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Oct 01, 1998

Prop 9 Supporters Deliver Live Bull and Buckets of Manure to Edison Headquarters

Consumer Advocates Call It Payback for
ROSEMEAD, CA-- Supporters of the citizen backed utility rate reduction initiative, Prop. 9 today delivered a live bull and its manure to the headquarters of Edison International, the chief opponent of Proposition 9. Edison is under attack from consumer groups for funding a misleading advertising campaign.

Upon delivery, consumer advocates and Prop. 9 volunteers challenged the utility companies to debate Prop. 9 honestly and in person rather than from behind the multi-million dollar mask of advertisements and front groups. Proposition 9 will save consumers 24% - 37% according to a California Energy Commission staff analysis, by cutting much of the $28 billion bailout of three private utilities -- Edison, PG&E and SDG&E. The utilities have added two new taxes to electric bills in order to pay for investment mistakes and company mismanagement.

"Proposition 9 will save consumers hundreds of dollars each year. To stop this citizen-backed initiative, the utilities are slinging bull at California voters," said Prop. 9 co-chair, Harvey Rosenfield. "But we don't want their bull, we're giving it back in exchange for an honest debate. Prop. 9 proves that Californians aren't afraid of the utilities, but are they afraid of us?"

Supporters of Prop. 9 challenged the utilities' anti-9 campaign as filled with lies and deception. Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric and San Diego Gas & Electric ads against Prop. 9 are running throughout the state. These ads, according to the State's Legislative Analyst's Office, are "distorting" and "inconceivable."

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