    Enron Tapes Should Be Nail In Coffin of Schwarzenegger, Nuñez Proposals to Deregulate
Consumer Group Asks Gov, Speaker to Listen to Tapes And End Advocacy of "Direct Access"
May 27, 2004    Schwarzenegger Asked To Defy Donors & Flex Muscle On Gasoline Prices;
May 21, 2004    Edison Chief Says Another Deregulation Experiment Would Be "Russian Roulette" With Cal. Electricity System
Consumer Group Calls on Speaker Nuñez to Drop Deregulation Plan From Energy Legislation
Apr 29, 2004    Shell Oil's Profit Report Confirms West Coast Profiteering
Senator Boxer Calls on Shell to Answer Questions
Apr 27, 2004    BP's Profit Report Shows Dangerous Trend Continues:
Oil Companies' Profits Spike With Gas Prices
Apr 19, 2004    Consumer Group to Lawmakers: Do Not Try Energy Deregulation Again
Utility-Sponsored Deregulation Plan, Authored by Speaker Nuñez, Heard in Assembly Committee Today
Apr 08, 2004    Reliant Energy Charged With Manipulating California Market
Indictments Should Clear Path For Refunds to State and Block Energy Company Proposals to Resurrect Deregulation in CA
Mar 11, 2004    Consumer Group Says Refiner Manipulation is Source of High Gas Prices
State Leaders Should Block Shutdown of Bakersfield Refinery
Oct 14, 2003    Gov.-elect Schwarzenegger Should Come Clean About Ken Lay Meeting Or Face Inquiry, Group Says
Energy Deregulation Agenda Criticized
Oct 03, 2003    Enron E-mails Confirm Schwarzenegger-Ken Lay Meeting
Enron E-Mails Show Arnold Met With Ken Lay During Energy Crisis
Aug 21, 2003    More Deregulation At Heart of Federal Energy Bill
Repeal of FDR-era Consumer Protection Would Lead to More Disasters, Higher Electricity Rates
Aug 21, 2003    Cal. Supreme Court Upholds $3.6 Billion Bailout of Southern California Edison
Consumer Group Calls on Governor Davis to Stop Ratepayer Bailout of Utility's Deregulation Disaster
Aug 20, 2003    Consumer Group Calls on Davis to Act Responsibly to Fix Errors in Handling of Energy Crisis
Aug 18, 2003    Consumer Group Calls for a Halt to Deregulation Proposals in Wake of Blackouts
President Bush Should Investigate Connection Between Deregulation and Power Outages
Aug 14, 2003    Electricity Deregulation Strikes Again?
Massive Blackouts Hit Deregulated Systems in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Michigan
Jun 19, 2003    PUC and PG&E Negotiate $12 Billion Bailout
Plan "Will Be Financed Through Rates"; Group Calls for Rejection of Plan
May 22, 2003    Senate Energy Re-Regulation Bill Becomes Re-Deregulation
Group Calls SB 888 Amendments Proof of Legislative Amnesia
Apr 09, 2003    Bill Would "Re-Regulate" California Electricity Markets, Return Stability, Affordability to Rates
FTCR Cautions Congress Not To Repeat California's Deregulation Mistake
Apr 08, 2003    Bill Will Make Utility Commissioners Elected Officials, Ensure Public Accountability
SCA 6 Must Also Prohibit Campaign Contributions by Regulated Industries, Says FTCR
Apr 01, 2003    Not An April Fool's Joke: Assemblymember Proposes Energy Deregulation Law
Bill Would Re-Open Electricity Direct Access
Mar 26, 2003    FERC Admits Energy Ripoff But Davis Wants Consumers To Pay
FTCR Says Davis Should Reverse Support for Utility Bailouts, Get Money Back to Consumers
Mar 05, 2003    Documents Prove Peevey Should Not Be Confirmed As Public Utilities Commissioner
PUC President Accepted Illegal Gifts From Regulated Entity
Dec 31, 2002    Davis Names Energy Executive New PUC President
