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Oct 23, 1998

Former David Horowitz Fans Protest After Tv Personality Receives $106,000 For His Opposition To Prop. 9

Angry Consumers Demand That Utility Spokesman Stop Calling Himself A
Century City, CA-- Angry consumers delivered a "Notice of Dismissal" to former TV personality, David Horowitz through his manager today. The consumers, angered by Horowitz' appearance on anti-Prop 9 advertisements and a 30 minute informercial attacking Prop. 9 -- the consumer backed electricity rate reduction initiative -- prepared and delivered a certificate for Horowitz which announced that they have fired him as a consumer advocate.

"David Horowitz traded his good name for $106,000 and now we want to trade him in. He should be ashamed of himself," said Marylan Goodman, a volunteer with California's grassroots democracy institute, the Oaks Project. "Mr. Horowitz, you are not doing your job so we have to fire you," Goodman said.

Horowitz' company, Fightback, Inc. received $106,000 from the utility funded campaign against Prop. 9 for an anti- Prop 9 infomercial starring David Horowitz. Horowitz is now appearing in an anti-9 TV commercial. In addition to delivering the pink slip, the consumers held a sign which read, "I am not a consumer advocate, but I play one on TV."

"After seeing Horowitz in a TV ad, I got so angry that I went out to a supermarket and passed out 300 Yes on 9 handouts," said Alfonso Garcia, an Oaks Project volunteer. "This was a bad career move for Mr. Fightback. People simply will not trust a guy that takes money from big business and then says that he 's looking out for the little guy. It just doesn't compute."

The Proposition 9 campaign has issued a letter to Horowitz asking for an explanation of the $106,000 payment to Fightback, Inc. To date, he has not responded.

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