Consumer Group Decries Move; Calls on Senate to Reject Peevey's Nomination
Dec 31, 2002    Davis' PUC Appointments: The Real Cloning Issue
Davis Chooses Insider Rather Than Independent Consumer Advocate for Board
Dec 13, 2002    Davis Reportedly Rejected Offers to Take Over Power Plants
Consumer Group Demands Documents Containing Information About Companies' Proposals to Relinquish Plants
Dec 12, 2002    Bush Administration Tells California to Pay Energy Crooks Another $1.2 Billion
FERC Analysis Should Outrage California Officials, Consumer Group Says
Nov 20, 2002    California Supreme Court Takes Utility Bailout Case
Group Sees Billions in Refunds to Ratepayers
Nov 15, 2002    Another Energy Crisis Smoking Gun: Document Reveals Williams Colluded With AES to Endanger System Reliability and Keep California Prices High
Consumer Group Says Cal. AG Lockyer Should Prosecute, Long Term Contract With Williams Should Be Scrapped
Nov 15, 2002    More details emerge on questionable power plant shutdowns
Nov 14, 2002    Bush Energy Deregulation Plan Put On Hold
Energy Industry Must Be Regulated And Held Accountable Under Future Legislation, Say Consumer Advocates
Nov 07, 2002    Emboldened, President Bush Will Push To "Enronize" Nation's Electricity System
With Control of Congress, Republicans Plan More Deregulation
Oct 16, 2002    Dynegy Inc. Withdraws from Energy Market
More Proof that Deregulation is Dead
Oct 10, 2002    Fire UBS Warburg, Group Tells Gov. Davis
Company Linked to Enron, Officials Hostile to California Maintains $60 Million Consulting Contract from CA Utility Commission
Sep 23, 2002    Federal Court Says Edison Bailout Illegal
Case Sent to Cal. Supreme Court; Group Expects Refunds
Aug 27, 2002    Report: Motorists Overpaying Billions Due To Refiner Supply Manipulation
Moving To One Grade Of Gasoline Could Protect California Motorists
Jul 17, 2002    FERC Lifts Price Caps; Sets California Up for Deregulation Redux
Corporate Scandals Have No Impact on Bush Administration's Handling of Energy Deregulation's Failure
Jun 27, 2002    California Supreme Court Orders CPUC to Respond to Lawsuit By FTCR
Lawsuit challenges the authority of the CPUC to secretly authorize ratepayer bailouts of utility companies
Jun 12, 2002    Secret Deal for PG&E Bailout In Works
Group That Sued Agency Demands PUC Halt Private Negotiations With PG&E Creditors
May 10, 2002    Consumer Group Calls CPUC Bankruptcy Hearing A Sham
CPUC Operates Under "Alice in Wonderland" Rules
May 07, 2002    Give Money Back & Go to Jail, Watchdog Group Says of Energy Executives, Lawyers and Traders
Group Warns of Future Manipulation As a Result of State and Federal Deregulation Laws
Apr 23, 2002    Renegotiated Energy Contracts Allow Power Company to Gouge for Eight Years (Instead of Ten)
Consumer Group Urges Davis to Pursue Litigation If Companies Won't Dramatically Reduce Price of Deals
Apr 15, 2002    CPUC's Bankruptcy Plan is a $4.7 Billion Ratepayer Bailout of PG&E
PUC Plan Illegal Under State Law
Apr 11, 2002    FTCR Sues CPUC in California Supreme Court
Asks High Court to Block Secret Proceedings, Illegal Rate Increases to Pay for Utility Bailouts
Apr 09, 2002    Consumer Group Demands Utility Regulators Stop Funding Ousted PUC Official's Legal Defense
PUC Using Taxpayer Funds to Fight Removal of Commissioner
Apr 04, 2002    S.F. Superior Court Orders PUC Commissioner Duque Removed From PUC for Conflict of Interest in Tentative Ruling
Mar 21, 2002    PUC Shifts Billions of Dollars of Energy Costs From Big Businesses Onto Consumers' Bills
Davis Appointee Michael Peevey Sides With Energy Industry, Big Business to Allow Private Side Deals for Power
Mar 11, 2002    Deregulation Exposed
Lockyer Suit Shows Anti-Consumer Behavior of Market Players
Mar 05, 2002    Davis Appoints Former Edison Exec, Private Power Company Consultant to Fill Open PUC Post
Michael Peevey Negotiated Failed Edison Bailout Plan Last Year
Mar 05, 2002    Daschle Pushes Electricity Deregulation Bill in Disguise
Energy Industry Gets the Break the SEC Gave Enron in '94
Feb 21, 2002    PUC to Ratepayers: We Quit
Agreement Allows Governor Davis-controlled Agency to Set Rates Without Challenge
Feb 15, 2002    Edison Profits Rise Due to Illegal Bailout, Says FTCR
$3.6 Billion From Ratepayers Allows Edison to Profit from Deregulation Crisis
Feb 12, 2002    10 Questions Senators Should Ask Ken Lay Even If He Takes the 5th
California Consumer Group Says Enron, Lay Must Be Held Responsible For Energy Deregulation Fallout
Jan 30, 2002    Enron Memo to Cheney Urged Him to Ignore California Power Woes
Memo Given to VP by Ken Lay Shows That Enron Influenced Federal Response to California, National Energy Policy
Jan 29, 2002    When Enron Went Bankrupt, Electricity Prices Fell 30%
Congressional Testimony of Robert McCullough
Jan 17, 2002    Energy "Crisis" Was A $71 Billion Hoax, And It's Not Over, Report Says
New Study Assesses Causes, Costs of California Energy Crisis
Jan 10, 2002    AG's Lawsuit Shows That PG&E Can Bail Itself Out
Bankruptcy Court, PUC Should Require PG&E Parent Company -- Not Customers – To Pay Off Corporate Debt
Jan 08, 2002    California PUC Proposes Bailout of PG&E
State Plan Would Be Offered as Alternative to PG&E's Maligned Re-organization Plan
Dec 20, 2001    State Audit Says Energy Contracts Are Terrible, State Rushed Into Bad Deals
Public Audit Confirms Urgency of Renegotiating Ten-Year Power Contracts
Dec 18, 2001    Edison Customers Should Not Face Another Rate Increase
Consumers Are Not Edison's ATM Machine
Dec 03, 2001    Lesson of Enron: Electricity Deregulation is a Disaster
Enron Was Done in By Its Own Greed; California, Nation Should Put a Halt to Energy Deregulation
Nov 23, 2001    10 Year Christmas for Energy Companies
Governor Davis Must Renegotiate Power Contracts, PUC Must Retroactively Ban "Direct Access" to Save $4 Billion Wasted on Energy Surplus
Nov 07, 2001    Consumer Group Would Oppose Enron/Dynegy Merger
Nov 06, 2001    Consumer Group Eyes Public Power Vote
PG&E (Again) Fights Reform Initiatives – Even Bankruptcy Can't Diminish PG&E Greed
Oct 31, 2001    Consumer Groups Demand Investigation of Secret Deal Between Edison and PUC
With 9th Circuit Stay, AG Should Get Involved
Oct 30, 2001    U.S. Court of Appeals Puts Edison Bailout on Hold
9th Circuit Grants Consumer Group's Motion for Emergency Stay
Oct 19, 2001    PUC Failure to Act Quickly Will Cost Consumers $8 Billion, According to State Treasurer
While PUC Dallied on Direct Access, Big Businesses Escaped Long-Term Energy Contracts
Oct 18, 2001    Power Contract Renegotiation Could Save Billions
New Contract Terms Can Eliminate Davis's Objections to Burton Bill SB18xx; Signing Bill Would Repay Treasury
Oct 05, 2001    Federal Court Rubber Stamps Secret Bailout Deal
U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Lew rubberstamped a secretly negotiated $3.3 billion bailout deal between Edison and the CPUC, without due process
Secret Bailout Deal Orders Ratepayers to Pay $3 Billion to Edison
Citizen Group Condemns Tactic
Oct 01, 2001    FTCR's Letter to John Bryson
Response to Bryson's attempt to link Terrorist Attacks, Edison Bailout
Sep 27, 2001    Davis Must Respect Legislature's Verdict on Edison Bailout, Not Waste Taxpayer $ on Special Bailout Session, Says Consumer Group
Group Warns Against Holding Session While Veto Threat Exists
Sep 20, 2001    PG&E Parent Company Wants to Join in Deregulation Profiteering in Exchange for Bailing Itself Out
Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan Violates State Law
Citizen Group Hails Public and Senate Leadership, Sees Energy Challenges Ahead
Sep 13, 2001    Two Public Utility Commissioners Asked to Step-Aside on Rate Agreement Vote
Consumer Group Says PUC Pres. Lynch and Comm. Brown Have Bias As A Result of Work With Administration
Sep 13, 2001    New Edison Bill Requires Multiple Bailouts
--Windfall Profits Tax Nears Defeat on Assembly Floor--
Sep 10, 2001    Assembly Vote Record on Edison Bailout Bill SB 78xx
Sep 10, 2001    FTCR Letter to California Senators Opposing the Edison Bailout Bill SB 78xx
Fate of $4 Billion Tax Increase on Ratepayers Now in Senate's Hands
Sep 04, 2001    30,000 E-Signatures on "No Utility Bailout" Petition to Be Presented to Governor Davis Today
Aug 31, 2001    Assembly Poised to Vote on Edison Bailout Legislation No One Has Seen
Lawmakers "Walk the Plank" for Edison, Big Business
Aug 31, 2001    Bailout Watchdogs Watch the Dogs
Citizens Film "Lobbyist Pit"
Aug 30, 2001    Politicians Should Be Held Accountable for Bailout Vote, Say Consumer Advocates
Aug 29, 2001    Citizens Protest 'Christmas in August' for Utility Companies
Serenade Lawmakers with Bailout Carols
Aug 29, 2001    State power buys likely will remain shrouded in secrecy
Aug 27, 2001    Citizens Group Sets Up WAR ROOM In Capitol To Stop Edison Bailout
Volunteers Travel to Sacramento to Protect The People
Aug 20, 2001    Legislature Must Stop Energy Price Gouging, Reclaim Energy Company Windfalls, Say Consumer Advocates
SB2X 1 Would Force Power Companies to Refund Billions to Taxpayers
Aug 13, 2001    Consumer Group Calls for Active and Responsive Public Power Authority
Aug 07, 2001    PUC "Draft Rate Agreement" vs. SB x2 18
Checks and Balances at Stake in Upcoming Energy Policy Decisions
Aug 02, 2001    Consumer Group Calls on CPUC to Block Davis Power Grab
Plan Would Give Conflict-Ridden DWR Total Authority Without Accountability
Jul 30, 2001    Public Utilities Commission Should Throw Out Rate Agreement in Light of DWR Conflicts
Conflicts of Interest Reveal Basic Flaw in Far-Reaching Energy Proposal
Jul 19, 2001    State Agency Seeks Unilateral Right to Raise Rates Without Regulatory Oversight, Approval
Consumer Groups Call Proposal "The Ultimate Deregulation Disaster"
Jul 18, 2001    Bailout (AB 83 2x), Outbail (AB82 2x), or Tuoliab (SB 78 2x) -- No Matter How You Arrange It, They All Contain a BAILOUT
Two Assembly Bills and Senate Bill Rushing Through Legislature Would Transfer Billions to Edison
Jul 18, 2001    Assembly Bailout Bill (Tries But) Can't Hide Similarities to AB 1890
Economy Will Suffer From $6.7 Billion Transfer From Energy Consumers to Utilities and Investors
Jun 19, 2001    Consumer Leaders Voice Opposition to Davis Bailout Plan
Utility Bailout Will Cost Consumers Billions, Does Nothing for Energy Crisis
Jun 13, 2001    Long Term Contracts May Lock in Energy Crisis for Ten Years
Bush Bureaucrats Blinking?
May 29, 2001    FTCR's Letter to Cal. Legislators Regarding an Edison Bailout
May 22, 2001    Gray: Don't Give the Grid Away, Advocates Say
Fed "Power Grab" would leave California Defenseless
May 18, 2001    Bankruptcy Judge Refuses to Allow PG&E Ratepayer Representation
Taxation, Without Representation
May 17, 2001    Bush Energy Plan Will Make California Crisis Worse
Taxpayer Boondoggles, More Deregulation = Higher Prices, Taxes
May 15, 2001    Davis Shifts Rate Impact to Residences
Residential, Small Business Ratepayers To Bear Bulk of $450 Annual Rate Increase
May 09, 2001    Group Calls Bond Legislation a "Blank Check" for Electricity Cartel
Taxpayers Exposed for Tens of Billions More
May 07, 2001    Consumer Advocates Call for Rate Protection for Residential Consumers, Small Business
With Strong Action From Governor, No Rate Hikes Are Necessary, Says FTCR
May 07, 2001    Senate to Vote on Most Important Short-Term Solution to Energy Crisis
Windfall Profits Tax – SB 1X – on Senate Floor
May 04, 2001    Edison to Spend Millions in Ads Geared Toward $Billion Bailout
Utility Trots Out Shills and Turncoats in TV/Radio Lobbying Effort
May 03, 2001    California Legislature Authorizes Public Power Agency
Consumer Group Calls Power Authority the Long Term Energy Solution
Apr 12, 2001    Business Lobby Leaders Asked To Resign in Wake of Energy Crisis
Memo Reveals Businesses Angered by Leaders' Actions
Apr 12, 2001    PUC Commissioner's Investments Raise Conflicts
Consumer Group Asks PUC to Cease Paying Henry Duque's Legal Defense in Action to Remove Him From Office
Apr 09, 2001    PG&E Killed PG&E
Apr 09, 2001    Desperate Davis Proposes Massive Bailout of Edison, Ratepayers Will Pay Billions
Plan DOA in Legislature
Apr 05, 2001    Davis on the "Electric Chair" Tonight
What Gov. Must Say in His Five Minutes
Apr 02, 2001    Private Memo Shows Davis Is Ready to Impose Massive Rate Hikes After He Is Re-Elected
Reputed Agreement Would Have Ratepayers Bail Out Edison
Mar 30, 2001    Utility Backed Group, Davis Donors Begin Campaign Against Unwritten Energy Initiative
Mar 26, 2001    160% Increase in Monthly Utility Bills Projected, 83 Cents of every $1 for Wholesale Power Goes to Profiteers
State Should Get Refunds or Seize Plants, Advocates Say
Mar 24, 2001    $87/Month Energy Rate Increases Under Davis Plan
Governor's Giveaway Invites Public Backlash, Say Consumer Advocates
Mar 22, 2001    FTCR Calls on Governor to Exercise Market Power of His Own,
Consumer Group Says Legislature Should Rule Out Consumer Rate Increases
Mar 19, 2001    Electricity Crisis Manufactured by Energy Firms, Consumer Group Says
Deregulation Created Motive & Opportunity
Feb 20, 2001    California Moves One Step Closer to Public Power
Consumer Groups Call Power Authority the Long Term Solution
Feb 14, 2001    State Could Own All Power Plants for the $2 Billion Paid to Profiteers Since Mid-January
-- Deregulation Colossal Economic Idiocy --
Feb 13, 2001    BALLOT BLOCK: Lawmakers Seek to Block Voter Initiative Against Bailout
Group Warns Legislature on Plan
Feb 12, 2001    Court Denies Edison's Request for Immediate Rate Hike
Lawmakers Have No Reason to Settle Lawsuit Through a Legislative Bailout
Feb 08, 2001    PUC Documents Show that Parent Companies, Not Public Must Pay for Utilities' Problems
Creation of Edison Int'l, PG&E Corp. Came With Ratepayer Protection Conditions
Feb 04, 2001    California Governor Enlists McDonald's to Get Out Conservation Message
Jan 29, 2001    Governor Davis' Abdication To Wall Street Will Cost Ratepayers Billions
Consumer Group Calls For Retail Rate Regulation, Other Public Controls
Jan 25, 2001    Small Consumer Rate Protection Proposed to Restore Regulatory Controls Over Energy System
Consumer Groups, Legislators Introduce "Core/Non-Core" Legislation to Protect Rates for Residential and Small Business Ratepayers
Jan 25, 2001    Wall Street: Blackouts Were Intended to Pressure California Legislature for $Billion Bailout
Jan 23, 2001    Phony "Consumer" Reporter Back On The Air Defending Utilities, $Billion Bailout
-- Utilities Pay David Horowitz to Deceive Public --
State Pays $800,000,000 Ransom to Keep Lights On; Pro-Industry Legislators Block Plan to Protect Public
Jan 16, 2001    Consumer Advocates to Legislature: Slow Down, Head Off Hidden Utility Bailout
Jan 14, 2001    D.C. Energy Deal Said to Include $10 Billion Bailout of Utilities
Consumer Advocates Set Out Four Requirements To Ensure Ratepayer Protection
Jan 11, 2001    Taxpayers to Foot Legal Bill of PUC Commissioner Duque
Consumer Group Urges Governor to Stop Misuse of Taxpayer Dollars
Price Stabilization Plan Should Avoid Taxpayer, Ratepayer Bailouts
Jan 09, 2001    Consumer Groups United on Plan To Protect Consumers and Fix Energy Crisis
Jan 08, 2001    A Counter-Proposal to Protect Ratepayers: "Edison Can Bail Itself Out"
Consumer Advocates Offer CEO a Plan
Jan 03, 2001    Utility Bailout Begins
Governor Davis orders 9% rate increase: the first installment
Jan 03, 2001    Electricity Rate Hikes - FTCR statement
Dec 28, 2000    Consumer Group Files Suit in S.F. Superior Court To Remove Commissioner Duque From PUC for Conflict of Interest
Dec 22, 2000    Bailout Terms Being Negotiated;Deregulation Déjà Vu: Discussions Recall 1996 Fiasco
Initiative Seems to be Only Option to Protect Ratepayers
Dec 21, 2000    SHOWDOWN: Utilities, Wall Street v. People of California
Public Process Replaces Backroom Dealmaking:Consumer Group Says Audits of Edison International, PG&E Corp. Must Be Independent
Dec 18, 2000    Governor Davis in Secret Negotiations with Utilities
FTCR Warns Governor Davis Against Bailout 2
Dec 18, 2000    FTCR Warns Governor Davis Against Bailout II
Letter from FTCR to Governor Davis
Dec 17, 2000    Edison CEO Should be Ousted, Citizen Group Says
Bankruptcy Threat, Backed by Expensive TV Ads, Sparking Credit Crunch
Dec 15, 2000    Federal Agency Rips California
Governor Davis Must Protect Consumers From Deregulation Without FERC
Dec 14, 2000    Utilities Threaten Bankruptcy; Give Davis Cover for $10 Billion Bailout
Dec 13, 2000    Edison Throws in the Towel on Deregulation
Advocates Warn Against Another Bailout
Dec 12, 2000    $620/ Month Electric Bills Under Deregulation
Ratepayers Could Own All the Plants at These Prices
Dec 08, 2000    Electricity "Crisis" Caused by 1996 Deregulation: Californians Face Blackout As Energy Industry Profits Skyrocket
Consumer Group Sees State of Emergency, Ratepayer Revolt;
Dec 07, 2000    State Must Takeover Power Plants To Ensure Reliability in Wake of Stage Three Emergency
Dec 06, 2000    Power Crisis Requires State Protection, Advocacy Groups Say
Dec 01, 2000    Attorney General Gives Consent To Removing P.U.C. Commissioner Duque
Finds Buying Stocks In Regulated Company Warrants Removal
Dec 01, 2000    Governor Pins Hopes on FERC, Deregulated Market
Consumer Advocates Criticize Governor's Lack of Attention to Consumer's Needs
Nov 30, 2000    On the Electric Chair:
Davis to Announce Who Gets Stuck With $Billion Utility Bill
Nov 28, 2000    Consumer Group Gives Governor, Legislature Requirements for Restructured Electric System
Will Go to Ballot if Reform Is Not Adopted in State House
Nov 17, 2000    Edison Proposes Massive Consumer Rate Hikes, Continuation of Failed Deregulation Policies
Advocates Say PUC, Governor Should Reject Unacceptable and Illegal Plan
Nov 16, 2000    Edison Sues State In Effort to Back Bill Customers $2.64 Billion
Utility Seeks to Avoid Clear Rules of State Law
Nov 13, 2000    Utilities, Power Companies Operate Under Cover of Academia
UC Berkeley Conference on Electricity Deregulation Dominated by Private Energy Corporations
Nov 01, 2000    Fed. Energy Commission Finds Excessive Rates, But Fails to Take Action
FERC Report Magnifies Need for Re-Regulation of Electricity in California
Oct 20, 2000    CPUC Commissioner Wood Calls for Electricity Re-regulation
Advocates Consider Repudiation of Deregulation an Important Policy Shift
Oct 18, 2000    New Study Finds Cause of Midwest Gasoline Price Spikes; Midwest Oil Refiners' Manipulation Of Inventories & Exports To Blame
Green Gas Reformulation, OPEC Had Little Role, Contrary To Refiner Claims
Oct 17, 2000    California Utilities Trying to Steer Wall St. On Rate Recovery
Move at CPUC: Cover for Report to Investors
Oct 04, 2000    Consumer Group Begins Legal Process to Remove CPUC Commissioner Henry Duque from Office
Sep 26, 2000    Edison Wants $2 Billion From Ratepayers; Advocates Respond
Sep 26, 2000    Politicians Challenged to Protect Consumers From the Failures of Electricity Deregulation
Pledge Mailed to Every California Incumbent and Candidates
Sep 26, 2000    Ratepayer Protection Pledge
Sep 06, 2000    Governor Signs Phony Ratepayer Relief Bill; Punishes Ratepayers For SDG&E, Legislative Mistakes
Governor, Legislature Fail to Address Heart of Problem: Deregulation
Aug 29, 2000    New Utility Rate Plan Takes Too Much From Consumers
Aug 25, 2000    Group Calls On Attorney General To Remove Public Utility Commissioner
Aug 24, 2000    Davis Utility Plan Reminiscent of 1996 Deregulation Deal That Created Current Crisis
Advocates Worry About Flawed Deal In Last Days of Legislative Session
Aug 23, 2000    Consumer Group Calls Governor Davis Compromise On Utility Rates Insufficient
Aug 21, 2000    CA Public Utility Commission Votes For Phony Ratepayer Relief Plan
That Forces Consumer To Repay Utility Company For Lost Profits During Rollback
Aug 10, 2000    California State Senate Rolls Back Utility Rates to Pre-Deregulation Levels
Adopts Recommendations of Consumer Advocates For Ratepayer Rebellion
Aug 03, 2000    State Agency Rejects Call For Utility Rollback
Advocates Will Ask For Special Session Of Legislature
Jul 28, 2000    Utility Crisis in San Diego Will Spread to Entire State, Consumer Groups Demand Repeal of 1996 Deregulation Law
Emergency Measures Offered, Including Rate Rollback
Jul 20, 2000    Ratepayer Revolt: Former San Diego Mayor Joins FTCR Demanding Price Freeze and Repeal of Deregulation
Legislative Leaders Agree
Jan 01, 2000    Rising debt could mean rate hike for SDG&E
Nov 04, 1998    Statements Of Consumer Groups Regarding Defeat Of Proposition 9, The Utility Rate Reduction And Reform Act
Oct 30, 1998    Days Before Election PG&E Admits 10% Rate Reduction Is A Fraud
Oct 29, 1998    Sierra Club Condemns Use of Name Against Prop. 9, Demands Retraction
Utility Companies Falsely Claim Sierra Club Opposition to Prop. 9 in S. F. Democratic Club Mailing
Oct 23, 1998    Former David Horowitz Fans Protest After Tv Personality Receives $106,000 For His Opposition To Prop. 9
Angry Consumers Demand That Utility Spokesman Stop Calling Himself A
Oct 20, 1998    Prop 9 Supporters Confront Sen. Steve Peace's Propaganda Production Against Prop. 9
Utilities Hire Sen. Peace's Firm to Produce Propaganda
Oct 09, 1998    Former Consumer Reporter Sells His Name And Signature To Utility Company Campaign Against Consumer Prop. 9
David Horowitz Earns $106,000 from Utility-Funded Campaign
Oct 01, 1998    Prop 9 Supporters Deliver Live Bull and Buckets of Manure to Edison Headquarters
Consumer Advocates Call It Payback for
Sep 25, 1998    Electric Companies Misleading Public, Legislative Analyst Confirms
Sep 17, 1998    Oaks Project Volunteers Launch David V. Goliath Campaign To Pass Prop. 9
Aug 13, 1998    Independent Study Finds Prop 9 Will Slash Electric Rates By Up To 37%
Poll Shows 57% Of Voters Support Prop 9
Jun 25, 1998    Utilities Will Face California Voters on $28 Billion Bailout Tax
States, Congress, Wall Street Watch Closely as Utilities Promise to Spend $50 Million to Defeat Measure
Jun 23, 1998    $28 Billion Bailout of Utility Companies Draws National Attention
Consumer and Environmental Groups Blast Faulty Electricity Deregulation
Apr 22, 1998    Utility Deregulation Is A Fraud: Largest Outside Company Pulls Out Of Residential Market
$28 Billion Bailout Tax Keeps Free Market In Shackles
Jul 28, 1997    Consumer Ad Campaign Against $28 Billion Utility Bailout Tax Continues
Utility Company Commences Own Ad Campaign
Jul 22, 1997    Nader, California Consumer Advocates Urge Public Opposition to $28 Billion Utility Tax
Jul 21, 1997    Nader, Consumer Groups Announce Plan To Fight New 40% Utility Tax

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